Difference between left and right Twix-Know More

The world of conspiracies is mind-boggling. Many of these theories are baffling and make us question our reality. Though there is one theory, that is the ‘sweetest conspiracy theory’. This theory has intrigued chocolate lovers all over the world. let us know the difference between left and right Twix.

difference between left and right Twix

The left and right Twix looks and taste different. This theory has been gaining momentum. Leaving Twix lovers divided in their opinion. The conspiracy has paved its way into many social media handles. Twitter, Reddit has fueled this theory even more. Twix is a popular treat. This delightful chocolate comes wrapped in a golden wrapper. With Twix emboldened in an eye-catching font.

Twix is a product of Mars Inc. Twix was first developed in the United Kingdom, in the year 1967. It was introduced in the United States in 1979. It has gained tremendous popularity since then. Twix has become one of the most sold chocolate bars in the United States. Twix’s distinctive taste makes it a perfect sweet treat for its fans. It is a bar of shortbread-covered chocolate, with the goodness of caramel in between. Twix is a milk chocolate brand. The biscuit gives a crunchy texture, and caramel provides a gooey rich feel. Wrapped in a layer of luscious chocolate. Every bite of Twix is filled with an explosive flavor. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and piquancy

The campaign

In 2012, Twix came up with a marketing strategy. The ‘pick a side’ campaign was launched as a marketing scheme. They asked their users if they preferred right or left Twix. This led chocolate lovers dumbfounded, giving rise to the Twix controversy. 

The Twix buffs were divided. Some swore over the right bars. Some went gaga for the left Twix. And there was a whole community unruffled by the debate. The debate escalated enough to garner attention from everyone. In the quest for a superior bar, the Twix community has split into #TeamleftTwix and #TeamrightTwix.

To add a new twist to the mystery, the company came up with a new packaging label. Further causing a rift between two communities. Twix bar is packaged in ‘two left bars’ and ‘two right bars.’ Despite, the rivalry, the Twix campaign is fun to watch. It gave rise to some epic tweets and engaging Reddit posts.

Brand director Michelle Diagnan also joined the fun stating that Twix fans are all alike, but differ in the aspects they choose. Twix has been subjected to extreme scrutiny. Finally, delivering the verdict that the two Twix bars are *drumroll* different.

Difference between Right and Left Twix

Twix is packaged in one, two, and four bars. The two bars are different from each other in some aspects. The chocolate differs in the manner it has been manufactured. The company has successfully, captivated a huge number of audiences through its commercials. Especially during Halloween time. When the difference between the right and left Twix seems to be profound.

The Right Twix

Difference in caramel

  • It has a thinner layer of caramel, compared to the left Twix
  • The caramel is a cascade on the cookie

Difference in cookie

  • The cookie inside has a crunchy texture
  • The cookie is darker in color, that fades towards the middle 
  • It has few cookies and more caramel

Difference in chocolate

  • the right Twix is coated with chocolate 

Difference in shape 

  • The right Twix appears wider compared to the left Twix

Difference in Taste

  • The chocolate tastes a bit sweeter

The difference in the packaging

  • On a red label, Twix is written in white

The Left Twix

Difference in Caramel

  • In left Twix, the caramel flows over the cookie
  • The caramel is applied in a thicker layer compared to the right Twix. It is almost like a blanket
  • The caramel has less tension the caramel

Difference in cookie

  • It has more cookies and less caramel
  • The cookie inside is lighter, which allows it to absorb more caramel
  • The biscuit inside has a crispier texture

The difference in the chocolate

  • Left Twix is bathed in chocolate. It is prepared by bathing the cookie in a chocolate bath and letting it set

Difference in shape

  • The left Twix is thinner than the right Twix

Difference in taste

  • Left Twix has a crunchier and sweeter taste, the cookie is mixed with chocolate 

The difference in the packaging

  • on a white-label, Twix is written in red.


Chocolate is food for the soul. Liked by million, chocolate is the perfect mood lifter. Savored by kids and adults alike. The chocolate industry has seen phenomenal growth. Twix is one of the most popular chocolate bars.

When it was created, the bar was called ‘raider’. The name was changed in 1991. the company has introduced many flavors and variants like gingerbread Twix, salted caramel Twix, cookies-n-cream, dark chocolate Twix, and Twix cappuccino. 

The company’s ‘pick-a-side campaign’ has led to overwhelming results, with increased sales. Whatever team you choose depends on your palate. Surely, both the variants are delicious

Difference between left and right Twix-Know More

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