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Zaful is a retail brand from Hong Kong that sells different kinds of clothing online. The shop has clothing for both men and ladies but mostly caters for ladies. The company is popular for its beautiful dresses and swimsuits that are both trendy and very affordable. Zaful is known around the world, and it ships orders around the world including the U.S. When you order clothing from Zaful, there are two types of shipping methods to choose from. There is an express and a standard shipping option. The store uses selected local couriers and national couriers for a standard shipment at an affordable price.  On the other hand, for express shipping, Zaful uses express couriers for quick shipment. If you choose the standard shipping method it will take about 7-15 working days to get the parcel. On the other hand, if you choose express shipping it will take about 5-10 working days to get the parcel. 

Who Does Zaful Use for Shipping?

Shipping Methods

There are two shipping methods to select from. These are standard shipping and express types of shipping. If you choose the standard option, you will pay a lower shipment fee but it will take longer to get your order. While the express option is much quicker but you will pay a higher shipment fee. The cost of your shipment will be affected by how much your order costs. This is irrespective of the type of shipping you have selected. 

Standard Shipping 

Zaful uses a range of courier companies that deliver locally and nationally for the standard shipping option. It’ll take around 7-15 working days to ship your order using standard shipping but it is less expensive. The higher the cost of the order the lower the cost of shipping. The standard shipping prices are shown here.

• Order value up to $18.99 = $9 Shipping Fee

• Order value from $19.00 to $38.99 = $6.99 Shipping Fee

• Order value from  $39.99 to $58.99 = $5.99 Shipping Fee

• Order value above $59.00 = Standard Shipping is free

Express Shipping 

Zaful uses express courier companies to ship orders using the express option. 

It takes about 5-10 working days to get your order using the express option so it is much quicker but it is more expensive. The higher the cost of the order, the lower the shipping cost. The express shipping prices are shown here.

• Order value up to $58.99 = $15.99 Shipping Fee

• Order value from $59.00 to $98.99 = $12.99 Shipping Fee

• Order value above $99.00 = Free Express Shipping

Where does Zaful ship from? 

Zaful mainly ships from Hong Kong but has a California store where some of the shipments come from.  This is because the store in Hong Kong has a greater variety of clothing than the California store. 

Does Zaful ship to the U.S?

Zaful delivers orders around the world including the U.S. You may select between standard and express shipping when ordering in the U.S. Express shipping is mainly available in the U.S. If you are ordering from elsewhere in the world, express shipping may not be available for you. 

Can I Return A Zaful Shipment?

Zaful will accept returned shipments if the ordered item is damaged, defective, the wrong size or the wrong item was delivered. If the shipment you have received is in one of the conditions listed above then you can return it within 30 days after receiving it. 

Zaful recommends that you first get in contact with their Customer Support Center if you would like to return a shipment. You can return the shipment to the official Zaful return address for either a full refund or replacement. The processing of a returned shipment takes about 3 to 6 working days. The waiting time to get a refund depends on the payment options. Here are the refund time frames for different payment options:

• PayPal account: up to 48 hours 

• Credit card: from 7-14 business days 

• Zaful Wallet: Up to 24 hours


Zaful is a good place to shop online for trendy and inexpensive clothing. You can find beautiful dresses, crop tops and swimsuits at the store. The retail brand has a variety of clothing and ships worldwide. You can pick between standard and express shipping depending on how much you are willing to pay and how long you are willing to wait. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Zaful A Good Company?

The majority of Zaful’s customers are satisfied with their purchases. One of the issues with Zaful it focuses more on affordability than quality. The clothes are cost-effective but not all of them are of good quality. 

  1. Who Owns Zaful?

Zaful is owned by the Chinese company ShenZhen Global  Egrow E-Commerce Co. 

  1. Where is Zaful from?

Zaful is an online fashion store, that is from Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. 

  1. Does Zaful Clothing Run Small?

Zaful’s clothing sizing depends on the clothing item chosen. Some clothing of clothing runs small some of them don’t. Although the swimwear generally runs small.

  1. Does Zaful Have Shipping Insurance? 

Yes, Zaful has shipping insurance for missing parcels and parcels that were accidentally damaged. 

Who Does Zaful Use for Shipping?-Read More

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