Does Coit Move Furniture? – Read to know

When it comes to cleaning, a good number of people believe that hiring a cleaning agency is an extravagance only the rich can afford. While most may not be aware, cleaning entails more than just vacuuming and dusting. It requires expertise and various cleaning supplies that can get into nook and crannies that vacuums, brushes, or dusters cannot get to. Cleaning demands dusting down and wiping under heavy household furniture which can be a hassle to carry or lift alone. Let’s have a look at ‘Does Coit Move Furniture?’.

Does Coit Move Furniture?

With cleaning agencies like Coit, customers can rest assured that their homes or companies will be wiped clean from top to bottom. But, one may wonder whether Coit cleaning services cover moving household furniture and cleaning underneath them. Read on for all we know about Coit’s cleaning services.

As stated on its website, Coit will move all furniture that can hinder a thorough cleaning of the specified area before starting its general cleaning, except for large and heavy furniture or electronic equipment. Customers are required to remove breakable items before the move of the furniture.

Will Coit Move and Return Furniture?

Before beginning their general cleaning, Coit unlike most cleaning agencies will move general household or company furniture that may impede the effective cleaning of the place in question. This is to the exception of large and extremely-heavy furniture or electronic equipment. After cleaning, the moved furniture will be returned to its former position, so customers do not have to worry about putting back the moved item alone.

Clients are usually required to remove breakable or easily damaged items that are on the surface of the furniture that is to be moved. This is to prevent the loss of these items during the furniture move.

In addition to moving furniture during a general cleaning exercise, Coit offers interested clients a furniture cleaning service that involves proper care for all types of furniture; wood, leather, microfiber, etc.

What Cleaning Service does Coit Offer?

Whether you want a thorough wipe down of your home, company or office, you can be sure that Coit got you covered. With more than seventy years of experience, this California-based company has made a name for itself as one of the best cleaning agencies in the US. Presently, Coit offers a variety of cleaning services and they include:

  1. Cleaning of the air ducts
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Furniture cleaning
  4. Tile and grout cleaning
  5. Natural stone restoration and cleaning
  6. Concrete cleaning
  7. Improving the indoor air quality
  8. Deep area rug cleaning

The cleaning company also offers additional cleaning services like the special Coit treatment which keeps rugs and carpets clean for long periods while protecting them from stains. To be sure of the cleaning services that will be provided in a cleaning appointment, interested persons are to indicate their wants or cleaning needs when making an appointment with Coit.

Does Coit offer any Guaranty?

Yes. Coit offers a 100% guarantee to clients. According to the company’s website, where clients are not satisfied with the results of the cleaning services rendered, Coit will:

  1. Clean the area in question again
  2. If after the re-clean, the client is still unsatisfied, Coit will refund such a client
  3. Where an item was damaged during the cleaning exercise, Coit will bear the cost for the repair of the damaged item
  4. Where the item is unrepairable, Coit will refund the client the present cash value of the damaged item for a replacement


As a cleaning agency that puts the needs of its clients first, Coit works to ensure that its clients are satisfied with the services rendered. In a bid to achieve this, Coit offers an array of in-depth cleaning services that most cleaning agencies do not offer their clients. Upon employing the services of Coit for a cleanup, clients are assured that their homes, offices, and companies are in good hands and all grime and dirt, hidden or in the open, will be wiped away and the environment left spotless.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Is Coit a reliable cleaning company?

Many clients have reviewed Coit as a trustworthy cleaning agency. The company’s excellent cleaning service, well-trained employees, and wide range of cleaning equipment to name but a few, have made for it a name amongst the reliable cleaning agencies in the US.

  1. Is Coit affordable?

Asides from the discount Coit offers its clients, the variety of cleaning packages offered by the company allows interested persons to go for packages that are most suitable and affordable.

  1. Will Coit refund me?

As was stated on its website, clients who are not pleased with Coit’s cleaning services may receive a refund.

  1. How can I make a complaint to Coit?

Coit clients who have complaints can contact Coit via its website. 

Does Coit Move Furniture? – Read to know

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