Does Food Basics Do Cashback?

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Why do people get giddy over cash-backs? When given the opportunity, who doesn’t like saving a portion of the money spent on a purchase? The brain science of human instincts states says that even a small amount of a penny is worth saving. 

Does Food  Basics Do cash back?

No doubt, cashback is the most effective strategy to attract loyal customers. This is because every time we spend a chunk of money, we desperately wish to earn a percentage of return on the amount spent. Cashback promotions from a store or brand will likely encourage people to come back to the store again. This is how the cycle unfolds.

Small and large stores are determined to offer cash back after a certain purchase. Simply put, cashback is the reward percentage you receive after spending money on shopping. Big stores like Aldi, Kroger, Whole Foods, Save Mart, and Food Lion are a few to-name stores that offer cash back on your debit purchase. Since we are talking about cashback in big stores, you might want to know if Food basics do cashback?

A brief overview of Food Basics

Metro Inc. operates the Food Basics general store chain in Canada, which consists of over 130 stores all through Ontario. The organization was established in 1995 by Liam Bryant and initially had difficulty competing with the No Frills stockroom-style store owned by Loblaw Companies. The deal became significant for the Metro group in 2005 after A&P Canada was acquired by Metro for $1.7 billion.

As a part of its cost-cutting methodology, Food Basics offers low-upkeep. They are abiding with their policy of offering no plastic sacks, only simple cardboard boxes, minimal store beautification, and fewer workers, for the most part, seasonal workers. Unlike Metro stores, the chain offers high volumes of merchandise in limited sizes, enabling it to compete in pricing with different industries. In Ontario, there were 117 stores. Before the end of 2008, Metro Inc. was able to get each of the 36 establishment stores back. The Food Basics Pharmacy can be found at certain stores of Food Basics.

Previously, the proprietor’s names were displayed on the pennant that is John/Jane’s Food Basics, be that as it may, all stores are now essentially called ‘Food Basics.’ With time, Food Basics with this changed is an alternate slogan, which was changed the slogan from “Best Prices Every day” to “always more for less.”

Does Food Basics do cashback?

Given that Food Basics is one of the most popular grocery chains, you might wonder if you can save a few dollars over purchasing. You can receive some percentage of money spent on your shopping if you are using your debit card for payment. However, it depends on the store whether they offer cashback or not and by how much. Nonetheless, food basics sell gift cards that can also be useful.

Food Basics sells Metro-Food Basics Gift Cards in amounts of $20, $50, and $100. Larger sums can be bought by speaking with the Store Manager. Metro-Food Basics Gift Cards can be utilized in any Food Basics and Metro Stores. Likewise, you can browse an enormous assortment of other retailer gift cards in different sections.

These are not difficult to get and simple to use with no return of undesirable things. All gift voucher deals are guaranteed. No discounts or trades will be given. All Food Basics stores are independently owned and operated. For further assistance on cashback rewards, you can speak to the store supervisor. If they have the offering, you will receive a code for accessing your cashback.

What are the forms of payment modes offered accepted by Food Basics?

Food Basics, they have several payment methods. Below are some payment methods mentioned which you can adapt accordingly. 

  • Cash payment
  • Debit card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express credit card
  • Visa Mastercard
  • American Express prepaid bank gift cards.

Food basics accept all Metro-Food basics gift cards, Metro gift cards, A&P gift cards, Visa gift cards, Metro gift certificates, and Food Basics gift certificates. However, they do not accept AIR MILES reward certificates in any of their running stores.


With Food Basics, you can save money on your purchase either with their store gift cards or with cashback if there are offerings. However, the store does not offer online services, it is only located regionally, and there are approximately 115 stores in Ontario. For easy access to the stores, you can locate the nearest Food Basics store by using the “store locator.”

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why do some of the Food Basics products get discontinued?

Food Basics carries several hundred thousand products based on customers’ purchasing patterns and the availability of rack space at the store. Slow-moving and low-request items are ceased and replaced with replacement items. If you are searching for a particular item, the store requires the UPC, which is the 12-digit scanner tag on the item, or for further assistance, you can visit your nearest Food Basics Store Manager.

Q2. Why does Food Basics not deliver online?

All things considered, preparing a store for online sales is a huge undertaking that can cost a considerable amount of money. The store needs to create the most desirable UI and user experience in the quickest time. Even a single incident can cause damage and rupture a company’s image. Still, they have several stores within their territorial reach. If you wish to buy groceries from the Food Basics, you can head to the store locater website to get access to your nearest Food Basic Store.

Does Food Basics Do Cashback?

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