Spectrum Vs Cox-Know More

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In many parts of the world, it has been noticed that a particular network provider has more coverage of service than the other.  A good network coverage allows its users to have a good internet experience and makes you reachable any time over the phone.

Spectrum Vs Cox

One of the major reasons for comparing telecommunication services is to enable an individual to choose from the comparison result. We are interested in comparing two American telecommunication services, digital cable, mass media, and automation providers, Spectrum and Cox.

Spectrum services are provided by Charter Communication Inc. The company’s head office is located in Stamford, Connecticut in the United States. Spectrum is a brand name of Charter communication company, that provides services that range from telecommunications and mass media services. The company has several subsidiaries, which are Spectrum News 13, and Spectrum Mobile, among others. On the other hand, Cox services are provided by Cox Communication Inc. and the company headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia in United States. It has several subsidiaries, such as Cox Communication Las Vegas, LLC, CoxCom, and many others. The major distinguishing factors are in the table below.

Table 1. Showing the difference between Spectrum and Cox companies

1Year established19931962
2ServicesCable TV, telecommunications, and mass media servicesCable TV, telecommunications, and automation services.
3Budget plansLower budget plans when compared with Cox Has high budget plans than Spectrum4Data subscriptionHas higher subscription plans, when compared to CoxHas more affordable plans when compared to Spectrum5Speed rangeHigher speed range than cox about 100 Mbps to about 940 MbpsA bit lower speed range when compared to Spectrum, about 10Mbps to 940Mbps6Price range per month49.99 US dollars up to 129.99 US dollars per month29.99 US dollars up to 119.99 US dollars per month7Area Coverage High coverage areaHigh coverage area, but slightly lower to Spectrum8Wi-Fi device price5 dollars every month10.99 dollars every month9Upload speed10 Mbps to 35 Mbps1 Mbps to 35Mbps10Data capsNo data capsare available but apply on some plans especially when you have exceeded 1.25 terabyte

Internet plans of Spectrum company

Spectrum internet plans enable you to meet your internet needs, such as browsing speed, upload, and download speed. The higher you increase your internet plan, the better internet service you get. Below shows the internet plans of Spectrum, its browsing speed, and the price for each plan.

Table 2 shows internet plans of Spectrum and their price

S/nName of the planDownload speedPrice range
1Spectrum Internet10049.99 US dollars to 69.99 US dollars monthly
2Spectrum Internet Ultra40050 US dollars to 94.99 US dollars monthly
3Spectrum Internet GIG94095 US dollars to 129.99 US dollars monthly

Internet plans of Cox company

Cox provides network and internet services to their customers, and they have a lower starting fee for a subscription than Spectrum. These plans allow their customers to go for the plan they can afford. Just as stated above, the increase in internet plans leads to a great internet experience. The table below will help you see the different internet plans Cox available for you.   

Table 3 shows the internet plans of Cox company.

S/nName of the planDownload speed (Mbps)Price range
1Cox Internet Starter1029.99 US dollars to 44.99 US dollars per month
2StraightUp Internet2550 US dollars per month
3Cox Internet Essential 5039.99 US dollars to 65.99 dollars per month
4Cox Internet Preferred15059.99 US dollars to 83.99 dollars per month
5Cox Internet Ultimate50079.99 US dollars to 99.99 dollars per month
6Gigablast94099.99 US dollars to 119.99 US dollars per month

Bottom Line

This article has compared Spectrum (Charter Communication) with Cox communication. Although the two companies share some similarities, such as digital cable and telecommunication services, there exist clear differences between the two network providers. The major difference lies in the pricing range of the network internet services, where Spectrum has higher prices than Cox. Also, Spectrum has a higher download and upload speed, than Cox. Therefore, this comparison has shown some similarities and differences which may guide you in choosing your preferred network between Spectrum and Cox. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the major benefit of using Spectrum over Cox’s service?

The major difference, which seems to become the benefit of Spectrum over Cox is that Spectrum has no data caps, or charges people for using their services. However, Cox charges (if the individual exceeds 1.25 terabytes).

  1. What is the major benefit of using Cox over Spectrum Service?

Cox has several internet plans (6), whereas Spectrum has only 3 plans.

Spectrum Vs Cox-Know More

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