Sealy Mattress Return Policy-Know more about Returns and refunds 

 Sealy is an American group of mattresses bartered and swapped by Tempur Sealy International. That is Temper Sealy International is the parent of Sealy mattress. It was established in Sealy, Texas, the US, by Daniel Haynes. He started Sealy mattress by making cotton restored for his friends. Then in 1889, he developed an engine that flattened cotton. After the engine’s huge fortune, he was sanctioned to make mattresses for others. Sealy mattress was headquartered in Trinity, North Carolina, US. Temper-Pedic had a bigger income than Sealy in 2011, even though Sealy argues that they are the massive factory of mattresses in the world. Sealy peddles the bulk of its mattresses under its three central denominations: Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, and Barrett. Sealy has the mattress to aid your needs according to your preferences like springs foam, memory foam, or a combination of both. Let us know about Sealy Mattress Return Policy

Sealy Mattress Return Policy

Sealy mattress retails both in-store and online. They also ensure your treaty to return the commodity and get your money back.  They propose you a 30-night ‘Happiness Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your Sealy mattress, you can return it within 30 nights of its purchase. However, some made-to-order commodities may not be allowed for a refund other than its replacement.  

Returns and refunds 

Sealy always gave great scrutiny to their product packaging. They put on excess tolerance and compassion without any drawbacks or defects on their packaging. They also ensure the return of the item with the exact intact circumstance. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, you can continue for a return. Hence, the returning and refunding procedure of the mattress will be fastened within 7 to 10 days. Follow these notches for processing a return request: 

  • You can move toward the return request within 48hours of purchase by calling their customer care service or mailing
  • You can also continue to return process within 30 days of the purchase. 
  • It takes at least 3days for the pick up of the returning mattress after approving the return request. 
  • Thereafter, it operates on a 7day refund policy after the return of the product at its warehouse. 
  • Refunding will not be in cash, the money unpaid will be paid back to the user’s bank account. 

Eligibility of the return procedure.

The return inquiry of the property will only be approved under the following circumstances:

  • If the mattress delivered is mistaken.
  • Whenever you find a manufacturing defect on the property.
  • You are not satisfied with the comfort of your sleep. 
  • When the product is not as seen before. 
  • If the mattress you collected is in a damaged discretion. 

Take-away points 

There are some necessary aspects to remember about returning the Sealy mattresses. They are as follows:

  • The returning crop should be in its actual form itself, without being rotted. 
  • The returning mattress should contain all the items you obtained along with the product, such as handbooks, guarantee cards, labels, proclamations, and additional tools. 
  • Sealy will only ratify the stock back if it is not draped in its actual packaging within 7days. 
  • They won’t allow the canceling of the product at the urge of shipping. You have to return the property. Even it is for ample shipping. 
  • When you carry back the mattress, you must provide money to the shipping committee. 
  • If the packaging has been unwrapped but not wielded, Sealy will pay back any delivery expenses and indict a treatment or redressing expense up to 10%.
  • You will get the refunds within 7days to clarify after the product reaches their depot.
  • The business committees have the right to call for the initial item. Thus, there should be a clarified inspection of the returned product. 
  • You must get bound with the Sealy mattress crew until the refunding procedure because each sequence of refunds is accomplished in a step-by-step manner. 
  • The refund will be held through bank transfer. 
  • Sealy Mattress can be asked for revocation. Since you need to be mindful of the following factors: 
  • You have to call for their revocation request at their customer care service or mail at
  •  As Sealy mattress gave  30 nights to feel the comfort of the mattress, you have the choice of submitting the cancellation request within that period.
  • It is not permitted to revoke the shipped product. 


Sealy Mattress is always delighted to make you sleep tight and healthier.

It is a mixture of solace, backing, and stability. Each of them lingers for years. They don’t make any excuses for the quality of the product. They ensure quick delivery and return strategy. They provide the mattress according to your comfort and style of sleep. As you can prefer the mattress according to your price and ease, Sealy Mattress might be a satisfactory choice for the exact sanction of your integrity sleep. Hope we have gained knowledge on Sealy mattress return policy.

Frequently asked questions 

1. Does Sealy mattress demand any discounts?

Yes. To know more about the rebates and sales, check the official website of Sealy Mattress. 

2. Is there a custom-built mattress available in Sealy mattress? 

Yes. The mattress will deliver customized mattresses. 

Sealy Mattress Return Policy-Know more about Returns and refunds 

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