LL Bean Military and Veteran Discount

LL Bean: Be an Outsider

L.L.Bean has been providing classic styles, outdoor gear, and expert advice for over 100 years. Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bain, the company began as a solo operation. They pride themselves on unmatched quality and outstanding customer service. L.L. Bean does more than just provide outdoor clothing designed to last. They also offer a variety of gear and household items. To thank military members LL Bean offers a 10% discount on purchases. Let’s know about LL Bean Military and Veteran Discount.

LL Bean Military and Veteran Discount

(LL Bean: We are proud to support the military community in leading a healthy and active lifestyle)

LL Bean Military and Veteran Discount

LL Bean is proud to help the military community maintain a healthy active lifestyle and make the most of their time outdoors.

L.L. Bean offers a 10% military discount to thank US military active duty, retired, veterans, and reserve personnel for their service to the country.

About LL Bean Military Discount

LL Bean is enthusiastically offering a 10% discount to military personnel.

This discount can be used by visiting a store, through an online website, or over the phone.

When ordering online, discounts work with the help of Sheer ID.

A SheerID account makes it easier to take advantage of the LL Bean discount and also gives you access to a variety of other online service member offers.

How to use this discount?

Step 1: After visiting the official website of LL Bean go to the military discount page 

Step 2: Click the green box labeled “Confirm Eligibility” in the center of the screen

Step 3: Follow directions that include entering your current military status, a branch of service, and some personal information

If in case you don’t have any idea about which status to choose, choose the one that best matches your proof of service (military ID, veteran ID, DD-214, etc.)

Step 4: Once you submit your information it will be approved automatically (if you already have a SheerID account). Alternatively, you will be asked to upload proof of military service. If you need to provide proof then upload one of the required documents.

Step 5: Once the proof of military service is approved; you will receive an email with a promotional code. Check your mailbox to receive this code

Step 6: Enter your promo code during the checkout process to take advantage of your 10% discount on the military offer

Who can claim this discount?

LL Bean’s military discount is available to any current military member.

This includes personnel of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as those serving in active service, reserve, and National Guard roles.

The discount is also available to former military personnel, including both retired military personnel and veterans

This discount is currently not available to military families such as spouses and dependents.


LL Bean’s military discount has some restrictions to keep in mind when using the discounts.

  • It is available online, over the phone, or at the popular L.L.Bean store.
  • It is not available at LL Bean Outlet locations, in Canada, or at LL Bean International websites
  • It cannot be used to purchase certain brands such as Yeti, Under Armor, and Smartwool
  • This is primarily intended for use with L.L.Bean brand products.
  • It also cannot be used for charges that are not related to the product, such as shipping, inscriptions, gift cards, tax fees, adventures, trips, etc.
  • Also, the LL Bean Military Discount cannot be combined with any Employee Discount, Percentage Discount or Dollar Discount offers.
  • At times, there may be a limit to the quantity you can buy at a military discount. This is at the sole discretion of LL Bean.

A complete list of excluded brands and prices is available on the website.

About LL Bean 

LL Bean was founded in 1912 by a man named Leon Leonwood Bean.

He started his business in Maine and sold outdoor gear from day one. 

The company was very popular and has grown steadily ever since.

There are currently 55 stores in the US. It may not be that many stores, but the availability of online and catalog stores makes up for it.

LL Bean products are well known for their high quality and specially designed for outdoor activities


All in all, LL Bean Military Discount is a great way to save an extra 10% on high-quality outdoor apparel and gear.

Check out this discount if you’re looking for clothing or new supplies for your next big outdoor adventure.


Does L.L. Bean offer a military discount?

Yes! LL Bean offers a 10% military discount to all currently serving members of the military to show gratitude for their service

What documents are needed to get the discount?

Military personnel must provide proof of eligibility and the following documents. Military personnel can verify their identity by registering with SheerID and uploading valid proof of military service on the L.L. Bean website.

What are the additional benefits of this discount?

Free standard shipping for orders over $ 50.

If you are not 100% satisfied, L.L. Bean guarantees a full refund within 1 year of purchase

LL Bean Military and Veteran Discount

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