Overstock Customer Service- How to Connect?

Overstock is a retail company that operates over the internet. It offers goods and services at discounted pricing. This American corporation is best known for its discounts. But with online retailers, there is always the problem of communication gap with customers, which increases the need for efficient customer service. So, how is Overstock Customer Service?

Overstock Customer Service

Overstock has provided various options for its customers to connect with them. In case of any shopping-related issue, shoppers can call, text, email, or chat with Overstock customer service. Notably, buyers need to connect with Overstock customer service for several reasons like delays in order, login issues, complaints of the seller, fraud, returning an item, etc. 

How to connect with Overstock customer service?

Customers can connect with Overstock customer services in the following ways-

  • Connect via phone call 

For any issue, while shopping from Overstock, the e-commerce company allows its buyers to connect with it via call. The contact number is 1-800-843-2446. 

Customers can call this number for any issue raised while operating the website. The call attendant at Overstock is available from 08:00 am to 12:00 midnight on weekdays (Monday to Friday). However, on Saturdays and Sundays, the call attendant is available only from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. 

  • 24/7 texting facility 

Overstock allows its shoppers to text their problems 24/7 a day. Customers can text the Overstock customer service department anytime at this number- 1-385-257-9241. 

Not many corporations facilitate the texting facility to their shoppers like Overstock. Texting to customer service is very convenient for anti-social buyers. They feel more comfortable with messages rather than phone calls. 

  • Chat with Overstock customer service assistant 

Overstock also facilitates an instant chat option for its buyers. Shoppers can chat with Overstock’s customer service assistant for instant solutions to their problems. Overstock’s customer assistants are normally friendly with the customers. So, it is a convenient way for buyers to connect via chat. 

  • Connect with Overstock via email

Overstock also facilitates the option for the customer to mail their problems. Some customers prefer to mail their problems to the customer service department in detail. Additionally, emailing is more suitable for the issues that need to be described in detail. You can mail your problem or complaint to the customer service department at customercare@overstock.com. 

  • Assistance on the Overstock website

For some general problems, customers do not need to contact customer service. Overstock has attended to some most common problems on their website. It includes steps to know order status, returning policy, checking balance, etc. The customer service page of Overstock also includes some FAQs to solve general customer issues. 

Can international customers connect with Overstock customer service? 

Yes, international customers can also connect with Overstock’s customer services. Overstock has released two customer service numbers for international customers. Canadian shoppers of Overstock can call on 1-866-596-5840 to receive customer services. It includes aid in handling website, order status, return request, complaint of seller, hacking or fraud issue, etc. 

Overstock shoppers from any other country also contact Overstock’s customer service department to get shopping aids. The customer service number for international customers is 00-1-919-576-9926. Notably, the international call attendees at Overstock’s customer service department are only available from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm EST on weekdays. 

Why do buyers want to connect with Overstock customer care?

Whenever buyers face any issue in the handy operation of the Overstock website or find troubles in shopping, it contacts the customer services department. The main queries that customers took to Overstock’s customer service department are- 

  • To take the order status of the item ordered when delivered on time or running late. 
  • To enquire about or request the return of your order. 
  • To cancel the order customers had placed.
  • When customers face login issues on the Overstock website, they contact customer service. 
  • To complain about any ill practice done by sellers online. 
  • To complain about any unusual activity on a customer’s account to protect personal details from hacking.
  • To take the information regarding balance in customers Club O account. 
  • To complain about the damaged, broken, or the wrong item delivered.  
  • To request an exchange of items purchased. 

How is Overstock’s customer care?

Overstock has a reliable customer service department. It gives various options to customers to connect with the customer service department. Overstock receives around 1,000 calls daily, according to data. However, in every organization many customer services issues remain unsolved; so, such as Overstock. 


Overstock provides efficient customer service. You can contact the customer service department of Overstock via phone call, text message, or mail. You can also do direct chats to solve the issue. Additionally, the Overstock website also aids in solving basic issues. 


  1. Can I ask Overstock customer care to start a return process for my purchase?

Answer: Yes, Overstock’s customer care service can aid you in initializing a return process if the item fits under the company’s return policy. 

  1. Does Overstock My Account also provide customer services?

Answer: Yes, at the Overstock website the My Account option can aid you in solving common issues. 

Overstock Customer Service- How to Connect?

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