Stores Like I Saw It First

It has become quite imperative to stay up to date on fashion trends in the current times. Living under a rock will do you no good, nor will it grab you the attention that you need. Believe it or not, getting random but genuine compliments from strangers and hearing murmurs about your amazing fashion sense is one of the best things that are prone to turn your frown upside down. If not for the compliments, you do it for yourself! There are many studies that suggest that when you dress up with more precision and care, your confidence level is bound to burgeon. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that, right? Along with this, it is necessary to have a store or a manufacturer that you can rely upon. Thus, this article will suggest certain stores like I Saw It First!

Stores Like I Saw It First

What is I Saw It First?

If you indeed have been living under a rock, then read further to find out what I Saw It First is and what is all the fuss about. Now, there is no doubt that right since the beginning of the pandemic, consumers have become prone to online shopping. The store in question is just an online shopping platform; however, it has all the essentials that you might want or need! Ranging from footwear, dresses, t-shirts, and lowers, to a fancy top- this online platform offers it all! And not just this, I Saw It First keeps you up to date with all the latest fashion trends that you need to keep an eye on or better yet need to incorporate into your daily life. Moreover, the reason why ladies love it is that it offers plus as well as petite sizes, offers free returns and exchanges, international shipping, and student discounts!

I Saw It First: What are the Alternatives?

Now that you know what the online platform offers, there is no doubt that some people might not be happy with their services. Be it the quality of the clothes, the high prices, or the delayed deliveries, at one point of time,everyone have all been a victim of such blunders caused by the manufacturer or such online stores. So, if you have tried to bag that dress that you had your eye on for a long time and yet do not feel satisfied after adorning it on your body, do not worry for such online stores have your back! I Saw It First is not the only online store that provides such services.

Below are some beautiful alternative Stores like I Saw It First!

Quiz Clothing US:

This is one of the best alternatives to I Saw It First since it offers almost everything that the latter does! From dresses, jumpsuits, footwear, and accessories, Quiz Clothing provides everything that you might be looking for. Moreover, Quiz Clothing has been given a rating of 4.8 from its loyal customers as opposed to a 4.4 rating given to I Saw It First. 

Although international shipping is not their forte, they offer free returns and exchanges and offer student discounts as well!

Quiz Clothing is not just an online platform but you can go for in-store shopping which is free compared to the online deliveries for which you will be charged. In addition, Quiz Clothing allows you to pay via PayPal through which you can pay using 3 installments. Thus, you do not have to worry about getting that expensive pair of shoes that you want!


If you are a conscious environmentalist who cares about how our choices affect our planet and cause it harm, then you might want to consider shopping at Shein since it offers vegan products! Yes, unlike most similar stores, Shein offers vegan products! At Shein, you can easily pay using PayPal and debit and credit cards. Moreover, Shein offers a student discount, and thus, when it comes to rating, Shein has been given a solid 4.7 as compared to I Saw It First’s 4.4.

Not only this, you may be elated to know that Shein offers a loyalty program to its loyal customers, and unlike major stores, offers the customers the choice to track their orders and make certain changes and cancellations, if necessary. One of the benefits of shopping at Shein is that they accept payment via a plethora of options, ranging from Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and Paytm, to Mastercard and RuPay!

Ann Taylor: 

Offering a good rating of 4.6 out of 5 as compared to I Saw It First’s 4.4, Ann Taylor offers sizes ranging from plus size to petite size which makes the company favorable among many ladies. Moreover, one of the major benefits that Ann Taylor has is that the products that it provides are cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials are used. As regards free returns and exchanges and international shipping, Ann Taylor offers both and is quite well-renowned worldwide! Moreover, Ann Taylor offers a 15% off on your first purchase. 

The company offers its exclusive cards to people who shop often at their stores; these card members get exclusive perks like getting a 15% off on the first Tuesday of every month, a birthday gift, free standard shipping, and 5 points for every dollar spent. In addition, Ann Taylor offers a loyalty program to their regular customers as well!

Free People: 

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5, Free People, as compared to I Saw It First, is more widely known than the latter. When it comes to payment, Free People, unlike I Saw It First, offers prepaid card and debit card support, and as regards financing, provides Afterpay and Zip financing support. In addition, while I Saw It First does not offer any cruelty-free products or eco-friendly material, Free People provides both.

 So, if global warming and major environmental degradations affect you, as they should, then this is the brand that you should go for, without a second thought! One of the few drawbacks of shopping at Free People includes no student discounts and no Amazon Pay support, as contrasted by I Saw It First. 


With an overall score of 4.6 out of 5, Maurices is known as an extremely popular women’s clothing store, which is widely well-esteemed, even more so than I Saw It First. At Maurice, it is said that you are bound to get frequent discounts and promotions, which is not that rampant at I Saw It First, where all you can avail yourself of is a student discount. Other benefits of shopping at Maurice include getting offered loyalty programs, debit and prepaid card support, gift card support, price matching policy, and birthday discount policy!

 In addition, you do not have to worry about the fitting as Maurices has sizes ranging from plus size to petite size. Although both Maurices and I Saw It First offer free shipping and free return policies, Maurices also gives you the option of in-store pick up which is not possible for the latter since it is merely an online platform. Nevertheless, the only two cons that we could get our hands on are that Maurices does not offer student discounts and Amazon Pay support.


Although with a score of 4.5 PrettyLittleThing does not stand way too ahead of I Saw It First, there are various factors and reasons to consider the former when looking for alternatives. Having worldwide recognition, PrettyLittleThing provides way more discounts and promotions than I Saw It First, and also offers Afterpay financing support, while the latter offers Amazon Pay support. 

When it comes to cruelty-free policies and eco-friendly materials used in the products, the benefit of the doubt can be given to PrettyLittleThing! While both the companies provide international shipping, PrettyLittleThing also offers order tracking support which helps in discarding the major anxieties of the customers. Further, PrettyLittleThing has the availability of outlet stores that are not there when it comes to I Saw It First.


While the brand scores a solid 4.5 out of 5, I Saw It First, with a score of 4.4, offers a better petite-size inventory. Although when it comes to plus-size attire, Lulu’s might be the better of the two. In addition, let us look at the advantages posed by Lulu’s! At Lulu’s, you are bound to be missed by many discounts and promotions, Apple Pay support, Google Pay support, Amazon Pay support, gift card support, debit and credit card support, and loyalty programs.

Moreover, Lulu’s lends a hand in providing international shipping, free returns and exchanges, order tracking support, and e-mail discounts! Lulu’s also provides data security and privacy policies should you wish to shop online. Nevertheless, what really steals the show is the fact that Lulu’s has stood up for racial equity and conveniently has better customer support than I Saw It First!


Although I Saw It First is not a bad brand or company, different customers have different experiences with a single brand. The fact that it is just an online store wavers its position from the pedestal, while the other brands in the competition are all clamoring to be on the very top. Moreover, while shopping from a single brand is good, however, if you do it frequently, you might miss a couple of new things offered by the others. Thus, you can also explore other stores such as I Saw It First in order not to miss out on all the latest fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a student discount at I Saw It First?


  1. What are other stores like I Saw It First?

You can explore Lane Bryant, Madewell, Yew Clothing, LOFT, and the like.

  1. Is I Saw It First good when it comes to eco-friendly products?

No, you can try PrettyLittleThing, Free People, and Shein for that!

Stores Like I Saw It First

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