Lovesac First Responder Discount

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Lovesac is an American retail company that sells furniture but it is well known for its sale of Sactionals. Sactionals are seats and sides combined which come with customized covers and other accessories. Lovesac is perhaps more famous for its big seats that are filled with foam called sacs. The company started in 1995 and is headquartered in Connecticut, USA.

Lovesac First Responder Discount

Lovesac is committed to honoring the men and women whose work is to protect others by offering a heroes discount program. This program generally offers 5% off on all items for healthcare workers, first responders, military personnel, and teachers. First responders in this program are considered to be firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. The discount is standard and applies to all the categories of people who are listed under the heroes discount program at Lovesac.

Eligibility for the Lovesac first responder discount

To use this discount to its maximum, members of the first responder category must meet the following requirements;

  1. Use the third-party website SheerID to access the discount code
  2. This third party verification platform can be accessed on the Lovesac website
  3. Log in to the account using a valid email address, indicating your status, organization that you work for, first and last name, and date of birth
  4. After verification, you will get the one-time-use discount code
  5. Go to the Lovesac website and shop then use the discount code at checkout before making the final payment.

This discount can be applied on merchandise bought by active or retired US service members and their immediate dependents, first responders who are on active duty, all teachers, and healthcare workers. Here the healthcare workers mentioned include – clinical nurses, clinical officers, dentists, health administrators, hospital workers, medical doctors, laboratory scientists, midwives, pharmacists, psychologists, psychotherapists, surgeons, and other medics.

Restrictions on the Lovesac first responder discount

  1. The discount cannot apply to individuals who are not considered in the heroes discount program, that is, individuals who do not fall into any of the mentioned categories
  2. The discount code can only be acquired through the SheerID verification platform after completing the process required
  3. The first responder discount cannot be used for items that were previously purchased
  4. You cannot buy gift cards using this specific discount
  5. This discount only applies to the product total and does not subsidize sales tax or delivery and service charges.

Benefits of the first responder discount

  • Lovesac offers a discount code that can be used up to 3 times in a calendar year which increases the opportunity to save more money
  • The discount encourages online sales because it can only be applied to online purchases which also makes it convenient for the buyers
  • The first responder discount can be used together with any other discounts or promos that the store may offer.

Other Lovesac offers to consider

The company offers free shipping to customers in the US for all ordinary and custom-made purchases. The orders are delivered by FedEx in 4 to 10 weeks using the contactless delivery system. If you are unsatisfied with the products you ordered, Lovesac offers free returns within 60 days from the date of purchase. Additionally, the terms of purchase at Lovesac are such that all prices are final upon purchase, and all promo codes cannot be used to buy gift cards. Lovesac also requires their customers to read and understand fully the terms and conditions stipulated on their website for them to process your order. The terms and conditions highlight the policies when it comes to typographical errors, product descriptions, the risk of losing your items, and pricing methods.


Lovesac has shown its commitment to supporting first responders and the work they do every day. They have further made access to this discount very effective for all members of this category together with their immediate family to enjoy the benefits of making daily sacrifices in their jobs. The 15% discount for all first responders and heroes, in general, may change now and then but the rate is always updated on the Lovesac official website.

Frequently asked questions
  1. How much does it cost to ship to my home?

If you are living in the US, shipping costs have been discarded and they will deliver to your doorstep without needing a signature.

  1. What can I do if I have trouble using the first responder discount?

Click on the ‘find your showroom’ option on the site and visit the closest store around you. Additionally, you can contact Lovesac directly to speak to a customer service agent at 888-636-1223.

  1. Are the prices on items online available in showrooms?

Most offers like the first responder and heroes discount are available in showrooms as well but there may be a slight difference. For maximum benefits use the discount codes online.

  1. I made a mistake when making the payment. Who should I contact?

Contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service and you will be assisted swiftly.

Lovesac First Responder Discount

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