What Channel Is The Golf Network On Spectrum?-Read More

Sports are a worldwide activity that has caught the attention of a lot of people all over the world. Most people cannot access these activities live at the stadium, that is why there is a golf channel to make everyone live stream and watch shows easily and be entertained.In this article we will see What Channel Is The Golf Network On Spectrum

What Channel Is The Golf Network On Spectrum?

Golf network/channel can be viewed on various cables making it easy for people to have access to sports entertainment in the comfort of their homes and on any device So, one of these cables is the spectrum cable/network. The golf network/channel is on channel 218 On Spectrum. Spectrum has various packages so one can access the golf channel through the Silver TV spectrum package.

About Golf Channel/Network

Golf Channel is a 24 hours multimedia American sports television in Orlando, Florida co-founder by Arnold Palmers owned by the NBC Sports group that specializes in golf entertainment. 

As the name implies, this channel focuses on the game of golf and features live coverage including tournaments, open championships, summer Olympics, etc, and can be viewed on any of your devices.

About Spectrum Cable/Network

  • Spectrum cable/network is a 24/7 local programming division of charter that consists of news and sports within the neighborhood. 
  • They make use of qualitative and quantitative research to have access to news and information about what is going on around them in their community. They are certain to provide unbiased news, and events to engage viewers and pass valid pieces of information about what is happening around them.
  • They are dedicated to providing coverage of weather, sports, politics, events in the community, traffic, etc. They have other channels added to engage more viewers daily.

Golf Channel on spectrum cable

  • Golf Network/Channel is an additional sports channel that was added to the spectrum cable to allow viewers and sports fan more access to sporting activities.
  • Spectrum has what is called a sports channel package which includes the golf channel. This package is called Spectrum TV Sports Pack which is available for 5 dollars a month. 
  • Spectrum has two different packages which are the lower channel tier package and the higher channel tier package which contains various channels and limits which channel one has access to Livestream. The spectrum TV Sports Pack gives access to customers who subscribed to the lower channel tier more sports channels available only on the higher channel tier. 
  • Spectrum chooses to acquire a single tier for sports channels by combining the sports networks making it easier for customers to have access to more channels. Channels like Golf Channel, NFL Network, ESPNews, Tennis channel, etc are all included in the TV Sports Pack.

Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum has three different packages which are:

  • Spectrum TV select: This is the most basic package and the subscription for this plan is 44.99 dollars for 12 months which includes over 125+ channels.
  • Spectrum TV Silver: This involves more entertainment options and other new channels including channels in the TV select plan. The subscription for this plan is 69.99 for 12 months with over 175+ channels.
  • Spectrum TV Gold: This includes over 200 channels alongside the channels in the TV Select and TV Silver packages.

It is in the Silver TV Package that one can view the golf channel. The Silver TV package is 69.99 dollars monthly, apart from the 175 channels it has, it has additional channels such as golf channel, NBA TV, NFL Network, etc.


Spectrum Cable has a variety of channels it all depends on the TV package you subscribed for that will determine the channels one has access to. The Golf Channel for sports was recently added and can be viewed on channel 128 when one subscribes to the Silver TV package or Gold package.


  1. How can I watch spectrum TV?

One can access the spectrum TV anywhere either at home or on your device so long as you subscribed for it. The spectrum TV app has made it easy also.

  1. Does spectrum TV offer TV services in my area?

Spectrum TV is only available in 41 states, therefore for anyone to know if it offers services in their area one should go to the website and input their zip code and address. 

  1.  What is the Spectrum TV app?

The spectrum TV app is an application that allows one to access tv programs easily on your mobile device. It is free to install and one can connect it to their TV subscription or to their spectrum TV account.

  1.  Where can I get the Golf Channel without cable?

One can access the Golf channel without cable on DirecTV stream, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, etc. This TV allows one to view Golf Channels without using a cable.

What Channel Is The Golf Network On Spectrum?-Read More

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