Great Wolf Lodge First Responder Discount

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Great Wolf Lodge is a chain of indoor water parks. The name has now changed to Great Wolf Resorts. The chain offers luxurious fun stays to people along with their splash rides. Therefore, a perfect place for a fun family outing. The resort is designed in a fun kids’ theme with animated wolves and characters in a lodge infrastructure. The resort was founded in 1997 May. Andrew Turk Waterman and Jack are the respective founders of the resort.

Great Wolf Lodge First Responder Discount

Great Wolf Lodge (now resort) was founded in the United States and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The resort has extended its range of branches in several cities in the US and Canada. One or two branches are currently under construction. The lodge offers a variety of other activities and facilities included in the package and a good stay. 

Great Wolf is an amazing place. The prices, however, goes up at times, and therefore the lodge has come up with a series of discount. One of them is the First Responders’ Discount. The lodge usually offers this discount in the form of the ‘Howling Heroes’ discount named by it. 

What is a First Responder Discount?

A First Responder is a person who, in times of any kind of emergency, acts immediately for the good of and for the country and its people. They are the first to respond or take quick actions before anyone. They can be doctors, nurses, firemen, police, military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force), and even teachers. For example, at times of covid, especially when it was at its peak during the first and second waves, Doctors and nurses were the first responders treating people day and night.

A First Responder discount is therefore kept by several businesses, especially restaurants to pay their form of a thank you and to pay respect.

First Responders’ Discount Policy at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Resorts runs one of the military and veteran discounts in the list of first responder discounts. The list includes exclusive discounts for doctors, nurses, police, 911 dispatchers, and correctional officers. Emergency medical services personnel also comes under the same category provided a valid ID is presented.

The military discount is mainly targeted toward the country’s military members, thereby giving them a special space and honor. Along with the current military members, it includes veterans and retired members of the military as well. EMS and police are also open to claim the discount. The discount is run and kept to pay respect to the military or actual heroes of the country.

How To Claim the Discount?

All you require to claim any of the First Responder discounts is a valid ID at the time of booking your stay. If qualified, the discount will be automatically applied to your bill at check out. 

Steps to claim the discount-

  • Visit the resort’s website
  • Enter your check-in and check-out details.
  • Provide the number of members included in the stay, as in the actual number of kids and adults.
  • Apply the promo code HEROES.
  • You will also need to provide a valid ID if belonging to any of the first responder’s groups.
  • Once qualified, you will be able to access the discount.

Benefits of the Discount

The First Responder Discount lets you have access to a number of free inclusions in the package. Even the water park passes(Paw passes) are provided for free. The discount lets you have a 25-30% off the total price while making the payment. It is the way of giving thanks to the responders by the lodge, which they deserve.


great Wolf Lodge is a wonderfully perfect place to spend a family vacation. Out of its ethical norms, the lodge offers a First Responder discount to doctors, nurses, Emergency medical services personnel, firemen, 911 dispatchers, police and correctional officers, and the current, retired, and veteran members of the military. The discount allows the responders 25% off on the total price and maybe more at times.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q Does Great Wolf Lodge offers the First Responders’ discount to veterans?

Ans Yes. All the current members of the military, veterans as well as retired members are offered the discount.

Q How much is the First Responder discount?

Ans The discount helps in claiming 25 to 30% on the total price. However, the percentage may vary at times.

Q Does the lodge have a separate offer or scheme on Veteran’s Day?

Ans No. No special or separate discount is offered on Veteran’s Day. But, the military discount scheme remains valid for the whole year.

Great Wolf Lodge First Responder Discount

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