What Are DPD Customer Services?

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DPD customer services is an international group that provides servicing parcels and deliveries. It was founded in 1999 and has the procedures of giving out parcels in the road-based market.

What Are DPD Customer Services

It stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution and is owned by La Poste S.A. and has around 48000 employees. La Poste S.A. is the owner of DPD customer services. La Poste S.A. is a network that started its transportation facilities in the 1980s with the creation of Chronopost.

 La Poste created Geopost which combined UK and Ireland Parcel services and renamed it Dynamic Parcel Services in 2008.

Progress of DPD-

  • In 2015, DPD consisted of DPD services consisting of Geopost, Chronopost, and sure brands. Further, Expaq also joined the DPD group.
  • DPD started its business in Germany and in 2018, it collaborated with different brands like BRT and Stuart which are french companies.
  • In 2019, DPD became a major company in Asia and had around 90% contribution to BRT.
  • In 2020, its contribution and growth increased to 98%.

Functions in DPD services-

  • It is a CEP-courier, express, and parcel market that functions as a parcel delivering market.
  • It has people and employees for delivering parcels.
  • It works 24 hours in almost all the areas of its delivery regions and delivers very efficiently.
  • It has a major focus on delivery in intra-europian regions.

Types of deliveries-

DPD develops business and stakes in different companies around the world. It supports business and e-commerce and has different kinds of deliveries.

  • It gives food delivery on time.
  • Also, it provides the medicines on time for no delay in the environment and healthcare sectors.
  • Provides and transports any kind of parcels on time.

Contributions and steps were taken by DPD-

DPD group has also contributed to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. 

 It has given stop to the increase in global warming to some extent.

It has reduced its overuse of vehicles by 14%. Thus, it has reduced pollution in the atmosphere and has started the promotion of green delivery and services.

In addition to delivery in the urban areas, DPD has started providing delivery services in rural areas. DPD has started initiatives to improve the quality of air with some efficient health programs. DPD has major business in many countries like the UK, Europe, and France.

Satisfactory Customer reviews about DPD-

  • Customers provide excellent and satisfactory reviews of the DPD services. Customers are so happy with the services of DPD that they have provided them with 4.4 stars. However, sometimes they are given fewer stars because they have a delay in their delivery systems.
  • DPD has delivery systems that are liked by the customers but sometimes they take a longer time to respond and accept the contact.

DPD services are used everywhere-

  • It is used in the delivery, distribution, and processing of services.
  • It provides a door-to-door facility at a much more affordable cost. 
  • It is also used in defense forces and plays a key role in shipping processes. 
  • DPD works very effectively and efficiently in shipping and has many rules and regulations.

However, there are major conditions for these shipping conditions-

  • Orders placed after 4 pm will be delivered the following day.
  • Some special rules and regulations need to be followed for the delivery services of alcohol.

Changes in DPD customer services-

  • DPD has started doing many changes in its services. They have started sharing the email with an early warning to avoid any mistake or error.
  • DPD has started collaborating with many companies and to maintain good relations, the services are being improved.
  • DPD has also started the facility of providing the delivery to the neighbor’s house if the client is not able to receive the parcel due to any issue.

For instance, if the parcel which is to be delivered is lost there is no blame on the DPD delivery. DPD never takes the blame for the delivery or parcel being lost. DPD always asks the client to ask the company for the lost product or order.  

Benefits of DPD services-

The advantage of DPD services can be enjoyed from anywhere. Its services are both online and offline. The customers can select the timings at which the delivery will be placed at their homes. DPD delivery can be provided with a time difference of 15 minutes to 3 hours depending upon the distance between start and end. Though sometimes time is taken, the services are very authentic and have less money demand.

How To Contact DPD Customer Services?

There are many ways to have a query or delivery demand at the DPD customer services.

  • Sign your query at the DPD account.
  • Call the customer services at DPD by calling the number given at the customer services site.
  • Send an e-mail to the customer services site of Dynamic Parcel Distribution.


DPD customer services are very efficient and help in delivery and parcel services. The services are very trustworthy and efficient and can overcome any distance. Though DPD is the UK originated but it works very efficiently everywhere. The customers are happy with its delivery services as they are on time and affordable.

What Are DPD Customer Services?

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