Dish Playmaker Vs Tailgater Review-Read More

Reviews of products have always been known for their important role in helping individuals make certain decisions about a product they wish to purchase. It provides information about the product, compares the product with similar products, and provides information about the user’s review (verified users of the products). The Dish Satellite provides Dish Playmaker and Dish Tailgater, which are designed to entertain individuals traveling on recreational vehicles and other individuals at their residential homes. We are going to discuss the Dish Playmaker vs the Dish Tailgater review in this article.

Dish Playmaker Vs Tailgater Review

Dish Playmaker is an automatic and portable Satellite antenna Dish TV (high-definition TV) that was introduced in 2016 (by Winegard). This type of TV was specifically designed for individuals who are regular travelers.  In contrast, Dish Tailgater is a highly automated Dish TV and was introduced in 2011. Its portability makes it easier to move around with and it does not require an expert to set it up. Other information about the features, price, performance of each TV will be described below.

Comparison Review of the features of Dish Playmaker and Dish Tailgater

The table below compares the features of the Dish Playmaker and Tailgater 

Table 1. Dish Playmaker features vs Dish Tailgater

S/NFeaturesDish PlaymakerDish Tailgater
1ModelsPortable satellite antenna that supports single channelPortable satellite antenna that supports dual channelsTailgater 1Tailgater 2Tailgater 3Tailgater 4Tailgater pro
2Weight and dimensions7 pounds in weight, 16 inches diameter, and 13 inches height8 pounds in weight, 13.5 inches in height, 18.75 inches in width, and 17 inches in length.
3Time for set upIt does not take much time; within 15 minutes you are done. It does not take much time; within 15 minutes you are done.
4Power optionsIt makes use of a single coax connection, which powers it through a Dish receiver (Solo).It does not require a separate power source. The Tailgater receiver is designed to serve as its power source.
5The gearsYou can buy these two types of gear for your Dish player, TR-1518 Tripod Mount or the RK-4000 Roof Mount Kit. There are three types of gear available for the Tailgater, you can buy, they include Quick Release Roof Mount Kit-MB700, the tripod-TR1000, and the Portable Antenna Window Mount-MB500. 
6The satellite and its receiversWith the Dish Playmaker, you can access different channels at a different location in the US, such as 1290 1190, and 1100,The arc Diss can enable you to access channels at these locations 1290, 1190, and 1100. Wally receiver connection will give you access to 119°, 110°, and 61.5
7The AntennaPresence of a portable antenna A portable antenna system is available
8Type of servicePay-as-you-go services Pay-as-you-go-services
9MobilityThe compact and sleek design makes it possible to be taken anywhere.Stationary designed, but some models can be taken anywhere. 
10Weather-resistantHas plastic dome covering the satellite that protects it from sun and adverse weather conditions. Poor signals during extreme weather conditions.Presence of dome covering that protects it from weather conditions. Poor or no signals during extreme weather conditions.

Performance review of Dish Playmaker vs Dish Tailgater

According to some reviews made by some users, online Dish Playmaker recently has a stable/steady connection. The major complaints were similar to that of satellite networks, which is the influence of weather that results in low signal transmission. As for Dish Tailgater, online customer reviews have shown that the Tailgater is durable, easy installation, and improved performance recently. Similar complaints regarding the weather were also made by some verified users.

Comparison of prices

The price for the Single-channel model of the Dish Playmaker is 249 US dollars. Also, the Price for the Dual-channel model of the Dish Playmaker is 299 US dollars. However, Dish Tailgater prices are higher than that of Playmaker. For example, Dish Tailgater Antenna only is sold at 350 US dollars and the Tailgater System with receiver IS Sold at 499 US dollars.  But the Dish Tailgater 4 model is sold at 299 US dollars.

Bottom Line

This article has showed Dish Playmaker vs Dish Tailgater review. Overall, Dish Playmaker is a cheaper automotive TV that enables its users to travel anywhere with it due to its portability, however, Dish Tailgater is quite expensive and has more models than the Dish Playmaker. Therefore, if you require a cheaper and good TV, you can go for Dish Playmaker. Also, you can choose Tailgater if you are looking for a TV with several models.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Dish Playmaker superior to Dish Tailgater?

Not actually, the two serve a similar purpose.

  1. Is installing Dish Playmaker and Dish Tailgater easy?

Yes, it is. It does not require an expert.

Dish Playmaker Vs Tailgater Review-Read More

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