Does The Memphis Zoo Have Wheelchairs?-Read More

Owned by the City of Memphis, The Memphis Zoo maintains a habitat for more than 3,500 animals and 500 numerous species. Spread around 76 acres of land, the zoo was ranked ‘#1 Zoo in the US, in 2008 by the renowned travel company, TripAdvisor. Divided into 3 zones with a total of 19 exhibits such as the Northwest Passage and Teton Trek, it has invested more than $77 million dollars in the early 1990s. Not only the animals would be happy to get this lavish treatment, but also us. After all, it was because of public opinion that this zoo was given the title of the #1 Zoo.Now we will see Does The Memphis Zoo Have Wheelchairs

Does The Memphis Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

The guest relations staff here work diligently to ensure a safe and quality experience at the Zoo for all who come here to enjoy nature.The Memphis Zoo offer wheelchairs for those who need them, just so there could be no obstruction to one’s good time in the zoo. According to the official website, a wheelchair is going to cost you $12. However, if you prefer an electric one, you can opt for it which will cost you $30 for your time in the Memphis Zoo. 

How to get Wheelchairs at The Memphis Zoo?

All the wheelchairs and electric carts at the zoo are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Though the Memphis zoo has an ample number of wheelchairs, we do suggest you arrive early.  A manual wheelchair will cost you around $12. An electric one however will cost you around $30. 

All wheelchairs can be easily operated, with installed storage compartments. To avail of the service, a form of I.D. is required from your side, and you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the zoo in no time. 


The Memphis Zoo is the whole family package, and to ensure that remains a family package it has its own set of rules. 

  • Any act of violence or profane language is prohibited inside the zoo.
  • The zoo prohibits all outside food and beverages, vaporizers, coolers, glass containers, balloons, rollerblades, bicycles, outside alcohol, and Heelys, on its property. Children’s wagons, however, are allowed inside.
  • The zoo suggests appropriate apparel for the family-friendly institution. Any attire that promotes or displays profanity, violence, or any criminal activity would not be permitted. 
  • The zoo is strictly a smoke-free facility, to not only protect animals but also people from the damage it causes. 
  • There are no pets allowed inside. You are advised to arrange the boarding of your pet beforehand. However, special accommodation can be made for service animals. You are only required to send a request to and you can visit the official website for more information.

How long will it take to explore the whole zoo?

The Memphis Zoo inhabits numerous arctic animals such as sea lions and polar bears in the Northwest Passage. You can visit the giant pandas, ‘Le Le’ and ‘Ya Ya’ in the picturesque Asian-inspired exhibit, CHINA. The Teton Trek exhibit features timberwolves trumpeter swans, elk, and grizzly bears. With multiple exhibits, spread around 76 acres, the zoo inhabits more than 3,500 animals spanning around 500 different species. 

Viewing all the exhibits and animals is a walk of around 2 miles and to explore the whole property you will need around 5 hours. To ease off their fellow visitors they also offer guided tram tours for a small fee.


The zoo also has some restaurants and cafes for no adventure is complete without your favourite food. The Cat House Cafe offers dine-in and takeaway options. The Bamboo Grille is located near the Rainbow Lake Trail, and the for the coffee lovers, there’s Cafe Society on 212 N Evergreen. For more restaurants and more options you can click here.

Private Events and Catering

Say you want to organise a family get together amidst the nature. Well, the zoo allows it. There are options like weddings, picnics, school dances, birthdays and intimate gatherings. The zoo also allows you to organize official gatherings such as corporate meetings and other events. 

In a Nutshell

The Memphis Zoo is not only a place for people finding love for the nature but is also the package for the full family. To help the differently abled Memphis Zoo also offers multiple deals on hiring a wheelchairs and other facilites to guarantee a great time at the zoo. Not only that, multiple restaurants are located inside the property to ensure you the same. It is a great place for a visit and as well as corporate meetings and other gatherings. Who thought a zoo could be more than a zoo.


Q1) How big is the Memphis Zoo?

Ans. Spread over a property of 76 acres, it not only engulfs exhibits but also destinations for more recreational and public events. 

Q2) What’s so special about the Memphis Zoo?

Ans. The zoo has these multiple categorized exhibits of a particular class of animals. For examples, it has the Northwest Passage for the arctic animals such as sea lions and polar bears. Other exhibits include, CHINA, Teton Trek, African Veldt, Cat Country, Penguin Rock and Zambezi River.

Does The Memphis Zoo Have Wheelchairs?-Read More

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