What Channel Is Oxygen On Fios?

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The Oxygen Channel introduces some of the most popular true crime shows. Crime is the main offering of the channel, but there are also some police procedural drama shows.

What Channel Is Oxygen On Fios

The Oxygen Channel has so much more to offer and has become indispensable for any up-and-coming lineup designed to deliver holistic entertainment.

What Channel Is Oxygen On Fios?

Fios Fiber TV service is not only fast but reliable.

Fios channel offers a wide range of channels so it becomes a tedious task to search for a channel, especially for someone who just wants to watch their favorite shows. If you want to avoid such trouble, then it is much more convenient to know the channel number.

Channel Name  Channel Number 
Oxygen Channel SD 144
Oxygen Channel HD 644

Why Should One Watch The Oxygen Channel? 

Oxygen Channel is searched by millions of viewers across the United States.

Oxygen explores the most appalling cases and most notorious killers recorded in human history.

No stones are left behind in every show that unravels various incidents and mysteries involving murderers and criminals. It’s no wonder this is a classic channel for criminal nonfiction addicts.

A Quick Note About Fios 

FiOS TV ensures you have the channels that best suit your entertainment requirements. Moreover, you do not have to choose an expensive plan to view the best real crime content.

The best part is that you get the customization feature. This means that the user can choose the top five channels to add to the list of recommended channels.

This lets you choose what channels you watch without having to watch unwanted ones.

Shows On The Oxygen Channel

Oxygen has several shows that you can get hooked on right away. Each show is a big hit, so you don’t even know how long it’s been since you started watching it. Here is a list of the shows on the Oxygen channel

Dark Web Exposed

The internet is a good place, but it can be scary. In this series, we’ll delve into how technology has contributed to the rise of certain crimes, and how standard research tools have failed to produce the coveted answer.

License to Kill

This series presents cases in which medical professionals put their patients’ lives at great risk through poor practice and negligence.

Those who are supposed to keep patients safe and healthy end up putting their health at risk.

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

This show is mainly about recent mysterious events.  It is shown in a fascinating format consisting of intricate encounters and heartfelt interviews, this is a show that deserves a fuss


 This show is about Examining murder cases in which the revelation of the victim’s body leads to new hacks and unexpected plot twists.

Charmed to Death

Follow the true story of an operational and seemingly dangerous criminal who uses charm to deceive, steal, seduce and build romantic relationships with unprotected victims, ultimately leaving an awakening of devastation and death. Each episode features a charismatic murderer who successfully deceives the victims and follows their excessive acts of temptation and fraud.

Murdered by Morning

Murdered by Morning is a crime documentary series in which people are unaware that the night in question will end. From a ruined girl’s party to a night shift at a local toy store that makes an unexpected turn, explore how a normal night can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Up and Vanished 

Based on the popular podcast, each episode focuses on a different missing person’s case as Payne Lindsey and his investigative podcast team search for answers to help victims’ families feel closed.

Mysteries and Scandals

A true crime that investigates Hollywood’s most intriguing criminals, murders, and corruption cases, and uses archive footage, new interviews, and stylized depictions of past events to explore the country’s notorious headlines.

Various Ways To Watch Oxygen Channel

You can watch your favorite Oxygen Channel shows live wirelessly on any of the following streaming services: Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV


The oxygen network was founded by Geraldine Laybourne and had a lifestyle and female-oriented entertainment format similar to Lifetime Channel

Once you’ve got the channel number, take a look at FiOS’s Oxygen channel to enjoy a mysterious story about murder and true crime.


Can I watch the Oxygen channel for free?

Unfortunately, the answer is No! one will need a subscription to access full programming on the Oxygen channel.

Does the streaming service offer Oxygen Channel?

The answer is Yes! Some streaming services serve content from the Oxygen channel.

How can I get the broadcast date and time of the oxygen show?

The Oxygen.com show schedule has a complete daily show list for today and the following week.

What Channel Is Oxygen On Fios?

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