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As the craze for anime increases, so is the craze for My Hero Academia. Animes have taken over the world with their super interesting script papped up with some cool illustrations. What intrigues the audience is the plot and the storyline which keeps them hooked up. After a tiring day at work, you don’t want to strain your brain with those thrillers, which have you thinking about them all day. Let us find out Is My Hero Academia on Hulu?

Is My Hero Academia on Hulu?

On the contrary, you can watch these relieving animes which are more just cartoons and less than an overbearing series. Plus, the plots of the series are way more complicated than an anime. And their plot is far too much after a complicated day. So why complicate it even more? My Hero Academia is just the same revolving around the hero and his special powers backed up by messy family background. A typical anime plot.

My Hero Academia Synopsis

With an IMDb rating of 8.5, this series has grown popular among the mass in no time. The story revolves around a boy with special powers, Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a superhero one day. With everyone having their own set of special powers it’s quite competitive to become one there. However, with the help of his mentor All Might who is Japan’s greatest hero as well, he takes his first step. Not only does he take Midoriya under his cot but chooses him as his successor too after getting acquainted with his abilities. Apart from this, the show’s other characters are popular as well, such as Todoroki, because of the opposite quirks he possesses and the messy background the character. Izuku Midoriya has a similar kind of background too he was teased for not having a quirk by his senior Bakugo but still aspires to become a superhero. And the rest is history for all My Hero Academia watchers.

Is My Hero Academia on Hulu?

Well, the popularity of the series is nothing if it isn’t available on your favorite OTT platform or the OTT platform you currently have the subscription for. If by chance that OTT platform is Hulu, then there’s nothing to worry about. You can find all the episodes of My Hero Academia on the platform. You can find the first four seasons subbed and dubbed on the platform. However, the fifth season is only available in the subbed format as of now. So you can watch the anime, either way, you like either subbed or dubbed in English. The Hulu subscription would cost you either $5.99 or $11.99 a month based on your preferences. If you want the subscription with the ad version you can go for the former otherwise you can go for the latter.

Where else can you watch My Hero Academia?

You can watch My Hero Academia on other platforms too and that too is a cheaper option. The first option remains with the Hulu subscription at $5.99/ month or $11.99/month. The other option is Crunchyroll $6.99/month. However, choosing Hulu over other platforms has some perks too. While you will be able to watch only this show on other platforms, you can watch many others with Hulu just like some of the Hulu originals The Handmaid’s Tale, Shrill, and the Act. Plus, you can team up other subscriptions like Disney+ and ESPN+ with Hulu at just $13.99/month. Furthermore, if you don’t wanna spend any money on the show, Crunchyroll got it free for you too, but you have to cope with all the ads and the quality is standard definition.


 My Hero Academia surely lives in the heart of all its viewers. Though the story is all supernatural, somehow it is related to the real world. It’s just the academy of superheroes replacing a normal scenario. All the issues quite resonate with real life. Though the anime is papped up with everything, it’s nothing if it isn’t available on your favorite platform. But if it’s Hulu you have nothing to worry about as Hulu has all the episodes on its platform. Though you can watch it for free with Crunchyroll, you won’t be getting additional benefits from Hulu.


Q. Are all seasons of My Hero Academia available on Hulu?

Ans. Yes, all seasons of My Hero Academia are available on Hulu. The first four seasons are available in subbed and dubbed formats. However, the fifth season is available only in subbed format.

Q. Does Crunchyroll have all episodes?

Ans. Yes, Crunchyroll has all the episodes too, and that too for free. But you have to manage with all the ads and the quality that is standard definition.

Q. Is MHA available on Disney+?

Ans. Yes, it’s available on Disney+ too.

Q. How many seasons does MHA have?

Ans. My Hero Academia has a total of five seasons.

Is My Hero Academia on Hulu? – know more

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