McDonald’s vs KFC-Read To Know

The growing craze of food chains in India is tremendous. People are addicted to these fast food restaurants because the food contains high levels of fat, salt, and sugar which releases dopamine and makes us feel good. These places are really famous among the millennium to hang out and have good food.Speaking of food chains, how can we not talk about McDonald’s vs KFC? They are the most dominant ones. They have completely changed the scene for restaurants and have become the go-to place for most of us, especially youngsters. They serve the best fast food at a reasonable price without taking much time with many options available.

McDonald's vs KFC
McDonald’s vs KFC

Richard and Maurice McDonald founded McDonald’s in 1940, but then in 1955, they sold this company to Ray Kroc for $2.7 billion, and then McDonald’s became one of the biggest food chains with many outlets worldwide. 

KFC was founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders at the age of 62 in North Corbin, Kentucky, United States. 

So here we will compare them on some primary grounds to know more about them and to check which one offers a better value for money.

Who is cheaper, McDonald’s or KFC?

When it comes to scaling both the companies based on price war, they somewhat quantify in a similar way; both are pretty affordable.

But Still, we can sometimes see KFC being more inflated in terms of pricing because of the high amount of chicken they use; this varies from country to country; for example – KFC in Korea is way cheaper than in India. Because chicken is the primary food there, and vegetables are imported from different countries.

But if you are purchasing individual items, then McDonald’s is cheaper; they have an item of $1 also in their menu, but in KFC, it starts from $5.

Which one of them has more outlets?

Both of them are deep-rooted companies with loyal customer bases. McDonald’s has 39,198 outlets in 120 countries; on the other hand, KFC has 24,104 outlets in 145 countries. As we can see, there are more outlets of McDonald’s than KFC, but country-wise, KFC has marked their presence in 145 countries which is a lot more than McDonald’s.

Who has a better menu, KFC or McDonald’s? 

McDonald’s sells these heavenly delicious hamburgers, and they are basically famous for their tasty burgers, especially big macs. They are the most demanded ones. But for chicken lovers, KFC is the indisputable king; they make the best fried chicken. Along with the chicken, there are some more options. They are also quite delicious. KFC is world-famous for its original recipe for fried chicken made with a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices.

McDonald’s has an impressive ability to localize the food as per the taste of any country, just like in India. They adapted to the vegetarian needs of people and altered its menu accordingly; not only they have good options in veg, but the vegetarian menu is equally good and tasty. KFC also has many veg options but not as great variety as McDonald’ss.

Some must order dishes in McDonald’s are – big mac burger, french fries, chicken nuggets, apple pie, egg mcmuffins; they also serve dessert, drinks and ice creams.

Chicken sandwiches, chicken popcorn nuggets, chicken pot pie, mac & cheese, Kentucky fried wings are some of the best items in KFC; one must definitely explore them.

Better Service: McDonald’s or KFC?

Being international brands, they both provide good services; different places offer you different experiences, but they both do a decent job when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. 

Maintaining consistency is the main USP of McDonald’s; you will get a similar experience in every restaurant, mainly in terms of food and taste, but in KFC, you are more likely to get quicker service.

Which of the two generates more revenue?

On a daily basis, McDonald’s serves 6.8 crore people around the globe, which means it sells 75 burgers per second, whereas KFC serves 3 crores every day. The total revenue generated by KFC is 21 billion USD, and McDonald’s generates 30 billion USD. McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food chain in the world. The total employee working at McDonald’s is 4 lakh plus, and for KFC, it is approx 3 lakhs.

Some interesting facts –

  • McDonald’ss are the world’s largest toy distributor.
  • At every 115 miles, there is a McDonald’s in the US.
  • Queen Elizabeth owns a McDonald’s.
  • Kentucky fried chicken was earlier named as sander courts and cafe.
  • Mother’s day is the busiest day for KFC.
  • Drive through counters in McDonald’ss was started because of soldiers, a group of soldiers in the US wanted to buy some food from McDonald’ss, but they were in their fatigue, so they were not allowed to get out of the car when people at McDonald’s learnt about this they came up with a solution of a drive-through.


KFC vs McDonald’s and both are the biggest fast-food chains in the world. Both are each other’s biggest competitors; they offer a different range of foods at different prices, but when it comes to variety, McDonald’ss has more options than KFC, both vegetarian non-vegetarian and is comparatively low in prices. But for chicken lovers, it’s always KFC. Both of them are doing great at their respective places. 

McDonald’s vs KFC-Read To Know

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