Stores Like Nasty Gal

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Nasty Gal is one of the brands that is looking to revolutionize the fashion world with their unique brand of inexpensive clothing that is widely accessible to one and all. Founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006, this brand has had humble origins but it is widely known for its unique take on fashion with risque pieces that are perfect for young and hot twenty-somethings.

Stores Like Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is an online website that specializes in the creation and selling of clothes that can whet the appetite of any given seasoned fashionista. Here’s a list of brands like Nasty Gal that also have highly desirable statement pieces to add to your closet.

Stores Like Nasty Gal

For folks who are in the continental United States, this city of dreams has a lot of fashionable women who are looking to set the world on fire with their superior quality fashion trends. Alternatively, you may complete your look by mixing and matching any of Nasty Gal’s chic transparent dresses or spicy accessories. 

Here is a list of shops and online retail stores that offer the same budget affordability as well:


Boohoo is a fashion retailer situated in the United Kingdom that wants to keep up with the latest fads, therefore it introduces over 100+ latest designs daily. Boohoo, like Nasty Gal, provides a variety of rebellious and hyper-trendy goods, such as giant printed t-shirts, sculpted corset tops, ripped jeans, strappy two-piece sets, vividly colored power suits, and more.

The online clothes retailer is also working to reduce its carbon footprint using the most recycled textiles in its products. Boohoo also includes lines for pregnant women, petite women, statuesque women, and curvy women. We adore a fashion label that embraces diversity!


Missguided, just like BooHoo is based in the United Kingdom, ensuring that it is up to date on fashion trends across Europe, not simply in the United States. Every week, the online shop introduces hundreds of new styles, with a focus on edgy, statement-making pieces. Missguided collaborates with high-profile celebrities, as well as established brands like Playboy, on a routine basis.

Its Playboy + Missguided line is ideal for folks who prefer casual, streetwear-inspired attire., like Nasty Gal, offers a wide selection of tiny miniskirts, party gowns, knits, accessories, and footwear.

Pretty Little Thing 

Falling in the realm of fast fashion just like Nasty Gal, Boohoo, and MissGuided, Pretty Little Thing is also a fan favorite among the twenty-something demographic. From neutral sweatsuits to strappy short dresses that are ideal for a night out with friends, the UK-based fashion company provides all of the trendiest styles.

Pretty Little Thing always has fantastic sitewide discounts—sometimes up to 50% off your total purchase—for individuals that just want to look perfect without wasting all of their money. Pretty Little Thing, like Nasty Gal, focuses on crop tops and special occasion dresses.


Lulus, like Nasty Gal, is a terrific place to go shopping to find some great hidden gems for various occasions. whether it calls for formal dresses to evening gowns or simple flows summer dresses to wedding dress ideas, Lulu’s has everything your imagination can think of. Blouses, gowns, dresses, jewelry, jackets, footwear, and more are available in the online fashion boutique. 

Many people appreciate Lulus because of its large assortment of affordable footwear, which makes it simple to order entire ensembles at once. If you’re a bride-to-be, Lulus’ Bridal Shop features a plethora of bridal gown alternatives.


Topshop is a British company that had a thriving business with multiple independent outlets across the United States, Canada, and Europe until recently. Unlike other retailers, Topshop has actual traditional brick-and-mortar stores, so it is a little bit different than the other generic stores and retailers we encounter every day.

During the current epidemic, however, it suffered from economic troubles and is now only sold online via Nordstrom and ASOS, although the latter is also its new parent business. Topshop, like Nasty Gal, loves glitz, funk, rhinestones, studs, damaged denim, and colorful textiles. It’s nearly difficult to leave Topshop without adding dozens of accessories to your cart. Topman, a range of modern, fashion-forward clothing for men, is also part of the brand. 

Princess Polly 

Princess Polly is an online fashion business based in Australia that specializes in bright patterns, innovative cuts, and bold colors. When you wear a Princess Polly outfit, you’ll be the life of the party wherever you go.

Princess Polly, like Nasty Gal, provides a variety of outfits that can be paired to achieve the ultimate ensemble for an evening out or a celebration. The retailer ships worldwide, bringing the newest fashion and ideas to women all around the world.

Pixie Market 

Like Nasty Gal, this online fashion firm focuses on inexpensive, ready-to-wear items that are influenced by the latest industry trends. To develop simplistic things that will last, Pixie Market focuses on high design and craftsmanship. Many of the things on its webpage can be styled in various forms and manners.

They can be uber-sophisticated pieces that you can wear to a board meeting or they can also be a frilly little dress that is perfectly designed and manufactured for a picnic on a random Saturday, and f for work or down for a Saturday shopping excursion to the mall.

Pixie Market, like Nasty Gal, is a fan of unusual patterns and trends. The company offers a wide range of accessories in addition to coats, gowns, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, and jeans.

Forever 21 

It is a frequent myth that you must be somewhere in its target demographic age to qualify to shop at this store. Everyone must be able to reap the benefits of the brand’s wide range of affordable, fashionable items. Nasty Gal, a Los Angeles-based firm, sells things at unbelievable low costs, so you’ll never feel bad about a spontaneous buying binge.

Crochet two-piece sets and outfits, sheer tops, imitation leather, and sweatpants are among the latest fashions available. Forever 21 already has a fantastic assortment designed specifically for plus-size women.

Urban Outfitters

If we added up how much we’ve spent at Urban Outfitters throughout the years, the sum would be shocking. The American leisure store sells stuff that encourages and sparks creativity, such as apparel, household goods, sports, and skincare products. Urban Outfitters, like Nasty Gal, isn’t afraid of edginess and badass looks.

Combat boots, recycled-fabric flannels, transparent tank tops, and more may be found on the company’s website. Men’s apparel from Urban Outfitters will look fantastic on your partner, sibling, uncle, or dad possibilities are unlimited.

All Saints 

AllSaints is a London-based fashion retailer that specializes in women’s and men’s clothes, accessories, and footwear. AllSaints, like Nasty Gal, place a premium on sustainability. The label just debuted its ethically sourced line, which features upcycled wools and yarns as well as vegan leather. It was also made using cutting-edge water-saving techniques.

Everything on the AllSaints website is ultra-trendy, and edgy, and will bring a pop of color to your wardrobe. When something comes to pricing, AllSaints is significantly more expensive than Nasty Gal.


Mango was created in Barcelona, Spain, giving them an edge over the competition whenever it relates to summer and vacation wear. Nasty Gal, for example, features collections for ladies, men, teenagers, and children, allowing your complete family to shop together. Mango is devoted to lowering its environmental impact in addition to carrying the latest trends.

Mango wants to make almost all of its products out of sustainable textiles and use ecologically friendly procedures by 2022. Whenever it comes to fake fur coats, screen-printed sweatshirts, tweeds, and little black dresses, Mango knows what it’s doing.


Customers can be found in more than 60 countries where Nasty Gal does business. It has fresh clothes, shoes, and accessories for women who know how to own it and are confident in their own skin. Taking lead from other fashion retailing brands, they are looking into more sustainable and eco-friendly options, with their take on fashion that can either ooze comfort or it can also be perfect for parties and late nights at the club.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Nasty Gal A Sustainable Brand?

Yes, Nasty Gal has taken steps to address the issue of sustainability in their clothes

  1. What Is The Style Of Clothes That Nasty Gal Sells?

They specialize in the retailing of vintage, casual, and formal clothing. 

  1. Is Their Brand Vegan And Ethical?

No, Nasty Gal is neither vegan nor an ethical brand. 


Stores Like Nasty Gal

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