FPL Customer Service- Read To Know


Electricity is an important and essential part of people’s lives. It powers so many things. Our phones and gadgets depend on electricity including household machines and tools. Nobody wants to be left in the darkness. FPL is a company that provides electricity. Read about FPL Customer Service.

FPL Customer Service

Does FPL have Customer service?

Yes, FPL has a customer service which you can contact for customer support for problems like reporting a power outage, reporting power bill increase, how to pay or go about payment, solar energy problems, and many more.

What does FPL do?

FPL is an acronym for the Florida Power and Light Company. The Florida Power & Light Company is the country’s largest energy company. FPL generates and supplies electricity to interested people at a fixed rate.

More than 5.6 million customer accounts are served by the firm, which provides clean, reliable, and cheap power to more than 11 million Floridians. FPL has one of the most environmentally-friendly electricity generation fleets in the country. 

Natural gas is the main fuel used by FPL to generate power and light but later on nuclear, bought power, coal, and solar power facilities were also used to generate electricity for the company. Customers’ bills are consistently lower than the national average, and the organization consistently beats national benchmarks in terms of service reliability. 

FPL is a very effective energy-saving company with a low emission profile.

FPL’s service reliability is greater than 99.98 percent, and its fleet of extremely fuel-efficient power plants is among the cleanest in the country. The company provides and sells electricity at a fixed rate with the customers in mind. They sell electricity at the lowest rate, even lower than the national average.

Information On FPL Customer Care

  • To reach out to FPL customer services, you can go to their website. Note that you’ll be attended to faster if you have an account and all you need to do is log in with your user-id and you would be attended to faster than someone who doesn’t have a user ID. 
  • Another viable option is to live chat with an FPL customer representative. This option is accessible on the FPL website. You can also search-related topics to your complaint on their search bat on the website. There are some quick links and support categories you can click on any one related to what you’re experiencing. 
  • You can also reach out to them through their call centers to report whatever complaints or problems you might be experiencing. Calls made to the FPL call center are directed to a customer care representative. There is no way your calls can be returned by the representative but you can keep contacting them on the toll-free number.
  • One can also contact through a third-party website. They make it easier. They give free tips and let you know when to get through to customer service or even contact them for you. The disadvantage of this is there are a lot of scams online so one needs to be careful.

Note that the online customer care representatives are accessible 24 hours a day. However the call center is only available from 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

the best time to get through to them with a reduced call wait time and a faster reply is by 3 pm.

Are FPL Services Online Or Physical?

FPL services are online as they deal with the distribution of electricity at a fixed rate. Once you have an account with them( and if you don’t head over to their website to get started) you can pay your light bills and do other things. You can make a payment using your bank account and it will reflect on your FPL account once the payment is made. 

You can also make payments in authorized walk-in payment locations. FPL partnered with third-party retailers to make it easier for their customers. These authorized walk-in payment stores are located throughout their service territories and accept cash payments. Walmart, Walgreens, and Publix are such stores. To locate an authorized walk-in payment store you can check their FPL interactive map for more information.


FPL is a company that deals with the distribution of electricity which is considered to be clean and reliable. Not only are they cheap and reliable but they are also clean as they generate from natural sources. Imagine having an uninterrupted power supply without having to break the bank. Their bills are budget-friendly and cost-effective. With all these, they also operate an active and reliable customer service with quick response to any issue one might have.


  • What is the full meaning of FPL?

FPL is an acronym that stands for Florida Power and Light.

  • Does FPL have customer service?

Yes, FPL has customer service. Their customer service is active and reliable. Their representatives may be contacted through calls or chats.

FPL Customer Service- Read To Know

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