Stores Like Quincy Mae

Whether the world population is on the rise or whether it is wilting does not matter when it comes to babies! While it is imperative to respect every woman’s decision on having a baby or not, no one can deny the fact that babies bring a different kind of bliss in this gloomy world. However, one of the difficulties faced by to-be parents or novice parents is where to buy clothes for their babies. This is a constant and recurring dilemma faced by parents worldwide. This dilemma is still very apparent not because everything has started to become expensive but because a newborn baby grows with each passing moment. And so, buying expensive clothes for a newborn baby whose body is bound to change over a few weeks or a few months does not seem like a rational or a wise choice at all! This article gives you a list of the Stores Like Quincy Mae.

Stores Like Quincy Mae

As conscious and observant consumers, you must not depend on one brand. New parents must be urged to explore more and more! Buying costly clothing products for babies is not judicious, however, you must not forget that the quality of the fabric must remain intact.

Quincy Mae: What it Offers

When going shopping for your baby’s outfits, it is no doubt that Quincy Mae comes to mind and settles in it as a trustworthy and fine brand. There is no doubt about this! Quincy Mae is a well-renowned brand that is spread out all over the United States. And since it specializes in baby apparel and accessories, novice parents are bound to trust it even more! Here, you can find a plethora of baby clothes, and not just this, you can have matching accessories so that your effort to make your baby daughter look like an actual princess does not go to waste! 

Despite these benefits, some people feel that the brand is too costly and is not budget-friendly. In short, the brand caters to the needs and wants of rich parents and not middle-class ones. Moreover, people do not like to be stuck at one brand, and as mentioned before, like to explore. Now, although Quincy Mae offers Shop Pay installments and payment support and also provides debit and prepaid card support, let us move ahead and look at other stores that offer significantly more. So, keeping these reasons in mind, you must read further and have a look at similar brands to Quincy Mae that offer similar products to the brand in question and perhaps, even offer much more than that!

Stores Like Quincy Mae

Now, without further beating around the bush, let us look at the brands that are quite similar yet inherently different from Quincy Mae.


While there’s no doubt that Quincy Mae is popular among novice parents and kids, it is Carter’s that is considered the better of the two! Bagging a rating of almost 4.6 out of 5, Carter’s leaves no space for other keen competitors. With Carter’s, you do not have to worry about expensive products because the brand offers discounts such as veteran’s discounts, and offers free shipping and return policies, as opposed to Quincy Mae not offering either! 

What is more intriguing is that Carter’s offers price matching policies which is an excellent way to stay on the topmost rung of the ladder, while Quincy Mae is at a disadvantage here since it has no intention of offering this. Moreover, Quincy Mae does not provide the option of an in-store pickup while Carter’s does! However, when it comes to payment options, Quincy Mae fares better than Carter’s since it offers PayPal support, debit and prepaid card support, Shop Pay support, and gift card support, while Carter’s only provides PayPal and gift card support.

Abercrombie Kids:

 Competing against brands like Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Quincy Mae, and many more, Abercrombie kids is quite well-known among parents and kids alike. Securing a rating of a solid 4.5 out of 5, the brand coolly steps ahead of Quincy Mae which seems stuck on a mere 4. While the only upper hand Quincy Mae has is that it provides international shipping, Abercrombie Kids can be seen as a boon to the residents of the United States since it offers price adjustment policies, free shipping and return policies, modification and cancellation policies, and in-store pickup- all of which is not provided at Quincy Mae’s. When it comes to financing and payment, Abercrombie Kids offers Affirm financing support, Klarna financing support, and Zip financing support in contrast to Quincy Mae’s Shop Pay support and Afterpay financing support. Both the brands provide the option of PayPal support and gift card support. 

While Abercrombie Kids provides order tracking support to its customers, Quincy Mae doesn’t stand far behind in offering international shipping policies! However, Abercrombie Kids fare far better than Quincy Mae since it not only offers price adjustment policies but also stands for racial equity, sustainable commitment, and an ethical supply chain, none of which Quincy Mae offers. Moreover, the former is better than the latter in offering loyalty programs to its loyal customers which not only is beneficial for the company or the brand but also gives customers an option to go for budget-friendly shopping!

The Children’s Place: 

With an essentially better brand recognition than Quincy Mae, The Children’s Place has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5, as opposed to Quincy Mae’s 4. There is no doubt indeed that The Children’s Place is a much better alternative to Quincy Mae because when it comes to payment options, the former offers much more than the latter. Thus, from providing Venmo payment support, Affirm financing support, Apple Pay support, PayPal support, to offering Zip financing support, The Children’s Place gives a plethora of options to its customers, none of which is offered by Quincy Mae, except Shop Pay payment and installment support and PayPal support. 

However, gift card support is something that both the brands provide! Moreover, The Children’s Place fares better than Quincy Mae in terms of providing free shipping and return policies, in-store pickup, and gift-wrapping services. Further, order tracking support and international shipping policies form the common ground between the two competitive brands. In terms of offering discounts and promotions to customers, The Children’s Place takes the lead as it provides e-mail discounts, birthday discount policies, and price adjustment policies, none of the things are offered by Quincy Mae. When it comes to comparing the two in terms of influential marketing policies, loyalty programs, and sustainability commitment, The Children’s Place again takes the lead, leaving Quincy Mae behind!

Little Sleepies: 

With such an adorable name that instantly makes the customer dream of cute, sleeping babies, Little Sleepies secures a rating of no less than 4.4 out of 5, which is still something when compared to Quincy Mae’s 4. It is said that Little Sleepies offers many more discounts and promotional policies, such as email discounts, as opposed to Quincy Mae. When it comes to payment and financing options, Little Sleepies offers PayPal support, Google Pay support, Amazon Pay support, Sezzle financing support, and Shop Pay support. 

Out of these options, Quincy Mae only provides Shop Pay Support, and gift card support is something that Little Sleepies does not offer. While Little Sleepies stand on almost the same rung as Quincy Mae, it comes ahead in certain aspects such as positive brand values, sustainability commitment, an ethical supply chain, influential marketing programs, and strong customer support. In all these aspects, Quincy Mae is left behind as it offers none of them to its customers.

Kyte BABY:

 Giving tough competition to brands like Quincy Mae, Abercrombie Kids, Little Sleepies, and the like, Kyte BABY secures a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The free shipping and return policies, among other benefits that the brand offers its customers, must amount to its good rating. In addition to this, as regards the payment options, Kyte BABY provides a variety of choices ranging from Apple Pay support, Google Pay support, Amazon Pay support, PayPal support, Shop Pay support, to even gift card support. Now, when it comes to Quincy Mae, the only options the brand provides are PayPay support, Shop Pay support, and gift card support. In addition to offering order tracking support and international shipping policies that even Quincy Mae provides, Kyte BABY also offers modification and cancellation policies.

Although the brand in question does not provide many discounts as such, it does offer birthday discount policies, as opposed to Quincy Mae which offers none. Moreover, when it comes to cruelty-free policies and positive brand values, sustainable commitment, loyalty programs, and influential marketing programs, there is no second opinion that Kyte BABY fares well ahead of Quincy Mae!


As novice parents, it is quite understandable that you want the best, and only the best, for your child. However, shopping again and again from the same brand when you have to compromise your standards in doing so must be tiring, and thus, in addition to recommending brands like Quincy Mae, you are also offered a variety of other brands that are far better than the former. This is not to say that Quincy Mae might not have what you want, but simply that, when it comes to its policies, discounts, and liberating payments, Quincy Mae might not offer the same. Whereas, other brands such as Abercrombie Kids, Little Sleepies, Kyte BABY, Carter’s, The Children’s Place, etc might provide you exactly what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Afterpay while shopping at Quincy Mae?

Yes, you can use Afterpay, PayPay, and Shop Pay.

  1. Does Abercrombie Kids offer Klarna financing support?

Yes, it does.

  1. Does Carter’s provide price matching policies?


Stores Like Quincy Mae

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