Qobuz Veteran and Military Discount

Qobuz is a commercial music streaming and downloading service founded in 2007 by Yves Riesel in France. The company has since expanded to overseas markets, including the US, launched in May 2019. The platform operates on a subscription basis and offers a free-of-charge streaming-only during the trial period. Read this article to learn about Qobuz Veteran and Military Discount.

Qobuz Veteran and Military Discount

Qobuz honors the US military men and women by offering them a 20% discount on online and in-store purchases 

What is the Qobuz Veteran and Military Discount?

It is a discount specifically designed for military men and women in honor of their contributions to the country. Qobuz provides a 20% discount on their products both in-store and online to the qualifying persons

Is Qobuz military discount constant?

Qobuz military discount varies with season. This discount range from 25% to 10%, with 20% being the current and the most frequent amount.

Who qualifies for this discount?

Qobuz military discounts are specific to those persons who are serving in the military and those who have retired, that is, active service officers, veterans, retirees, and their families

How to access the Qobuz military discount?

The discounts are available both in-store and online. All you have to do is visit the Qobuz website and browse various offers and discounts, including the military discount. In-store shoppers can walk up to their favorite Qobuz outlets and make an inquiry

How to redeem the Qobuz military offer?

A qualifying member is required to follow a few easy steps to redeem their offers. The steps are outlined below

  • Visit the Qobuz site, check the discount, and read through it carefully to understand
  • Login to the site with your credentials or register if you are new to the service., ensure your profile is complete and updated with details such as military information
  • Once verified, Qobuz will send you a notification via email containing a discount code, 
  • Once the code arrives, you can shop online, place an item you would like to buy in your shopping cart and click ‘checkout when finished’. You will then be taken to the Qobuz checkout page.
  • While on the Qobuz checkout page, locate a text box called ‘promo code’ or ‘Discount code’ and enter the code in the space provided. The discount will be automatically applied.

For members who do their shopping in-store, all they can do is produce their military cards at the checkout, and the staff there will slash the price by 20% after verifying the card


Apart from the obvious reason for honoring the military, veterans, and related persons, the program can be a lifesaver to both the customer and the company. Military discount benefits the customers by helping them save some cash that would otherwise be spent; the cash saved might be used to buy more products from the company and thus improve the company’s overall sales. Since the discount makes products looks cheaper, it acts as a strategy that helps the company to attract more customers without much struggle

What other discounts does Qobuz offer?

Qobuz in an attempt to outcompete the other music streaming and downloading platforms such as TIDAL, has designed several deals and promotions that ensures a constant flow of customers. Some of these discounts are; random deals, seasonal promotions, student discounts, and others.


In Conclusion, Qobuz offers various discounts to attract more customers to maintain and reward the existing ones. Among these discounts are the military and veteran discounts specifically designed for active-duty officers, veterans, and retirees. As of March 2022, the military and veteran discount is capped at 20% for all Qobuz products and services.


Why is my Qobuz promo code not working?

Each promotional code comes with a time limit, and customers are advised to use the discounts within the period indicated. Failure to redeem the code within the stipulated time renders it invalid. Customers are further advised to read the details given under the promotional code to understand other specific requirements

Does Qobuz have a discount for new customers?

Yes, Qobuz welcomes and encourages new customers with a special deal, a first-order discount. All new customers are eligible for this discount, which can be accessed through the Qobuz website or by making an inquiry at the check-off counter in one of their physical stores

Does Qobuz provide black Friday deals?

  Yes, Qobuz has black Friday deals and many other deals with different seasons. Keep checking the Qobuz wall for news, deals, updates, and related promotional information to find out more on these.

How long is the Qobuz trial period?

Qobuz’s free trial is a program intended to give new customers a limited experience of Qobuz products and services to aid them in making a purchasing decision. The trial period is normally 30 days.

Qobuz Veteran and Military Discount

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