Stores Like Topshop-Check This to Know

Topshop is a store chain that has its fashion stores in nearly 20 countries including the U.S. The brand is always up for providing its customers with a wide variety of fashion pieces. 

Stores Like Topshop

However, there might be a time when you really don’t want to shop there! You want to try something different or maybe you want similar quality fashion items at a cheaper price! For all those times, we have some amazing alternatives for stores like Topshop that you can look into! 

Alternatives for TopShop

Topshop is one of the most well-known fashion brands out there! Their British-influenced outfits and pieces of denim are simply gorgeous! They have a variety of fashion pieces to offer!

However, if you want to try something different, there are always other options! Here are some of the best Topshop like stores! Let’s look into them! 


Eloquii is all about outfits that inspire women and enhance their elegance. The brand serves a huge collection of fashion items for its customers! From sweaters to heels, you can find everything here!

The brand also focuses on making women feel comfortable with their shape and size through their styles. That’s why they even have outfits for women with plus-size bodies! 


Want to find a place that serves outfits from independent brands? If yes, then Ssense is just the place for you! This high-end retailer has everything that you need! From sweaters to wear in winter to swimsuits to chill at beaches during summers, you can find everything here! 

One more plus point about this brand that cannot be neglected is their high quality! It is the quality of their items that makes them last longer so every penny spent by you surely won’t go to waste! 

Apart from this, Ssense being an eco-friendly brand just acts as a cherry on top as to why you should look into this! 

Pixie market

In need of a bold, trendy and affordable outfit? Try the pixie market! This Spanish-influenced brand has some breathtaking pieces!

If you are a person who loves brightly colored clothes then this place is a ‘must visit’ for you! Their dresses and blouses are extremely unique and beautiful. What’s even better is that they sell their pieces at an affordable price so you might save some bucks while shopping too! 


One of the best alternatives for stores like Topshop is Revolve. Their styles and designs are quite similar so if you like Topshop then there is a high chance of you liking to Revolve too! 

The amazing part about this brand is that they have a variety of designs and items to choose from! Hence, it gives their customers a lot of options to choose from!

If you are planning on going out for a party, you won’t regret getting your outfit from here! What’s even better is that they have some amazing indie makeup brands to offer too! 


Express is a brand that believes in expressing yourself through style! Their pieces are not just affordable but also comfortable.

It kind of brings a sensation of confidence and pride in you whenever you wear their pieces.

Hence, if you want to create a fashion statement without bringing any damage to your bank account, then Express is ‘the’ place for you! 


Looking for some gorgeous summer and spring outfits? Mango is just the place for you! This fashion brand has some amazing pieces that one can’t help but buy! 

This Mediterranean-influenced fashion brand is all about letting women incorporate themselves in their style. Their pieces usually possess bold prints and patterns that can definitely make a fashion statement!

Urban Outfitters

If you like Topshop then you can definitely fall in love with Urban Outfitters too! The brand has some amazing casual wear pieces that are both trendy and comfortable!

Their pieces are usually a bit pricey as their fabric quality is very high! However, there is nothing to worry about as every penny spent in purchasing a dress from here is totally worth it! So if not TopShop then Urban Outfitters can be a good alternative or place for you to visit! 


Everlane is a brand that has everything to quench your fashion thirst! Their denim collection is just amazing! It won’t be wrong to say that they have some of the best pieces of denim outfits out there!

Apart from that, they even have sweatshirts which are very trendy and comfortable.

They even have a great collection of formal pieces and heels. Hence, no matter what the occasion is, shopping from Everlane might never disappoint you!

& other stories

Want to find a perfect dress for upcoming summers? & other stories are the perfect brand for the work! Their LA-influenced outfits and fashion pieces are not just trendy and comfortable but are pretty affordable too!

They have a wide variety of fashion pieces for their customers. From casuals to formals, you can get everything here! So no matter what the occasion is, this online fashion retailer is a perfect place for you to shop your heart out! 

Nasty Gal

& other stories is not the only brand with cool summer outfits. Nasty Gal is on the list too! Their pieces are super gorgeous and trendy! 

Nasty gal has a wide variety of fashion products to shower their customers with! From clothing to accessories, you can find everything here!

However, the drawback that you may face while getting your clothes from Nasty Gal is that their prices are a bit higher compared to other retailers. But still, you can make up for it as they often provide some great deals and offers for their customers! 

Hence, if not Topshop, then Nasty Gal might be the best place for you to visit! 


Clothing, shoes, or accessories, no matter what your need is, Anthropologie has everything to woo you with! Their pieces are simply breathtaking!

Their designs are majorly bohemian-inspired and trendy! Apart from clothing and shoes, they have some beautiful jewelry pieces too!

What’s even better is that they even provide plus-size dresses with a size up to 26!

All in all, Anthropologie could be the place where you can get every fashion item you wish for! 


Want a Bohemian-inspired outfit but not really in the mood for Anthropologie? Well, no need to worry! Stores can be the perfect place for you! 

Their designs are no less than brands like Topshop and Lulu’s! What’s even better is that their pieces are affordable! Hence, this store could serve as a perfect pocket saver for you! 


ASOS is an online retailer that has some amazing clothing and accessories for its customers! Their clothes are not just of high quality but are also pretty affordable!

Their pieces are simple and unique in their own way! Their designs usually have a modern touch to them which makes them look cool!

Their casual wear is on another level but that’s not it! They have an equally amazing collection for prom and wedding wear too! 

They are even known for their formal wear! However, their pieces will usually have an athletic and modern touch to them! So if you are someone who wants a bit of modern and athletic vibe in their outfits then ASOS will not disappoint you! 

Cotton On

There is no doubt that anything made of cotton is bound to be comfy! As the name suggests, Cotton on is a brand that focuses on selling cotton-based fashion items! Hence, if you are looking for comfy wear, cotton wear should be on your must-wear list!

They are majorly recognized for having ethically sourced labor and materials. They are even associated with the UN for working towards gender equality and women empowerment! Hence, if not a comfy vibe, their great image in the market is definitely worth a try! 


Want something luxurious in your wardrobe? Why not look for Farfetch! Since they sell pieces from some of the most recognized designer brands, their outfits are in no way less than the terms awesome and breathtaking!

As their pieces are of high quality, they might seem costly for you. However, you may not regret getting them as they may last longer with you! 

All in all, if you are someone with a high budget and in need of a luxurious brand but are not satisfied with Topshop , then Farfetch should not be that far on your list of visits! 


Topshop is a brand that has a lot to offer! Their designs are a hub of a wide range of styles with a twist of fun in them! They are mainly recognized for their skinny jeans and British-inspired styles.

However, if you are not in the mood to shop at Topshop then there are many topshop like stores out there! Some of their Stores Like Topshop may even provide you with fashion pieces that are not just of good quality but are affordable too! Some of them include NastyGal, & other stories, Storets, Farfetch, Revolve, Anthropologie, Ssense, Express, Mango, Urban Outfitters, etc. 

Stores Like Topshop-Check This to Know

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