Why Is Farrow & Ball So Expensive?

We all want our homes to look beautiful, inviting, and unique to our tastes. Besides your choice of furniture, carpets, and curtains, the wall paint that you pick for the rooms in your home is very important. The pigment, finish, coverage, and durability of the wall paint you pick will affect the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve in every room. Farrow & Ball (F&B) pride themselves on producing high-quality paint that will last you for years to come. Farrow & Ball is considered a high-end paint in the interior design community but why is it so expensive? 

Why Is Farrow & Ball So Expensive?

F&B is a high-end manufacturer of paint and wallpaper. The company is based in the U.K and was founded by John Farrow and Richard Maurice Ball in 1946. F&B is known for its premium quality paint but it is also known to be more expensive than most paint brands. The reason why F&B is so expensive is that the brand offers unique high-quality paint which is highly pigmented because they use natural ingredients to make their paint colors instead of synthetic ingredients that other cheaper brands use. F&B paint is highly pigmented giving it a unique look and a different level of depth with the perfect finish.

Why is Farrow & Ball So Expensive? 

People who like F&B paint swear that it is the best. If you have a look online you will find a lot of mixed reviews about the paint brand. Some people say that F&B is not worth spending the extra dollars, others say it’s a game-changer and they will never use another brand again. Here are some of the reasons why F&B is so expensive.

Unique Pigments

The biggest reason that F&B is so expensive is that they provide paints with unique pigments that you cannot find anywhere else on the market. Their paint pigments are made from natural materials that create very rich colors that cannot be recreated by synthetic materials that cheap brands use. It is more expensive to use naturally made pigments, synthetically made pigments are cheaper alternatives. The deep pigmentation makes the paint look great in any lighting. 

The quality finish 

The use of natural materials in F&B paint also creates a great finish. The paint creates a beautiful matte finish. If you are looking for paint that doesn’t reflect a lot of light and looks more chalky than shinny then F&B paint is right for you. Although this sort of finish is better for low traffic rooms like your bedroom or office because this type of finish is prone to scuff marks. 

Good coverage 

There are mixed reviews about F&B’s paint coverage. Some reviewers say that the paint needs multiple coats to fully cover any blemishes or imperfections on the wall. While others love the level of coverage from the paint. Problems with coverage could stem from the application process. F&B advises that their customers use a three-step process to apply paint on their walls. If you cut corners you won’t get the desired results. 

Step 1: Paint F&B primer on your wall then wait for it to dry. It is advised that you don’t skip this step for the best coverage. Paint primer covers all those blemishes and imperfections on your wall. You might be tempted to choose a cheaper primer since the F&B primer is also relatively expensive but people who go for cheaper alternatives usually get poor results. 

Step 2: Apply the first coat of paint then wait for it dry 

Step 3: Apply the second coat, wait for it to dry then you are done!

Safe to use 

F&B is very safe to use in your home. Strong paint fumes are a concern when painting your home. You won’t have to worry about that when using F&B because they have a 100% water-based paint range. Their paint also has a low odor and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  

Expert assistance 

Choosing the right paint color can be a struggle even when choosing from a range of paint colors from a high-end paint brand like F&B. F&B has in-home color consultancy offering guidance from their paint experts. You can also communicate with the experts via phone, online or even at their stores. 

Is Farrow & Ball worth it?

Whether or not F&B will be worth the expense depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for good quality paint that will get the job there are a whole lot of brands that you can pick from. A lot of painters swear by Dulux paint, which is cheaper than F&B but gets the job done. However, if you want to bring life to your walls with unique and vibrant colors that add a whole new dimension to the room, then F&B is the brand you need. 


It is a mission to find the perfect paint for your home. You need a paint manufacturer you can trust to create the best aesthetic for you. There are a lot of cheap paint manufacturers out there but none are like F&B. F&B delivers premium, one-of-a-kind colors that will keep you coming back for more. The brand’s use of natural ingredients makes its paint stand out from the rest in colors, finish and coverage. F&B is not for everyone, it’s for people who want to create a special aesthetic in their spaces and certainly people who can afford to make that decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Do you stir Farrow and Ball Paint? 

F&B instructs painters to stir the paint well before use. 

  1. Is Farrow & Ball primer necessary?

F&B recommends you use the F&B and not an alternative from a different brand. This is to ensure that you get the best coverage. Using a cheaper alternative may seem like a good option but you probably won’t get the results you had desired.

  1. How much does a gallon of Farrow and Ball paint cost?

It costs around $100 for a gallon of F&B paint, which is a bit pricier than most paints on the market. 

Why Is Farrow & Ball So Expensive?

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