Does Verizon Work in Europe?- know more

Many customers and other people who want to enjoy the Verizon services wonder whether or not Verizon works in their countries or somewhere they are planning to visit, especially in Europe.Learn about Does Verizon Work in Europe?

Does Verizon Work in Europe?

If you have been among those who want to know if Verizon works in Europe, now you should know that Verizon works in Europe, almost all countries in Europe. 

As a user of Verizon there are important questions you have or probably come across in the future. In order to know about those questions and other important information about Verizon services, this piece is for you.Does Verizon Work in Europe?

Where do I find Verizon?

Worldwide, Verizon services covers over 185 countries. Your Verizon phones and devices can therefore work in all those countries. If you use Verizon in any of those nations and are planning to travel to another nation, all you should do is to check the list and see if Verizon works in your travel country. If Verizon works there, you just have to subscribe for an international plan in order to enjoy Verizon in that country. 

You should also know that you can enjoy Verizon anywhere among those 185 countries whenever you register for an international plan. Verizon works in all of these countries.

What is best Verizon International plan and in europe?

The Verizon International plan is an exclusive plan that allows you to use your Verizon phones and devices in over 185 countries. You can subscribe for this plan and enjoy Verizon internationally.  Verizon customers in Canada and Mexico can subscribe for their Travel Pass at just $5 per day while for other countries, you will subscribe at $10 per day only. 

The Verizon International plan allows calls to different countries including European, African, Asian, American and many other countries without any additional charge. You will also enjoy free text and data benefits. 

For any other information, all international travelers planning to use Verizon in their destination countries can access U.S.-based customer support 24 hours a day or learn more about Verizon at

How can I be charged on my Verizon device when on an international trip?

Verizon would only charge you for international plans when you choose and add the international plan. Today, Verizon international subscription (Travel pass) charges for any other country except Canada and Mexico, is just $10 per day. 

You will benefit equally when subscribing from any country. Your data, phone call, free-texting and other benefits are plain in over 185 countries having Verizon wireless networks. 

Verizon International Plans

Verizon international plans include the following:

  • TravelPass: You can subscribe for this plan at $5 per day in Canada and Mexico and $10 per day in other countries. You will be given free access to domestic plan’s talk, text and data allowances in your travel countries as you get at home.
  • Monthly International Plan: This allows you to pay once and for all throughout the month. You will enjoy your calls, text and data every day throughout the month. After the month ends, you can make your renewal and continue using the Verizon services. 

If I have a service problem, what should I do?

If you have service problems and are looking for support while in the US, you can contact: (800) 711-8300 while for service problems when outside the US you can contact: 1 (908) 559-4899.

For loss of Verizon device or that the device is stolen or broken, or any other associated issue, you can dial the country’s toll-free number and enter your 10-digit mobile number and continue as directed by the system in line with your request. Does Verizon Work in Europe?

How can I add an international travel plan to my device?

Adding the international plan is easy. All you should do is to access your Verizon account and move to the menu. Click on My Plan at the top of the menu page and then click on the International Plans. Choose your preferred international plan from the list.  

On the Verizon App, you can access the international plans by clicking on the top left menu part of the menu page and then tap on Plans and Devices. The plans appear for your choice. You can also subscribe to international plans directly by “Travel“ to 4004.

Do I need to remove my international plan after getting back from my trip?

There is no need to remove the international travel plan after getting back from your trip. Verizon will not charge you for international plans until you embark on another journey outside your country. 


Verizon offers you an exclusive opportunity to make calls, enjoy data network access and texts benefits. It gives the opportunity for the subscribers to enjoy these services in any country within over 185 countries where Verizon launched its wireless networks. This network is available in Europe, Asia, America, Canada and many other countries. You can subscribe at just $5 per day if you are in Canada or Mexico and $10 per day across all other countries. 

Does Verizon Work in Europe?- know more

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