Red Bull’s Competitive Advantage

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It’s sweet, distinctive, and hits you like a bolt. 

Red bull was first introduced in 1987. It was developed in Austria. Even with its humble beginning, it is leading the world’s energy drink market. Today, this energy drink is sold in over 170 countries. With an estimated brand value of 15.99 billion euros. 

Red Bull's Competitive Advantage

Red bull is the product of the company Red Bull GmbH. It is an Austrian beverage company. Its roots go all the way to Thailand. Red bull is inspired by Krating Daeng, a popular energy drink in Thailand. It was on a chance business encounter that  Dietrich Mateschitz tasted the drink as a cure for his jetlag. He was inspired and decided to introduce the drink in Europe. With few adjustments, he gave the world the Red bull we know today.

Red bull – the brand

The company’s iconic silver and blue can are well known with an eye-catching red illustration of two bulls engaged in combat. These cans are hard to miss. They are readily sold in supermarkets and various outlets. Red bull is enjoyed worldwide.

Whether you are burning the night oil or wanting to make a cool cocktail with your jagger, Red bull has you back. Red bull’s tremendous success is the result of the company’s incredible advertising strategies. The company has flourished due to its unbeatable tactics. 

First mover advantage.

Red bull was a pioneer in the energy drink segment.

When Red bull was introduced, it was a novelty. Red bull was the first energy drink that entered the global market. It took the world by storm. By creating a one-of-a-kind beverage, the company has grown tremendously over the years. Being marketed as an energy drink has set it apart from its competitors. Red bull has the highest market share of 43% in the world. 

Red bull timing has aided in the company’s growth. The drink was introduced during industrialization. They were helping people to increase their productivity. 

Red bull drink

Red bull is a non-alcoholic stimulating drink. It is an elixir for people seeking a boost of energy. The company uses premium quality ingredients. It is a sweet carbonated drink with a unique taste. Its various ingredients like taurine, caffeine, and vitamin B, help in increasing performance. Red bull has a loyal fanbase all over the world.

Red bull slogan

Red Bull ‘gives you wings.’ 

The advertising campaign has gained massive popularity all over the world

A simple yet catchy phrase. It precisely describes the brand. Creating brand awareness among its customers. The free-spirited vibe has enticed its customers. It simply refers to the surge of energy Red Bull provides its consumers. Furthermore, Red bull has been a part of many events reflecting the brand’s strong, confident image. 

The advertising campaign is one of the most memorable. It was playful and energetic. It was persuading its target audience to buy from the company.

The company’s advertising has proved to be effective and literally ‘giving it wings. 

Red bull’s marketing strategy

Red bull is not just a product. The brand is associated with a certain lifestyle instead of propagating its product to a majority of people. The company recognized its target niche and sold to its potential customers. 

The company targeted males 18- 35 years of age, which included students and working professionals. Initially, the brand grew through brilliant word of mouth. Red bull made its presence known everywhere it could find its target customers. Giving out free samples at college campuses, beaches, parties, and libraries, the sales skyrocketed. 

Red bull has actively engaged with its customers. It has generated interest in the product by showcasing itself and promoting itself in a friendly manner.

Red bull events

Red bull is the epitome of brand image. It has been associated with extreme sports. It is an official sponsor of many sports events. It has widely captured the extreme sports segment. It has sponsored many extreme sports like cliff diving, skateboarding, F1 race, and skiing.

The brand is actively involved with its customer. It has created a strong, vivacious image that has made it a valuable company.

Red bull price

Red bull signifies a lifestyle. Strategically, it has a price point of 10% higher than its counterparts. The strategic price points make Red bull a premium drink. The notion of a high-quality drink attracts the right customers for the brand. 

Consumers pay extra for the premium quality ingredients. It is cheaper to buy Red bull in bulk. These tactics have drastically increased brand sales. Thus, making Red bull a profitable venture.


Red bull’s competitors are striving to bring more products to the market. Energy drink companies like Monster and Rockstar are in the competing space with Red bull. With its marketing schemes and tactics, Red bull has become a worldwide player. Red bull’s success is no fluke. The company has persevered hard and has made its way to the top

Red Bull’s Competitive Advantage

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