Where does Johnsonville Meat come from? – Know more

When buying meat in the supermarket, do you really ask yourself where the meat is sourced from? If your answer is yes, then read more on where Johnsonville Meat comes from. 

Where does Johnsonville Meat come from

Where does Johnsonville Meat come from?

Since 1945, Johnsonville Meats has been exclusively sourced and made in America, save for a few sourced portions of meats from Canada, but only when supply is low right here in the US. Their production facilities are located right in the United States, hence the motto, “You can’t sell SAUSAGES without the U.S.A.”

What are the Johnsonville Brats made from?

  • Upon opening a butchery in 1945, the founders found out that their bratwurst sausage was the most selling and hence it became their topmost seller. Now the recipe has been passed on from generation to generation and while they would like to tell you that, they can only share the ingredients which are Pork and flavorings!!!
  • Johnsonville has also introduced the Beef Brats that are made from 100 percent beef!!!

What other products do they provide?

To cater to the various homeowners with a different palate, Johnsonville has three ranges of meat from over 70 types of sausages: Frozen, Fresh, and cooked, all which are easily accessible in the grocery store near you. Some of the products are:

  • Rope Sausages
  • Italian Sausages
  • Ground Sausages
  • Cooked Links
  • Breakfast Sausages (cooked, fresh.)
  • Strips
  • Brats
  • Grillers
  • Meatballs

Among these there are also famous accompaniments such as: 

  • Horseradish Mustard
  • Chipotle Mustard
  • Jalapeno Mustard, and
  • Sausage Rolls.

To easily cater for the wonderful Grill masters, Johnsonville also has: 

  • Grilling Tongs
  • Grill Plate
  • Outdoor Grilling Basket
  • Sizzling Sausage Grill, as well as the Grill Plus.
  • A combo of the tongs plus the Sizzling Grill Plus

 Is Johnsonville linked to the Johnsonville Tong masters?

  • As a matter of fact, it is!!! This is an annual competition that is hosted to honor their loyal customers. Using your local Johnsonville hashtag, you can post a picture of you grilling any of our sausages, on Instagram and on Facebook, or even Twitter, and the best brats will be selected to participate in a live cook-off after the members have voted for the best looking juicy brat!
  • The competition usually starts in October and in early December, the lucky winner is awarded the Pit Boss Grill, a year’s supply of sausages, and titanium tongs!!! Travelling vouchers are sometimes provided to the winner as well.

Are Johnsonville Meats Allergen-Free?

  • Johnsonville sausages and accompaniments are made in factories free from any nut, tree nut, or peanuts, so there is no harm in consuming the products if you have an allergic reaction to the mentioned ingredients. 
  • Most of the products do not have gluten except for a few, which is explicitly mentioned on the packaging of the product!!!
  • The production units use MSG derived from natural items such as corn in most of the products, but recently they have started producing MSG-free products. You can ask at the shop nearest to you for these options. 
  • Sodium is used in perfect quantities to blend the ingredients perfectly to give you the most delicious sausage ever.
  • The outer casings are made of collagen from beef as well as pork depending on whether it is fully cooked or fresh. 

Does Johnsonville provide various recipes for our sausages?

Yes they do. They have a variety of recipes on their website dedicated to make it easier for you to enjoy the delicious brats at their glory.

They also have convenient recipes, recipes for healthy lifestyles, family recipes and many more. Just visit their website or purchase the Sizzling Sausage Cookbook. 

Is Johnsonville only located in America?

Johnsonville is not only located in the 50 states of America, but are also located in more than 45 countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Canada. Their headquarters are located in Wisconsin, United States.

Does Johnsonville give back to society?

As a company they sincerely believe in helping out in any way they can. Their members are actively involved in community giving services each and every year. Every year, a charity home or service gets nominated to get financial help and donations. 

Due to the pandemic they realized the great need for help in the society hence they increased the amount as well as the dates. Amongst other charities, they have donated to: 

  • Meals on Wheels in Sheboygan County
  • The Rock River Clinic located in Fort Atkinson
  • Watertown Food Pantry
  • The Momence School District
  • The Catholic Churches located in the North east Kansas
  • Jackson County Ministerial Alliance New Hope Center Food Pantry.

Johnsonville is the best sausage to satisfy you as they are dedicated to ultimate taste for their consumers. They also ensure that there is minimum to no animal suffering in factories, so as to provide the best. Choose Johnsonville Sausages and you will never go wrong!!!

Where does Johnsonville Meat come from? – Know more

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