Is Roman Jewelry Real Gold?

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Roman Jewelers is a traditional jewelry store owned by the family for four generations with expertise in custom-designed jewelry with the best craftsmanship to offer one-of-a-kind jewelry in stores and repair old material into something beautiful and fresh. The Roman jeweler has the jewelry style of your choice with a range of designers and custom-made styles. The company was established successfully due to Rolex dedicated partnership and the Roman Jewelers’ experienced team.

Is Roman Jewelry Real Gold

Yes, Roman Jewelers offers real gold as each piece is specially handcrafted with gold, bronze, iron, silver, and precious stones or glass pieces conveyed from archeological excavation areas in Israel. The raw material for their jewelry is gold, silver, iron, copper, glass, and alloys.

The material used in Roman Jewelers:

The material used is high-quality gold plating, invaluable glass depicting precious gems, mother of pearls, multicolor enamel, Austrian crystals, and rhinestones. The jewelry material has a vast variety, from glass beads to all shades of rainbow gems. Roman jewelers had an extensive network of trade to import material with precious and semi-precious stones. The semi-precious stones embedded in jewelry like garnet, emeralds, peridots, jasper, and lapis lazuli, were imported from Egypt.

Romans gold jewelry:-

The gold collection of roman jewelers was inspired by ancient gold onyx used in bold and popular style earrings with the simplicity of design. The 14k gold and silver in roman jewelry represent the historic enthusiast. Roman Jewelers used gold and silver for their Greek and Etruscan taste. Gold is also used for decorative purposes like the stamped gold sheet, twisted wire, and granulation. Personal ornaments like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are made of gems and glass fragments embedded in gold.

Romans glass jewelry:

The achievement of Roman jewelers over time is their custom-made glass jewelry. These glass fragments are exported from Israel, the main glass-making center. This glass is approximately 2000 years old with a unique ancient taste. Glass fragments are expensive due to their precious material, which is painstakingly handcrafted into beautiful jewels. These glass jewels can be used in daily style as well as for any occasion. 

Ancient Jewelry Collection of Roman Jewelers:

Roman jewelry has an amazing collection of ancient gold accessories for women, made of precious metals and gemstones. The materials of these accessories are collected from excavated mines and statues. The collection of custom-made 24k gold vermeil jewelry like earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings with a range of gemstones, is known for its historic value in gifting.

  • The ancient ring collection of Roman jewelers is valuable due to its intricate, bold, and dominant designs, which were frequently worn by influential peoples to enhance their impact on society.
  • Bracelet and bangle collections of ancient jewelry are usually made up of a soft material known as shale.
  • The collection of ancient gold jewelry had many styles of earrings that are trending for their unique and clean design.   

Colorful diamond rings:-

Roman jewelers offer multicolor diamond rings made up of glass with a colorful patina because of its exposure to oxide-rich damp soil for approximately 2000 years. These beautiful and unique colored glass pieces are used in the custom-made rings worn by men, women, and children on any occasion.

Roman Jewelers use gold in their ancient series imported from Egypt and other countries. As roman Jewelers made custom-made jewelry, the quality of gold is very high. The company provides the best material for hand-made products, including diamonds, ruby, gold, and glass fragments. Gemstone and glass fragments jewelry is quite popular nowadays. The marking on jewelry items is the word “Roman” since 1973.


How to treat my jewelry from roman jewelers?

To make jewelry look new, treat it with care while wearing it. The jewel of a glass fragment with a coated layer of natural patina should not wear during bathing or swimming. One should try to avoid water contact and liquid polish.

Is roman jewelry perfect for every occasion?

Roman jewelers had a variety of styles in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and different jewels for every kind of occasion. Roman jewelers help to make a statement through their jewelry as every piece has its taste and style. The material of each piece has historic value, anyone will feel bold and stylish every time by wearing it. Both the hand-made and custom design rings of Roman Jewelers are an amazing choice for engagement and weddings. Every person feels unique and stylish in his way because the exact copy of the Roman jewel does not exist.

What kind of jewelry do Roman Jewelers offer?

Roman Jewelers are famous for their custom-made items. They provide a range of rings for weddings and engagements. The rings are either custom-made or designer. Loose diamonds rings and wedding bands are also available. Gold, silver, diamond, and a range of glasswork jewelry are also available.

What is the return policy in Roman Jewelers?

Roman Jewelers provide 30 days return and exchange policy.  The refund takes 48 to 72 business hours, shipping costs and additional services are not refundable. Try to use metal or wooden boxes for return as a company will not be responsible for lost or damaged products.  

Is Roman Jewelry Real Gold?

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