Does Amazon Prime Include Comixology?-Know More

Everyone wants to have easy access to be able to stream their favorite movies on any device at any point in time. Amazon prime provides this type of stream service making it easy for customers to stream various programs on the website.Amazon prime as an online streaming platform provides the ability for us to access various books on their platform which entails being subscribed. Amazon prime include content like Comixology giving the customer access to various comics, manga, graphic novels, etc.

Does Amazon Prime Include Comixology?

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that gives customers access to various books that they subscribe for.

Amazon primes have various divisions either for books, videos, etc so far you are a member it gives you access to streaming videos for free, free shipping, and other amazon deals. 

What Is Comixology?

Comixology is a cloud-based subscription library service that includes various comics books such as manga, comics, etc which also contains some top publishers such as Darkhorse, Dynamite, etc. This is a digital platform that provides customers to access digital comics on any device and can read them offline.

ComiXology is itself a comic platform but was acquired by Amazon so one can access their account on its platform or through your Amazon account and one can only sign up through Amazon.

Comixology Unlimited

  • This is a platform that gives readers free access to thousands of books such as graphic novels, comics, etc. It is also available for 5.99 dollars a month and one can cancel a subscription at any time.
  • To have access to ComiXology unlimited, one must have a paid and valid Amazon account with one click enabled.
  • One can use their Amazon account to borrow over 50 eligible ComiXology unlimited titles at a time which can be accessed at any time. Every ComiXology unlimited title has a specific identification badge.

Amazon Prime Membership

There are a lot of perks that come with the membership subscription and they are:

  • Comixology specials are limited therefore making the original comics available and accessible as a perk for Amazon prime members.
  • Amazon prime member automatically receives a membership discount which has access to new releases books, books directly from the publisher, etc.
  • Prime Reading is one of the reading benefits for Amazon prime members whereby readers will access thousands of ebooks, comics, and what is called Amazon original stories that bring out the best authors, acclaimed storytellers, popular magazines, etc.

Does Amazon Prime Include Comixology?

  • Comixology as a digital platform has been acquired from Amazon since 2014 and has been operating in a way that it is linked to your Amazon account. The two have to be merged to access any book on the ComiXology app. 
  • One has to have an Amazon account to access the Comixology platform. So automatically, every Amazon prime subscription includes a limited Comixology subscription which gives us access to free comics and what is called ComiXology specials.
  • Amazon prime includes ComiXology because it is Amazon digital comic service and has recently introduced some titles which are only available for prime members through prime reading.


Amazon prime is a vast platform for various titles and books to be purchased. Amazon prime includes Comixology because ComiXology was acquired by Amazon so automatically one needs to have an Amazon account to sign up for ComiXology and one can access the books on both platforms.


  1. How do I get discounts?

For anyone to get discounts you must be a member of ComiXology limited. Discounted prices have the strikethrough over the original price and one will see the updated price when searching on the app or Amazon.

  1.  Where should I go to buy digital comics on Amazon if I am outside the US?

Customers who live outside the U.S will have to purchase through their local Amazon stores. There are links to help you discover digital comics from their regional Amazon stores. Any book purchased can be accessed in the ComiXology app.

  1. Will all customers be able to update the new ComiXology app?

The new ComiXology app is supported on ios 9.5, android 5.0, and fire ios 5.0 devices or even higher to be able to use the new ComiXology app but if your device isn’t supported one can still use the kindle cloud reader.

  1. What will happen to my ComiXology books once I update the app?

Once a customer updates the app, your books will still be intact and one must remember to log in to their ComiXology account through Amazon they both must be merged.

Does Amazon Prime Include Comixology?-Know More

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