Who Does Toys R Us Use For Shipping?-Check This Out

Do you have a baby on the way or are you looking to get your kids a extra toys? This company has a select range of baby products that you will surely need when your baby arrives and as they grow. Keep your kids’ smiles on their faces by purchasing more items at Toys R Us.In this article we will see Who Does Toys R Us Use For Shipping?

Who Does Toys R Us Use For Shipping?

Toys R Us is a suitable store for all parents that are looking to get their children products like toys, clothing, and the necessary baby products. You can either shop at their physical stores that are located globally, or you can engage in some online shopping to save yourself some time. Toys R Us has partnered with Macy’s and Borderfree to make sure that you get all your orders delivered at your door.

About the company: Toys R Us

Toys R Us is an American retail company selling all things ‘children’. They have a range of different toys suitable for the indoors and the outdoors. Take your children to the entertainment store so they can have a blast browsing through different toys available. Having children can be a handful but having happy and occupied children can go a long way for your happiness too. All you need is to stock up on all the toys and baby necessities to make sure your children get to experience a fun and ecstatic childhood experience filled with great imagination. Toys R Us is the perfect store that will give you all the items you need. They are dedicated to bringing fun and leaving children and their parents happy. Look no further because this store is just what you need to make your parenting a breeze.

Products sold at Toys R Us

Anything baby and fun-related can be purchased from Toys R Us. Find your nearest store or enjoy some online shopping to find the perfect gifts for your children. Some of the departments which you can shop at Toys R Us include but are not limited to:

  • Collectible toys
  • Soft toys
  • Video games*
  • Musical Instruments
  • Games & puzzles
  • Baby & toddler toys
  • Outdoor play
  • Bikes, Ride-Ons & wheel goods*
  • Learning & educational toys
  • Kid’s room & accessories*

*Note: Not all items can be shipped. Visit the Toys R Us website to find out which items are eligible for shipping and delivery.

Visit the Toys R Us website to find out what they have on offer. Alternatively, you can download their monthly catalog to browse through available offers. Always keep a lookout for their weekly specials online so you can get extra savings.

Shipping Information

If you have a tight schedule or there isn’t a Toys R Us store in your region, then there is no need to worry because Toys R Us has a platform available for online shopping and shipping. Toys R Us has partnered with Macy’s to bring you the best shopping experience. They are dedicated to providing you with only the greatest fun and interactive toys to keep the smiles on kids’ and parents’ faces. When shopping online, customers will be redirected to the same products on Macy’s product page where you can complete all your toys purchases. Once all purchases have been completed, you will be prompted to a screen where you will fill in all shipping and delivery details to be used. All shipping and delivery responsibilities will then be put on Macy’s partner company Borderfree. 

About Borderfree

All orders can either be picked up or shipped to your location. All orders will be conducted by Macy’s and will be shipped through their shipping service with Borderfree. Borderfree is a shipping company that partners with other retailers to help them offer their customers the best shipping experience, delivering their orders directly at your door. Upon making international orders, customers should take into consideration that shipping and delivery can take a long time. Make sure that you plan out your shopping to make sure you receive your orders right when you need them. 

Shipping and Delivery Methods

Depending on when you need your orders, Borderfree offers you a few options which you can choose from. When shopping at Toys R Us through Macy’s, you have a few shipping options which include free shipping, same-day or next-day, and in-store order pick up. If you are an international shopper, then you also have shipping options that you can choose from. Deliveries take approximately 4 to 13 business days.  These shipping methods include:

  • Standard Shipping

If you are not a Macy’s cardholder, then you will be charged a fee of $10.95 or qualify for free shipping on orders over $25. All other cardholders and shoppers can qualify for free shipping.

  • Premium Shipping

Non-cardholders are eligible to pay a shipping fee of $10.95 unless orders are over $25. Cardholders and members can get free shipping.

  • Express Shipping

For more information on international shipping rates, visit the Borderfree website. 


Toys R Us is the perfect toy store that you and your kids will love. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, you will receive the best shopping experience. Make sure that your kids stay happy by purchasing items for them at Toys R Us. Even if there is no store in your region, do not hesitate because you can do your shopping online and have your items shipped to you by their partner company Borderfree.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What affects my shipping costs?

Shipping and delivery costs can be affected by the shipping method you have chosen, the number of items ordered the weight, and the destination location.

  1. Which items cannot be shipped by Toys R Us?

These are some of the items that cannot be shipped internationally: electronics, furniture, and gift cards. Other items that cannot be shipped will be indicated at checkout.

  1. Are there any other fees to be paid except for the shipping fees?

When your orders are being shipped to other regions, you might have to pay extra taxes and customs duty fees. 

Who Does Toys R Us Use For Shipping?-Check This Out

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