Pottery Barn Military & Veteran Discount

You might be wondering if Pottery Barn has any military and Veteran discount programs and therefore want to know about it. It could also happen that you are among the loyal customers of Pottery Barn and heard about its discounts. 

Pottery Barn Military & Veteran Discount

Pottery Barn has designed a very satisfying discount package, especially for members of the military service and the Veterans. The program allows verified members of the military, their families, and also the Veterans to enjoy up to a 15% discount on the purchase of products at Pottery Barn.  

To know more about how the military and Veterans discount program works at Pottery Barn, this article presents to you the best of what you should know about the discount program.

Eligibility for Pottery Barn Military and Veterans discount

To be eligible for the Pottery Barn military and Veterans discount, you just have to be a serving member of the US military, a Veteran, or a member of your family. Members of Reserve and special guards, and their families can also benefit from the Pottery Barn discount program. To shop at Pottery Barn and enjoy the discount, you just have to use your identity to verify and continue shopping. 

One can verify your identity and continue shopping from the following link https://www.potterybarn.com/pages/military-discount.html. 

Benefits from Pottery Barn`s discount program

One can get up to 5% cashback from your online or in-store purchases. They can also get financing through Pottery Barn`s products promotion on the purchase of $750 and above. The holders of Visa Card can also get up to 4% cashback on groceries and up to 1% rewards on other products.

One can also enjoy other benefits if you Enroll in Pottery Barn`s Key Rewards program. The Key Rewards program is Williams Sonoma Inc.`s free loyalty program. As a registered member of this program, you will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits including: 

  • Up to 2% cash-back as Rewards on high purchases in the Pottery Barn.
  • Have the chance to choose from diverse choices.
  • Other exclusive offers are specific to registered members of the Key rewards program.
  • Exemption from tax payment for online and in-store purchases.
  • Ability to place and track your order online.
  • Ability to enjoy private shopping. 
  • Previews and special invitations to attend special events.

Why the Pottery Barn`s Military and Veterans Discount?

To honor and express gratitude for your service to the country, Pottery Barn is happy to offer you as active and retired military personnel, National special guards, and your families up to a 15% discount on your total purchase cost or cost of any product purchased in-store or online.

The amount offered for discounts to the military and veterans is unique, it, therefore, allows you to shop much with little money. 

Did Pottery Barn get rid of military discounts?

No! Pottery Barn does not get rid of military discounts. The military and veterans discount program was initiated and executed by Pottery Barn and allows for up to 15% discount on purchases done by a member of the US military or the veteran, and their families.

At Pottery Barn, you will enjoy the military and veteran discount as long as you are recognized as such. You cannot enjoy the discount except if you purchase using other identities which are not recognized as that of a veteran or military.  

Do veterans get military discounts?

All Active Duty members of the US military, Reserves, Veterans, and their immediate families –can get a discount on their purchases at Pottery Barn. It is therefore noteworthy to say that all members of the US Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Navy, National Guard, Marine Corps, and their immediate families can get a discount.

Does Pottery Barn still work?

It is difficult to say that the Pottery Barn discounts still work as the offer at times is suspended and other times active. As an example, Pottery Barn`s discount offer worked up to the end of 2021, but sadly later, the offer was suspended. 

All about it is that whenever you are shopping in the Pottery Barn, it is advisable to ask if the offer still works. If it works, you can enjoy it in all the purchases as a member of the military or a veteran, or any other eligible person. 


To acknowledge the services of the military and the veteran and other men and women in service at the US Army, Navy, US Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard, Marine Corps and their immediate families can get a discount on their purchases at Pottery Barn. The program allows verified members of the military, their families, and also the Veterans to enjoy up to a 15% discount on the purchase of products at Pottery Barn.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pottery Barn Employees Get a discount?

The employees of Pottery Barn can get a discount on their purchases in the company. Though not fully implemented, some employees of Pottery Barn reported that they receive discounts of up to 40% off on the purchase of common stocks and up to 20% off on others. The discount for Pottery Barn is not flat and is not applied to online purchases. There are other advantages you can get as an employee of Pottery Barn. You can get early access to samples and also receive orders more easily. 

Pottery Barn Military & Veteran Discount

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