Rosetta Stone Military & Veteran Discount

Rosetta Stone is what we call CALL software that assists people to learn any language with images, texts, and sounds to teach words and grammar using frequent repetition and without providing a translation to the language. CALL stands for computer-assisted language learning. The use of this software is fairly new as it was published by Rosetta stone Incorporated in 2014 and has been in use since then. This software is famous around the world and the fact that it has been made compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Apple iOS has made it accessible and convenient for most people in the world who seek to learn a new language. Let’s have a look at ‘Rosetta Stone Military & Veteran Discount’.

Rosetta Stone Military & Veteran Discount

Rosetta Stone Military & Veteran Discount

Rosetta Stone offers an all-year-round 10% special military discount for all active and veteran members of the US and Canada Military, National Guard, and Reserve as well as their immediate family members who reside in the same household as the military personnel. The Rosetta stone official website usually indicates the special pricing they offer on language and literacy programs for military members which are only accessible after verification of military status is completed.

Qualifications and use of this discount

Rosetta stone requires that you verify your military credentials before accessing the military discount. This is done by;

  1. Visit the Rosetta stone official website and fill in the SheerID verification form provided
  2. You must provide information on your service to prove that you have indeed served in the military. The acceptable proof is the presentation of an active or expired military ID, a state driver’s license that lists you as a veteran, or military discharge papers (DD214)

Additionally, this discount can also be claimed by other professionals who are considered and listed as members of the military community in the US and Canada. They include;

  • Medical providers and emergency health workers like emergency room nurses and doctors
  • First responders like firefighters, all types of law enforcement officers, and federal law enforcers.

These groups are included as eligible for this military discount because the nature of their work requires forfeit and tremendous risk on themselves.

The validity of the military discount code can only be determined by the Rosetta stone website so do not source the code from any other websites even if they specify that they are legitimate.

General restrictions for the discount

The Rosetta stone military discount policy requires that the user of the discount be a member of at least one of the military branches in the US or Canada. Anyone who is not a member cannot access this discount and verification is usually done before the discount is applied. Other restrictions on the use of this code include;

  • The military discount can only be used when you are purchasing the language learning services online and not in any retail store that may be selling Rosetta stone services
  • It is only applicable to language and literacy software products offered on the site
  • The discount cannot be used together with any other offers on the services such as the Frontline Heroes discount
  • The discount cannot be used by military personnel who are from other countries except the US and Canada
  • It is also restricted to military personnel who provide valid military-issued identification.

Additional ways to save money at Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers a 10% off promo code for the general public on all their software products but it changes now and then and it can go as high as 50% off on learning certain rare languages. Additionally, they recognize the minimal financial resources for students and offer a student discount in more than 10 languages. Other available discounts include teacher’s discounts, government discounts, and nurse’s discounts.


Rosetta stone keeps military personnel in mind and seeks to give them a gift in gratitude for their service. The gift comes in form of a 10% discount on all their services and it runs throughout the year. Further, they have also simplified the process of using this discount and broadened the groups of people to which it applies to make sure that the military members take full advantage of the benefits. Note that the rate on the military discount differs from time to time and it may go up on special days such as Veterans’ Day. All the information you may need on the military discount is availed on the Rosetta stone website at all times.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Which languages can you learn on the Rosetta stone?

There are so many languages offered on the site – Arabic, English, Dutch, Spanish, Urdu, and many others you can choose from.

  1. How can I access Rosetta stone services?

The software they use is compatible with many of the devices available like PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones.

  1. Is Rosetta stone free for the military?

It is not free but they offer a very generous 10% military discount to appeal to the military community.

  1. Does Rosetta Stone offer other discounts?

Yes. The discounts they offer are all well detailed on their official site.

Rosetta Stone Military & Veteran Discount

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