Who Does Dyson Use For Shipping?

A lot of us know Dyson as the very high-quality electric home appliances producer- from hair dryers to stylers, they sell everything you need with the promise of proper quality and the want to come back for more. Apart from the very famous hair styling appliances, Dyson is also well known for its line of vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, humidifiers, purifiers, and lights. And now that you know what they sell, what do you know about Who Does Dyson Use For Shipping? Who are their delivery carriers and partners?

Who Does Dyson Use For Shipping?

Who Does Dyson Use For Shipping?

As far as delivery from the Dyson e-commerce website in the United States is concerned, Dyson makes use of FedEx, United States Postal Service(USPS), United Parcel Services, and GLS.

Before you read more about their delivery methods, what do you know about the company itself?

Dyson- A Global Favourite

Dyson International was launched in 1978 in Britain as the brainchild of James Dyson, the billionaire inventor and industrialist. His flagship product, the bagless vacuum cleaner is what propelled him to success that he hadn’t anticipated and it created the base for what Dyson is known to be today. Now, Dyson has evolved from being the efforts of one man, into a multinational company with a presence in 65 countries. They have engineers by the thousands who are at the forefront of inventing and perfecting their products to ensure that they develop with their growing and evolving customer base.

While a lot of companies are dependent on their quirky and unique marketing strategies, Dyson works flawlessly with the most basic advertising method- word of mouth. A lot of Dyson’s sales happen through customer recommendations and spreading of the brand name from its clientele- which makes them stand out in the most old-school way possible.

Dyson- Shipping Policy

Dyson has a splendid shipping policy that offers free delivery on all machine orders which are bought from them. They provide same-day delivery for all orders in stock, provided the orders are received by noon. If received after that, then the orders are sent on the next business day, at most.

To make sure of security during deliveries and transit, Dyson does security checks and validates orders, which may cause delays but ensures that your orders are delivered safe and sound.

For you to check your order status and know where your order is until it reaches you, Dyson, just like every other top e-commerce retailer has an excellent tracking system that allows their customers to track their orders. For all customers who provided an email during checkout, a confirmation email is sent with the tracking ID, which can be used to track the order. This can be done directly on their various shipping carrier websites- those of which are FedEx, United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service and GLS US.

While they ensure that the one-day delivery policy stands for all their machine orders, delivery of spare parts, accessories and smaller tools are delivered within 5-7 days. If you happened to order any of these alongside a machine order, then the policy still stands- they’d arrive in different shipments on different dates. 

Dyson’s Delivery Partners

Dyson USA works with 4 delivery partners to ensure a highly convenient shipping experience- this makes sure that your product arrives in perfect shape, good as new. As mentioned above, Dyson makes use of FedEx, United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service and GLS. All of their tracking services are top-notch and amazingly hassle-free. The FedEx shipment, should you choose to use them for your delivery, can be tracked here.

If you’re making use of USPS, well then- there is a tracking website to be used to track your order there too! For those who make use of UPS or GLS, then they provide tracking services too, which are just as simple to use as the others.

If you are in a position to pick your order up instead of having it delivered to you, then that can also be arranged.

Dyson also provides expedited delivery services, which allows for customers in some specified areas to opt to have their delivery given a lot faster than the standard delivery option- this however will cost an additional bit of money, regardless of whether it is a machine order or additional tools which are part of the shipment.


With Dyson International being the leader in all the markets that their products cover, it is no surprise that people order their products left and right. And in consequence, that has pushed the company to better their shipment services too, to cater to their online customer base just as well as the offline market. Their carriage partners are some of the most trusted names in the United States and they are just as perfect at delivering as Dyson has proven to be at manufacturing and innovating to create their products. So go ahead and order now! 

Who Does Dyson Use For Shipping?

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