Does Lowes Have A Military Veteran Discount?

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Lowes is an American retail chain that operates as a home improvement and hardware store. It has more than 2,000 outlets in the USA and Canada. Lowes offers various offers, discounts, and coupons to attract customers from various fields. But does it also offer any discount to military men and veterans to show gratitude towards them? What are Lowe’s military and veteran discount policies? 

Does Lowes Have A Military Veteran Discount

The Lowes retail chain offers military and veteran discounts 365 days a year. Any registered military man, veteran, or spouse gets 10% off on their purchases from any Lowes outlet. There is no limit on this offer for military men and veterans. However, to avail of the offer, military men have to register for the military and veteran discount at Lowes.   

What are Lowe’s military and veteran discounts?

As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude towards the soldiers of the US army, many retail stores offer military and veteran discounts. Does Lowes Have A Military Veteran Discount?The discount is available every day on almost all the products. However, the offer is valid only for retail purchases and not for wholesale purchases. 

Lowes does not restrict the 10% discount in anyways. There is no lower or upper limit to get a 10% discount on purchases from Lower. Notably, there are no restrictions on the number of times you shop from Lowes. You will receive the 10% military and veteran discount every time you shop from Lowes for any amount.

Eligibility criteria for Lowes military discount

The buyers who are eligible for military and veterans discounts can avail of the offer by registering for the membership. To get the 10% discount at Lowes retail stores, you have to be one of the below-given options- 

  • Working men or women of the US military can get a Lowes Military discount membership. 
  • A retired military man or veteran can also apply for the discount. 
  • The wife of military men or veterans is also eligible for the military and veteran discount. 
  • Dependent children of the military man and veterans are also eligible for the discount. Children under the age of 18 falls under this category. 

Notably, the military soldiers who are suspended from services for any reason are not eligible for the Lowes military and veteran discount. 

How to avail of Lowes military and veteran discount?

To get the 10% on your purchases from Lowe’s as a part military and veterans discount, one has to register for Lowe’s membership and military discount. The registered shoppers will automatically get a 10% discount on their purchases. 

To apply for the Lowe’s military and veterans discount follow the below-given steps- 

  • Visit Lowe’s official website to register for Lowe’s military and veteran discount. 
  • On the website under the head of customer services you will find the link to ‘military discount.’ Scroll to the bottom to reach this head and click on it.
  • Now you will be directed to the military id verification page. To get the military discount it is mandatory to verify your military id.
  • aids you in verifying your military id. Login to this website and verify your military or veteran id in a few simple steps. You have to create an account on for verification. 
  • After verification of the military id, you can log in to your My Lowe’s Account. If you are not an existing Lowe’s member, then sign in for the membership.
  • Once you are done with the login process, you can start shopping from or Lowe’s stores. 

The members who had registered themselves for Lowe’s military and the veteran discount will automatically get the 10% discount on their purchases. After registration, you don’t even need a valid military id to get the discount. Once, the verification of your id is done over Lowes’s website, you can easily shop only with the My Lowe’s Card. 

Exceptions in the offer

Lowes military and veteran discounts are applicable for most of the products it sells. However, there are some restrictions that military and veteran discount poses-

  • If you are using the military and veteran discount at Lowe’s, you can’t add any other discount coupon or voucher with it. 
  • With the military discount, customers cannot add any other discount like the 5% off on Lowe’s Card discount. 
  • The offer is not applicable for bulk or purchases from Lowe’s.


Lowe’s military and veteran discounts are 10% off on any purchases eligible members make from Lowe’s. Working military men, retired veterans, and their close family members can avail of this offer. However, one cannot combine any other offer with military and veteran discounts. 

  1. Does Lowe’s also offer a special discount for retired military soldiers on Veteran’s Day?

Answer: No, Lowe’s does not have any special provision for discounts on Veteran’s Day. However, any day registered military men and veterans can receive a 10% discount on their purchases.

  1. Do Lowe’s military and veteran discount is same for online shopping? 

Answer: Yes, Lowes offers the same 10% off if customers make online shopping. 

Does Lowes Have A Military Veteran Discount?

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