Stores Like Hot Topic- read to know


Hot Topic specializes in selling alternative accessories and fashion for people who love music and pop culture. One of the best things to buy here is licensed band t-shirts. Even though the store has a pretty hardcore appearance and you may think that there are no other Stores like Hot Topic, there are! In case you’re looking for new places to shop for unique and even humoristic merchandise, keep reading. 

Stores Like Hot Topic

Speaking of brands and product assortment, Hot Topic offers licensed merchandise from several band titles. But there are stores like Spencer’s where you can also buy your favorite band’s t-shirt. Also, an online option like Grindstore can satisfy your geek taste for mugs and accessories. This article will tell you about stores like Hot Topic and what is different about them. 

The first Hot Topic was opened in the Montclair Plaza, in California, more than thirty years ago. It has approximately 675 locations in the United States, most of which are found in shopping malls. 

One word defines Hot Topic: Counterculture. This store attracts people interested in subversive music and entertainment, like rock music, videogames, anime, and more. Up to today, the store offers more than 50 band titles on licensed merchandise. Mainly teenagers and young adults shop at Hot Topic. 

What can you find stores like hot topic?

A large part of Hot Topic’s revenues comes from licensed band t-shirts, so you can surely find your favorite rock band’s original t-shirt here. Some band titles offered are Nirvana, Metallica, BTS, AC/DC, and Guns N Roses. 

Products often described as part of the geek culture can also be found at Hot Topic, like goth or cosplay outfits. Speaking of the latter, the store is nowadays focused on selling video game and anime merchandise, such as t-shirts, accessories, socks, blankets, backpacks, and more. K-pop goods, for example, are a recent addition to the store. 

Products inspired on the internet most popular topics, like memes, are part of Hot Topic’s product assortment too. 

Option 1: Spencer’s

Spencer’s customers are independent and they’re not afraid of irreverence; in fact, they are inspired by it and by the power of technology. Just like Hot Topic, Spencer’s is mainly a store you can find at the shopping mall. It has provided unique products for more than 60 years and currently operates in the U.S. and Canada. 

Pop culture fashion is not the only thing you can find at Spencer’s. It offers jewelry, graphic tees, and gifts from famous TV shows, anime, and video games. Body jewelry, like piercings, is amazing here. Other weird but incredible items you can shop for are lava lamps, room decor, and drinkware (actually, Spencer’s has a large variety of humoristic mugs to choose from). 

In contrast to Hot Topic, Spencer’s also sells lingerie and intimate items. For this kind of goods, the store operates discreet shipping. 

Option 2: Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is a store meant to unleash the inner whatever a girl wants to be, disregarding the norms of society. This store is for women with a genuine “IDGAF” attitude, thus, Dolls Kill’s merchandise is bold and euphoric. 

The main product categories are clothing, shoes, accessories, home, and beauty. At, you can shop for fantastic looks, from “pink princess” to “the baddest on the block”. Psychedelic fashion and makeup are too irresistible here. Likewise, stompers shoes are a specialty of Dolls Kill.

In sum, those who have a statement to make are definitely going to love this store. 

Option 3: Grindstore (Online)

Although Grindstone is a store located in the United Kingdom, it is worth visiting online at, mostly because of its alternative fashion. This store specializes in selling exclusive merchandise for great prices, also inspired by the best films, TV shows, and bands. 

Men and women can shop here and always find something unique. Some featured brands at Grindstone are Marvel, DC, Rick and Morty, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Games of Thrones. In case you’re a gamer, this store manages the brands Nintendo and PS4, so shopping for Pokemon mugs or Super Mario Bros t-shirts is extremely easy. 

Perhaps if you’re looking for a very specific type of item, like a Legend of Zelda’s mug (and you haven’t found it at your trusty Hot Topic), you should try searching at Grindstore. 


When it comes to unique styles, Hot Topic always has something for you. From t-shirts to earrings, or even backpacks, this store is special for offering what you couldn’t find at other places, except for Spencer’s, Dolls Kill, and Grindstore. Previous stores are also known for providing alternative fashion and fantastic merchandise from your favorite entertainment (comics, anime, and videogames). Next time you visit the shopping mall, give one of these other stores a try!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Dolls Kill more expensive than Hot Topic?

Because Dolls Kill sells more stylish fashion, it is more expensive. However, the store often makes clearance offers. 

  • Is Spencer’s more expensive than Hot Topic? 

Spencer’s prices are pretty much the same as Hot Topic’s. 

Stores Like Hot Topic- read to know

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