Does Bloomingdales Do Alterations?

The Bloomingdales Incorporation, founded in 1861 in New York by Joseph Bloomingdales and Lyman G Bloomingdales, is an American luxury department store chain that sells all kinds of luxury wear, shoes, and beauty products, bag, accessories, home décor items, menswear, and kidswear. If you have wondered, does Bloomingdales do alterations? read further!

Does Bloomingdales Do Alterations?

Bloomingdales is spread across various states of America, however, around the world, it only has stores in Dubai and Kuwait. The first-ever store outside America was at the ‘Dubai Mall’ in the year 2010 followed by the 360 Mall store in Kuwait in the year 2017.

Do Bloomingdales Do Alterations?

Alteration along with tailoring is available at Bloomingdales. The service can be accessed at their store locations. At Bloomingdales, they believe that right-fitting apparel can change all the games, it enhances one’s overall experience, comfort, satisfaction, and confidence. The highly skilled professionals at Bloomingdales help you with getting your clothes at your desired fit.

What are the other services they offer?

Bloomingdales does not only offer you alterations and tailoring, but it also has various other services as well to offer to its customers. At the store, their members are always ready to help you with styling according to your needs and wants. A prior appointment regarding the same could also be made. The beauty service at Bloomingdales is also available wherein one can get the very latest and trendy looks and could get ready for an event as well. They offer all kinds of beauty regimes from facials, and makeovers to dermatologist consultations as well. You can visit the store and get assistance just to simply get yourself a product best suited to your skin and complexion. 

A very exclusive experience to have at Bloomingdales is getting oneself styling assistance for a particular event in a private consultation space, available only through prior appointment.If you are planning to finalize your big day, the people at Bloomingdales would manage the things out for you from apparel to accessories to everything concerning your big day, according to your briefing. They even assist you with finding a good gift for the people at your workplace. If you are planning to design your house or your workplace, Bloomingdales is the best partner in it, from scratch to the selection of your curtains, types of furniture to your rug.

Bloomingdales’ new venture Bloomie’s

Bloomie can be understood as the baby brother of Bloomingdales. With small walking stores but with the best of Bloomingdales’ collections. The CEO of the company Tony Spring, explains the reason behind naming Bloomie by saying that it is the term the customers have always used with affection. The Bloomie would deliver all the things present at Bloomingdales in a highly edited, convenient, and extremely unexpected way. The stylists at Bloomie would provide expertise and would offer personalized guidance to the shoppers. Its first store location has been decided at the Mosaic District, a local hub for shopping, eatery, and entertainment.


Bloomingdales and luxury brands like them do take care of their customers and offer specialized and personalized assistance to their customers. They do offer something as small but as basic and as necessary as alterations. A good fitting cloth makes a person appear presentable outside and comfortable inside. Therefore, service at their store stands equivalent to their luxury and high-end products.


Q.1. How do I return products bought from Bloomingdales online?

A. If you have bought the product online, you can return the product within ninety days, but it should be in a saleable condition, from the date of shipment. You would not be charged any return fee for the same.

Q.2. What is the Loyalist program at Bloomingdales?

A. It is a program where you get rewards and exclusive access to perks like free shipping. It also allows you to earn points regardless of the amount of your purchase at Bloomingdales. Once your reward points reach 5000 points, you qualify for a $25 reward that is redeemable at all the merchandise from the very next day.

Q.3. What are the services that are available at Bloomingdales’ mobile applications?

A. On the mobile application of Bloomingdales one can shop, find a Bloomingdale’s store, create and manage gift cards, can be used to scan barcodes while shopping in the store, can easily manage one’s loyalist account, one can pay, and can view and manage Bloomingdale’s credit card.

Q.4. How to contact Customer service at Bloomingdales?

A. the customer service could be reached out at their website which is or one can contact at their number 1.800.777.0000, they could be contacted from 9 a.m. till 12 a.m. at midnight, every single day.

Q. Do Bloomingdales offer employees discounts and Macy’s employees at Bloomingdale’s get discounts too?

A. Yes, employees at Bloomingdales get a whopping 40% discount on their purchase. The Bloomingdales sister chain Macy’s employees get a discount, which is the colleague discount of 20% at the Bloomingdales.

Does Bloomingdales Do Alterations?

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