Does Lowe’s Haul Away Old Appliances?-Check This To Know

As one of the home renovation product lines, Lowe’s carries a wide choice of small as well as large appliances, with their catalog containing anything from refrigeration units to dishwashing. Although Lowe’s offers to bring appliances to clients’ homes, you might well be asking if they also remove outdated appliances.Lowe’s provides a haul-away facility for old appliances with the newly purchased appliances in-store or online. Consumers who choose this service will be paid a disposal recycling fee typically about $30, or it will be provided free of cost to customers with Lowe’s Pro membership.

Does Lowe's Haul Away Old Appliances?

Category of Removable Appliances

Lowe’s looks to be willing to remove any outdated appliance in exchange for the shipment of a comparable appliance purchased at Lowe’s stores and online at Lowe’s webpage. Lowe’s will also remove old products such as.

  • Refrigeration units
  • Dishwashers.
  • Air conditioners.
  • Microwave ovens. 

To find out if Lowe’s will remove your trash, Contact the local store while arranging your delivery to see if Lowe’s will haul away your appliances.

Full Procedure of The Facility 

Lowe’s haul-away service is included in their delivery business and is available whether you pay for a new appliance in-store or online. This very same team of professionals will do both the delivery and the haul-away services at the same time.

  • Whom to ask for the service

In case of making a purchase from Lowe’s and asking for haul away of the old appliance needs to be replaced then a fee of about $30 shall be submitted. In case the customer asking for this service is a pro-Lowe’s member then it is free of charge for them.

  • Avail the service over call/visit store

To avail of the haul-away service by the company, customers can simply contact the company over a phone call and a customer service representative will guide them through the instructions happily.

In either case, customers can visit the store personally on any working day between the working hours and can ask for the service at the front desk or can meet the haul away managing team.

  • Required details for the service

In case the customer has a Lowe’s pro membership then the company has him covered with his identification as well as his extra charges for handling the service for the old appliance. On the contrary, if a regular customer needs to avail of the service then his identification, as well as home address, will be required by the company, and also an extra charge of $30 needs to be submitted to haul away the old appliance back home.

Setup Beforehand

Lowe’s haul away service will require the consumer to do the following beforehand, as the representatives of the company arrive at home. 

  • Unhook and unload their outdated appliance. 
  • Unplugging it entirely from electricity and water connections.
  • Clear the road to their previous appliance by eliminating any objects that are in the way.
  • It should be noted that the outer walkway must also be scrubbed of any debris that could cause problems, such as snow. 
  • Restrain any pets that might get in the way of the supply and disposal service.

Disposal Of Old Appliance

Depending on the area, Lowe’s has several possibilities to tackle with an old appliance. Mainly a retailer like Lowe’s will 

  • Refurbished and resold.
  • Drop it off at an e-waste site.
  • Recycle the old appliance.
  • Sometimes components are set apart. 

Although the company promises to recycle most old appliances and has received recognition from the United States Department of Environment for its recycling efforts.

Repositioning Of Old Appliance

As a step of its shipping and haul-away service, Lowe’s will transport your old appliances to a living place on the same property for free. If customers want Lowe’s to transfer their previous appliances, make sure to unplug and remove them before the company arrives. Furthermore, ensure that perhaps the path from the former place to the new location is clean of any materials that could be destroyed or pose an obstacle. 

Charges For Hauling Away Old Appliances

Lowe’s haul away program costs about $30 and is included with the shipment of a fresh appliance. It should be noted that the service is free for Lowe’s Pro customers. The extra prices in Lowe’s haul away services are related to the expenditures on municipal waste, disposal, and reuse. Consider that the services may vary based on your region and the provider Lowe employs.


As part of the company’s delivery service, Lowe’s provides a haul-away service. Whenever you purchase an appliance from Lowe’s, you can still have your previous one removed while your fresh one is being supplied. It is significant to mention that Lowe’s haul away service typically costs roughly $30, although this may vary based on your region, and the service is free of cost for Pro customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Lowe’s charge for appliance delivery?

Apart from appliances, there is a $30 shipping cost per order. Almost every order is placed with Lowe’s delivery service including a $30 cost. This tax, however, is waived on all appliances costing more than $400. If you ordered your appliance before 4 p.m., it will be dispatched the following day.

  • How long does it take for Lowe’s to ship an appliance?

The order will be sent to your mailing address between one-three business days after it has been processed. Only then your order will be shipped to your mailing address two operating days after it has been approved. Expect one business day for authorization and two business days for shipment for purchases made on the weekends.

  • Does Lowe’s offer appliance repair service?

Lowe’s provides appliance repair services under the limited warranty as well as through its appliance protection policy. If one of these covers the issue, the appliances will be fixed free of charge cost by a qualified professional.

Does Lowe’s Haul Away Old Appliances?-Check This To Know

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