Does Ugg Give Student Discount?

  Ugg was one of the most popular footwear brands which gained serious popularity during the mid-2000s. Their iconic Australian sheepskin inspires boots were all the rave during the mid-2000s. Read below to know Does Ugg Give Student Discount?

Does Ugg Give Student Discount?

Although these specialty shoes are not the only things they sell, they also include other types of footwear, clothes, accessories, etc. 

About Ugg 

   Formerly known as Ugg Australia and then later just Ugg, it was founded in the state of California in the year 1958 by two Australians who migrated to the United States. They were extremely popular in Australia among the surf scene in the later-1900s, which inspired the founders to bring 

them to the states. 

        The Ugg boots become a worldwide trend end of the 2000s to mid-00s becoming a major pop culture reference too. Many celebrities were spotted wearing them and they quickly caught the fire on the next big fashion trends. 

     Their trademark shoes are made of sheepskin which gives them the comfort and softness which the Ugg boots are known for. However, due to the growing concern over climate change and animal cruelty, they have seen a stark decline in popularity. But the Ugg brand seems to have worked well with this criticism after their latest instalment of vegan Ugg boots. 

   The Ugg boots are popular among teens and young adults, they also saw a huge rise of these boots among the ballet community due to the comfort it offers. Due to the popularity of these boots among the student community, Ugg is known to give generous discounts and offers. 

Ugg student discount 

Ugg has paired with many infamous student websites providing good discount rates and offers for high schoolers and college-goers. One such website that Ugg collaborated with is the student-friendly brand Myunidays. Ugg give better student discount.


  Myunidays is known to provide free, fast, and exclusive discounts to students, all you need to do is a simple sign-up process, verification, and log in to quickly avail discounts and offers from 1000+ brands. 

     Myunidays had a collaboration with Ugg where they provided:

  • 10% off of any full-priced item which includes footwear, accessories, home décor, etc. 
  • This discount can be availed only in-store, you cannot claim it via the online shopping model 
  • You need a valid ID to show proof you are a student in school or college. 

The myunidays members can also have exclusive access to multiple student offers with Ugg throughout the year. All you need is a simple sign-in. 

Student beans 

Student beans is another youth-oriented website specifically dedicated to students of both high school and colleges. Just like myunidays, student beans also help find students exclusive benefits and offers. However, the sign-in process is a little different, you will require an academic email address which will be verified. 

Some of the discounts offered by Ugg via student beans are:

  • Up to 30% off on women’s sale 
  • Gifts from him (valentine’s special) for $20 only 
  • Gifts for her (valentine’s special) for $18 only 
  • Up to 30% off on men’s sale 
  • Up to 30% off on women’s sale 
  • Home collection from $49

All these and more, are a few of the exclusive benefits offered by student beans in collaboration with Ugg. These offers are only for a limited time after which they will be replaced by other offers. To claim this and more, all you need is your academic email-id and you are good to go. 

Community heroes discount 

The community heroes discount is a unique offer provided aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it is not for students, it is targeted towards educators, first responders, medical professionals, and military personnel.

  • You get Up to 10% off on all full-priced items in the store 
  • You need to verify your ID if you are any of the above via their partnered app SheerID
  • Verification is done via ID or added documentation may need to be uploaded. 
  • Confirmation may take 48 hrs. Or longer. 

The community heroes discount was specifically made by Ugg to give back thanks to the communities who worked the hardest during the covid-19 pandemic. 


Ugg has established itself as popular clothing, footwear, and home décor brand. They had their peak and have maintained their popularity but they have headed towards a steady decline in recent times due to their claims regarding animal cruelty and unsustainable practices.

      However, they have tried to redeem their faulty ways by changing their signature sheepskin Ugg boots to a vegan version, the recent project, community heroes project was another way of their redemption, one of the few brands to take accountability yet Ugg still has a long way to go


1.Does UGG give student discount?

UGG is proud to offer an exclusive discount to those who educate, support, and protect our communities.

2.Can you send in your old UGGs for a new one?

   If you have purchased an Ugg in the last 365 days and want to exchange, then you can at no cost at all. You will make sure the product has no sustainable damage along with receipts of when purchased.

3.Can Uggs be worn in the snow?

  No, these boots are not waterproof and cannot be worn in snow. The water will sweep in and make it all wet and uncomfortable. 

Does Ugg Give Student Discount?

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