Spectrum Error Codes – learn more

Many times, the users of Spectrum TV may encounter a problem which leads to processing error. The system automatically generates an error code which tells the user about the problem and probably know what next to be done. The Fact that these error codes generally come as a combination of alphabets and numbers makes it difficult to translate or directly know what it means. This write-up brings you all you should know about the Spectrum error codes.

Spectrum Error Codes

Spectrum TV Error Codes and their Meaning

  • DLP-999 – It is encountered when your request is not able to be completed. 
  • DCM-1000 – When failure is encountered on STB Tune.
  • DGE-1001 – It is encountered when Service is Temporarily Unavailable.
  • DLC-1001 – Encountered when there is problem in the Modem Service.
  • DVS-1001 – This error code is telling you that the channel is not available at the time. 
  • DFE-1004 – This code tells you to check your connection.
  • DVS-1004 – This code implies inability of the system to complete your Request.
  • DLI-1010 – Implies that the user has not signed In or have issues with his password or username. To solve this problem, the user is advised to ensure that the username and password used are correct. After checking, you may try again. If the problem persists, you can request for help through the link, get username and password help.
  • WLC-1006 – This error tries to imply absence of in home network connection. It happens mostly for channels that only operate using an in Home local network such as WiFi. When the network is not connected, the channel may fail to connect. In this case, the user is advised to connect to the inHome local network and restart the channel.
  • RLP-999 – RLP-999 alert the user that the system is unable to Complete assigned request. You can wait for few minutes and then restart the TV channel.
  • RLP-1001 – This signifies that the TV is not able to play as at the time of display of the RLP-1001 error code. To solve the problem, you can restart the Spectrum TV channel and get back to the channel of interest again.
  • WLP-1035 – WLP-1035 implies Service Unavailability. This may be due to the fact that the program you selected is not available at the time of request. You are advized to select a different program or wait for few minutes and try again later. You may also wait for some time and restart. 
  • WLP-999 – This error code is displayed when your request is not able to be processed at the time. You are advised to wait for some time and try giving your request again. You may also restart the channel.
  • WLI-9000 – The error code WLI-9000 implies the inability of the network to process user`s request. It is displayed more often when there is absence of any system program. To solve this problem, the absented program should be made available.
  • RGE 1001- On the Spectrum TV, RGE 1001 error code and DGE-1001 are the same as they both imply that there is problem with the network connectivity. In this case, you can either restart the TV or wait for some times for the server to generate better connectivity network. In extreme case where by the two approaches does not work, we can proceed to talk to the customer support of the spectrum TV in order to rectify the problem.
  • WLI-1027 – This error entails that an Automatic access is denied. It mostly happens when the server cannot allow automatic sign in as at the time. The user is advised to sign in manually using your correct username and password. 
  • WPC-1005 – This error code entails that Parental Control is currently unavailable. This code is usually encountered when your request to set up parental control is not available. You can solve this problem by signing in to SpectrumTV.com with your Spectrum username that is registered as Head of Household or Administrator. If you are not registered, you can select the settings tab after signing in and choose the parental controls and set the switch on. When you are prompted, you can enter or create your Pin and proceed to the allowed TV ratings and select appropriate rating for your children.
  • WUC-1002 – This error code tells you that the network service is temporarily unavailable. You can simply wait for few minutes and try again. If it persist, please restart.
  • WVP-999 – This entails that the request is unable to be completed. To solve this problem, you can wait for few minutes and try to request again.
  • WVP-3305 – This error means that video is currently unavailable. You are advized to wait for few minutes and try your request again.
  • DFE-1004 – This error is associated with connection problems. When you encountered this error, you are advised to check your Connection. If you are streaming, you should make sure that your connection to the internet is well. You may also try restarting the channel.Thats all about Spectrum Error Codes.
Spectrum Error Codes – learn more

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