Lufthansa Loyalty Program-Read More About It

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are a way for brands to reward their loyal customers who use their products or services very frequently. From retail chains such as Baskin-Robbins, IKEA, and Starbucks to air carriers, loyalty programs are a part and parcel of consumers to enjoy. These loyalty programs not only reward their frequent users but also serve as a retentive hook for the customers to engage.Lufthansa is a German airline and one of the largest in Europe in terms of passengers carried that also offers a loyalty program called ‘Miles & more’ for its frequent flyers. Lufthansa aspires to make every journey of its customers a truly pleasant experience by offering various privileges to its frequent flyers.

Lufthansa Loyalty Program

Lufthansa Loyalty Program – ‘Miles & More ’

Lufthansa promises to unlock a new world for its customers with its loyalty program and all its benefits. The Miles & More program has an array of benefits which include:

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1) Status Miles

You can earn status miles for each one of your Lufthansa flights, and these, in turn, allow you to achieve the frequent flyer status which further unlocks a whole plethora of privileges. 

You can start the trip with one of Lufthansa’s lounges regardless of the purpose of the visit. Be it work or for leisure, Lufthansa’s program provides you with prefilled forms, making it convenient to book the tickets.

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program is divided into different categories or tiers, each having its own set of benefits. They are Miles & More members, Frequent Traveler, Senator and HON circle. 

As a member of Frequent traveller status, you will enjoy an increase in free baggage allowance, with Senator status you can save time through their First class check-in facility and with the HON circle status you will receive an exclusive limousine and transfer service which will make both your arrival and departure as convenient as possible. All tiers above the Miles & More member level offer exclusive lounge access and executive bonus miles. 

All these different member statuses are determined by distance flown using Lufthansa.

2) Award Miles

The benefits for Lufthansa’s frequent flyers don’t end with airlines. After you enroll on the Miles & More program you earn valuable award miles for everyday purchases, thanks to their ties with numerous partner hotels and certain other companies. Thus, on numerous occasions, you will be rewarded not only in the air but on the ground too. 

All the award and status miles expire at the end of the quarter 36months after receiving the reward miles. However, you can extend the period of expiry by either holding an elite status or holding a Lufthansa co-branded credit card. The opportunities to redeem the miles with Lufthansa’s Miles & More partners are also immense. You can use the miles to enjoy a free upgrade on your next flight or you can use them to hop onto a rental car and explore your destination with ease. You can also shop in Lufthansa Worldshop where you can redeem your miles against purchases of luggage, apparel, cosmetics and lots more!

3) HON circle miles

These miles are counted towards achieving the HON circle status and these points are counted across two successive calendar years.

Apart from these benefits, an added advantage of Lufthansa’s loyalty program is its integration with the European airline companies. Miles & More program can also be enjoyed with all of Lufthansa’s subsidiary airlines and in addition to them with Adria Airways, Condor Flugdienst, Luxair, LOT Polish Airlines, and Croatia Airlines. Miles & More may also earn miles through Star Alliance flights and also on using Lufthansa credit cards.

With all that being said, Lufthansa does have one of the most rewarding frequent flyer programs and is definitely one of the best in the industry. And on top of all of these benefits, you will receive 500 miles as a reward for downloading the Miles & More app.

What are the different tiers in the Miles & More program and how are these categories determined?

Various membership levels are Miles & More member, Frequent Traveler, Senator and HON Circle.

 Miles & More members do not have any minimal threshold, Frequent traveller ( Silver) – 35,000 miles threshold or a minimum of 30 individual flights), Senator level members(Gold) – 1,00,000 miles threshold, while HON Circle level members (Black) have a 6,00,000 miles minimum threshold over two calendar years to maintain their status.

How can I apply for the Miles & More program?

To become a member of the Miles & More frequent flyer program, you need to download the Miles & More app. You will also receive 500 miles as a bonus for downloading the app. After downloading the app and registering you will unlock the immense benefits of Lufthansa’s loyalty program.


In conclusion, we can say that the Miles & More loyalty program offered by Lufthansa is one of the best in the public aviation sector and has many benefits that are consumer centric. Apart from being one of the best, this program can be used with few other European airlines too, making it very convenient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where does Lufthansa operate?

Answer: Lufthansa is a European airlines company that is the second-largest airline in the number of passengers carried along with all its subsidiaries. Lufthansa operates throughout the world but has its major operations in Europe. 

2)Where can I know more about the Miles & More program?

Answer: You can find more about the program on Lufthansa’s official website. 

Lufthansa Loyalty Program-Read More About It

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