Dispose Of Microwave Ovens

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Everything in life has a limited time of use and so is the case with Microwaves, this electronic machine can be quite beneficial as it makes it easy to heat food rather than taking forever on the stove. It is extremely important to take care of the machine on daily basis depending on how much it is used.

Dispose Of Microwave Ovens

As for when life starts fading out of the microwave the best way to get rid of the appliance is to dispose of it to e-waste or simply donate it or possibly break it down into parts and donate the working parts of the electronic appliances. For example, the transformer within the microwave could be used for some engineering project and can come in handy to a student somehow. Before disposing of the appliance make sure the consumer cleans it up thoroughly.

Ways To Dispose of a Microwave Oven

There are numerous ways to dispose of a home appliance microwave oven; here are some of the most common ones.


Setups of recycling vendors could be found easily nearby any market.  Or your regional garbage company could take it for you, and have it dropped off for you which could be easier for you to handle. Recycling an appliance like a microwave or any other electronic appliance might give you and the surrounding environment some benefits like

  • Waste reduction.
  • Decreases pollution.
  • Clean and green environment.
  • Saving other natural resources.
  • Increases job opportunities.

Other ways of disposing of a microwave oven could include

Renowned Retailers

Retailers like Office Depot and Best Buy could be helpful if an individual wants to get rid of their electronic appliances just like a Microwave oven. The microwave company itself can be contacted if they provided such take-in services for old appliances and offer any trade-ins for it or can be asked for incentives instead.

Although before going to the store it must be contacted first in case they do or do not offer such hauling away services or trade-ins. 

Regional Institute Donation

A good way to dispose of your old but still working microwave oven can be to donate it to a regional institute such as a church, a care center like old age homes, or any other non-profitable organization that can be helped in any way. This can be appreciated as a gesture of goodwill to the local community as every individual in the community somehow needs to support each other.

If you plan to donate your microwave oven, make sure you clean it properly from the inside to make it look neat.

Dropoff At Local Garbage Centre

To avoid fees/charges by your regional trash company that collects garbage, it is wise to throw away e-waste such as a microwave oven by yourself. Some states do not allow homeowners to throw away e-waste alongside the curb as it can be dangerous in case it gets overheated due to excessive sunlight.

So, it is wise to take your microwave oven to the nearest landfill or contact the trash company if the e-waste could be dropped off at their garbage center so that it can be taken care of legally and safely. 

Reuse After Repairing

It is also wise to reuse an appliance like a microwave after fixing the fault within it by a professional repair shop. It doesn’t matter if it is old or new, getting it fixed by the right person can be beneficial for you on many levels and you could still enjoy heating your meals and enjoying them right after waiting for a few seconds or minutes. Reusing an appliance like a microwave can be of benefit to you as well as the environment, for instance

  • Allows appliances to be utilized to their greatest potential.
  • It saves a lot of money.
  • Reduces the need to collect fresh commodities, which reduces pollution.
  • It conserves energy.


There are many ways to figure out how to dispose of a microwave oven and good thought should be given to how to deal with it. Appliance makers were not obliged to accept the same stringent requirements to assure energy sustainability and environmental protection as they are today. Because of poisonous pollutants, maintaining old electrical appliances alone is more hazardous than delivering them to a disposal site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could there be a law mandating the disposal of appliances?

Even though the United States is the world’s foremost manufacturer of trash appliances, presently there is no such federal law that is regulating appliance recycling. Nevertheless, many states in the country do not support the idea of throwing away old appliances at a random trash site. Instead, a particular e-waste site is more appreciated.

Should a microwave be thrown out in a trash bin?

It is not wise to through away microwaves in ordinary trash bins or any kind of waste containers since they comprise dangerous compounds that require relevant recovery and recycling to minimize environmental damage.

Can a faulty microwave be recycled?

It is entirely possible to recycle a defective/faulty microwave. Broken microwave ovens are amongst the most recyclable types of e-waste. Because most individuals do not attempt to repair their microwaves when equipment malfunctions, protocols have indeed been put in place for the proper disposal of microwave ovens.

Dispose Of Microwave Ovens

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