Where does dog food meat come from? – know more interesting facts

We as owners love our pets. We go to great extents to take care of our pets. From taking it to the salon to taking it to the vet, an owner does this thing and everything in between. But, as owners, we also wonder what goes into the food of our pets. This article will particularly address what does a dog’s food consists of or where does the dog food meat come from. 

Where does dog food meat come from?

Pet food is a special kind of food that is meant for domesticated animals (animals owned by humans and kept in their homes). These foods are made according to the proteins and nutrients that are required by dogs. 

Their food usually consists of meats and their byproducts, cereals, grains, vitamins, and minerals. In the US, about 250 manufacturers produce 6 million tons of dog food in a year. It is one of the highest numbers of packet foods that are sold in the unites states. Dog food originally has been the biscuit-style dog foods that have been developed, but now they have pre-packed food that is said to have meats and other things that benefit dogs.

Coming back to the question, where does dog food meat come from? To answer that: dog food meat mainly comes from the muscle tissues of cows, goats, pigs, and sheep. In other words, they cannot be called a “meat meal” since they refer to the “meat” to be animal muscle tissue in reality. Now the question that arises is: what is a meat meal? 

Meat meals consist of only 10 to 12 percent of moisture, whereas meat consists of almost 65-75 percent water in it. Although their making procedures are different, they are both extraordinary sources of amino acids and the proteins that are necessary for dogs. Now, let’s look into how dog food with meats and meal meats are made. 

The production of  dog food :

Firstly, the food goes through a procedure called extrusion. In this procedure, the food manufactured (the raw ingredients) is turned into kibble (dog food shaped into small pellets for easy consumption). Then, a mixture of wet and dry ingredients is cooked under very high temperatures and paramount pressure. The food is then extruded through small holes, which are later cut into small bits which are then hardened and puffed.  

Going back a few steps, what exactly are the “wet and dry ingredients” that are used for making the food? the main ingredient that is used in making dog food is rendered meat and its different products. In the process of rendering, various “leftover” meat products are turned into sludge.  This meaty sludge is then transferred into a vat for cooking and is heated at extreme temperatures for 3-4 hours. The content that floats on top of the cooking vat (solids, fats, and grease) is then separated and packaged as a “meat meal” or “meaty by-products” for dogs.

Meat by-products are not the ideal food for consumption by your dogs. It is stated by experts that dog food manufacturing plants might use questionable meat in their dog food. Even on the label, some dog food companies write the words “meat by-products” in their ingredients labels instead of products or names that can be easily identified by dog owners. 

To add to it, these products are not very well regulated. Because of that, owners can’t find out the nutritional value that the food holds or how it helps the dog health-wise. That’s why a lot of owners prefer feeding their dogs human-grade foods.

How to find the best dog food for your dog:

When you pick up a dog food can, the first few things that the person needs to see are 

  1. What are the ingredients that are used in making the product that you’re holding?
  2. Secondly, does it hold all the nutritional factors and values that are required by the owner’s dog? Does it have the supplements required in the dog food?
  3. Thirdly, what kind of raw ingredients are used, and how are the fruits and vegetables (if any) grown? (are they raised naturally etc)

To conclude, dog food doesn’t need to be such a mystery. The owners must do some homework before buying dog food and try to find what dog food with its nutritional value is the best for their little furry friends. 

Question 1) which is the top-selling dog food brand in the united states?

answer) the top dog food selling brand found in the US is called Merrick Dog food. Its best-selling product is Merrick Chicken Sweet Potato Recipe.

Question 2) how much is the dog food industry worth

answer) as of 2020, the dog food industry solely in the United States is worth over 54 billion dollars USD.

Question 3) what is human-grade dog food?
answer) it is a term used for food that is edible by humans as well as dogs. 

Question 4) is dog food necessary for dogs?

answer) dog food is only necessary to meet the nutritional value required by dogs. If they meet that requirement by eating other kinds of foods (fruits, vegetables, protein, meat) then they are not required to consume dog food. 

Where does dog food meat come from? – know more interesting facts

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