LIDL Customer Service-How To Contact?

customer service is provision of service to customers before , during and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is solely dependent on employees “who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest”. It can be defined as a set of actions a company takes to help the customers . The representatives of the customer service assist the customers  over the phone , through email or in person. The agenda of customer services is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article we will see about LIDL Customer Service-How To Contact?

LIDL Customer Service

Sometimes customer service can also be defined as the way the companies treat their customers . At other times it  is considered synonymous with customer support and customer care.

LIDL Customer Service

Lidl customer service claims itself to have “ the unique opportunity to shape their customers’ image of Lidl , increase brand loyalty and positively impact the company’s bottom line”. They  tend to say that “Customer care is a direct point for our customers who have questions, complaints, suggestions or praise. Every customer interaction is an opportunity for us to glean valuable insights that drive process improvements, increase brand loyalty and positively impact the company’s bottom line.”

How Can The Customers Contact Customer Service For LIDL ?

To contact customer service for Lidl :

Customer service will assist you with any inquiries you might have . You can contact their customer service by phone, through email or via live chat. Lidl also has online Contact forms which the customers can fill so that their complaints , questions, suggestions and requests can be answered as soon as possible.

Reviews Of Customers


First let’s have a quick look at the positive reviews: 

  • Some customers consider Lidl to be the best grocery store to purchase items within low prices . 
  • They also consider Lidl to be supportive and helpful with their customers. 
  • Some customers say that the representatives of the Lidl customer service are very co-operative with their customers.
  • Some customers say that Lidl customer service is by far the best customer service they had ever come across.


Well , we know that ever thing be it customers service is never perfect . It has its negative side where all the wrongs and cons are kept . Even this side of the company is not hidden by the world. So come on, let’s have an insight of the negative reviews too:

  • Customers claim that the employers do not treat them well
  • Some customers have a horrible and heart-breaking experience from the customer service.
  • Sometimes the employers seem to be very rude with the customers and do not care about about their emotions.
  • At times they are very disrespectful towards the customers and do not take them seriously.
  • Some customers also claim that the attitude of the customer care employers wont make them last for a long time.
  • They are also said to only care about their own pockets and not about their customers.


We, the customers , should not forget that we are an important part of the economy . It is we who create the demand for the goods and services , then the sellers have the opportunity  to earn their livelihood by selling their products to us. So we have to take care of the service we are receiving and we have to safeguard our rights. We have to create CONSUMER AWARENESS. 

We have to raise  our voice whenever there is a situation in which our rights are violated . We have to raise our voice when we are not helped. We , as consumers have the complete right to ask any queries , give complaints , suggestions and positive or negative reviews about the product or service for which we have paid. The same case is which Lidl , whenever you feel like the customer service you received was inappropriate you should complain to a higher authority in Lidl or keep on complaining till you receive the appropriate product or services.

Well , at last , coming to the conclusion , I would say that Lidl’s customer service is not perfect . But let’s not forget that none of the things in this whole wide world is perfect. Mistakes are made by humans and we have to accept the fact that the Representatives of the customer service are also humans. Lidl as a company has provided us with all the possible means of customers care and customer service , now whether they are implied well depends on the employers are given the responsibility of the job.  There is a good and bad side of everything . In the same way their customer services has pros as well as cons. We have to get our problems and our issues fixed by raising our voice and asking for the betterment of the service.

LIDL Customer Service-How To Contact?

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