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Belk Inc. was founded by William Henry Belk in 1888 in North Carolina, America. Today Belk sells a variety of products ranging from categories such as home, bed and bath, beauty, kids, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and kids’ fashion. Today the company runs at 300 locations in 16 different states. If we look at the company’s first building or store which was established in New York Racket, in 1902 and look at the company now then we can realize and measure how far the company has come in the lines of advancement and development. Lets learn abou Belk Shipping.

Belk Shipping

Belk Shipping Policy

The company today offers free shipping, free in-store pickup, free curbside pickup, and same-day delivery options are also available. Let us look forward to the entire process of shipping:- 

  1. Same day Delivery- If you want your merchandise to get delivered to you on the same day then you just need to order before 2 pm (EST). Note the offer applies to selected merchandise only. 
  2. In in-store pickup- you just need to place your order and select Free curbside pickup and then once the order is ready you will receive instructions on picking it up and where to park your vehicle. And lastly, you just need to stay in your car, open up its trunk when an official comes and he\she will place your order right there.

How To Track My Belk Shipping Order? 

The company uses Aftership, which helps in tracking orders, getting delivery updates, and it supports USPs, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Lasership, or 981 couriers worldwide. So, from whichever courier partner Belk may use you can check it on Aftership. Through this process you can easily classify the time and delivery status of the product, item, or service you are purchasing. 

How Long Does Belk Take to Ship/Deliver? 

When one chooses the option of standard shipping then one receives their products within 4-7 business days. This applies to all the orders which are placed within the 48 adjacent United States. But, if you have Belk elite rewards card then you have free standard shipping, in both the modes online and in-store. This happens when you use an Elite card as the main form of payment. 

What is The Shipping Fees For Belk?

The shipping fees can vary from product to product, let us look up to it:- 

  1. Amount: $98.99 or less
  • Standard Shipping: $9.50
  • Premium 2-day: $24.95
  • Express Overnight: $29.95
  1. Amount: $99.00 or greater
  • Standard Shipping: FREE
  • Premium 2-day: $24.95
  • Express Overnight: $29.95
  1. Amount: Gift Card 
  • Standard Shipping: FREE
  • Premium 2-day: $24.95
  • Express Overnight: $29.95

What Are Some Exceptions Applied on Belk’s Shipping? 

– Shipping is free on beauty and fragrance products. 

– If a gift card and any other product are ordered together then they both would come in different packages. 

– Gift cards could be redeemed in any Belk store or any time at 

What is Belk Elite Status?

This status is only held by those who do the following: 

  • Customers spending a minimum of $1,500 within a calendar year in Belk stores by their Belk rewards card. 
  1. Those who keep their account in good standing.
  2. When you meet the $1,500 qualifying amount and haven’t missed more than two payments by the time you get your Elite Rewards card, you’ll be promoted to a Belk Elite Rewards Card. Once you qualify, you would be upgraded to the Elite level. 

How important is Shipping? 

We should note that the behavior of the delivery person decides the impression of the company whose product the person is there to deliver. As it is the first physical contact it is very crucial to carefully decide which company should be your shipping partner. 

  1. Due to excessive shipping prices, taxes, and other expenses, 50% of buyers abandon their carts.
  2. When it comes to shopping, 74% of customers consider free shipping to be extremely important.
  3. Due to a bad delivery experience, 38% of buyers will not shop from the same brand again.
  4. If free delivery choices are offered, 93 percent of online buyers are driven to buy more things.
  5. To be eligible for free shipping, 58 percent of customers add more products to their cart.

Benefits of having a shipping partner

If you own a large ecommerce company, your entire team can answer your shipping questions. However, in most other cases, e-commerce businesses will need to work with a trusted partner to meet their shipping requirements. As the company shares a straight contact with the customer it is important to carefully decide which shipping partner to choose. Of course, interactions are affected not only by the quality of childbirth, but also by the speed and adherence to hygiene protocols during childbirth. 

In conclusion, the shipping service Belk provides is excellent and reliable. Also, if you’re an elite member, it’s not that expensive. Though the standard shipping charges are higher compared to other companies, they provide good service which is essential. All the company’s shipping partners are reliable and great at what they do. Irrespective of where you live you don’t need to worry at all about your product getting delivered. As these companies have good tracking capabilities so you can get accurate tracking of your product. 

Belk Shipping  – Know More

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