What channel is National Geographic on Spectrum?

Well, nature is what we all emerged from and it is what we all will dilute into. But in the mansions of stone and the jungles of concrete, we have forgotten what nature feels like. How is it when the ferocious lion entangles the innocent deer in his claws? What is it when the lioness gives birth to tiny cubs? And what the jungle life feels like. But channels like National Geographic are here to give a glimpse of just the same. Let’s know What channel is National Geographic on Spectrum?

What channel is National Geographic on Spectrum?

Channels like National Geographic strike a connection between us and the living world out there, where the rule of the jungle prevails, where there is nothing but nature and some amazing facts. However, to have this variety you need a really good cable connection with a huge store of channels just for you. But don’t worry Spectrum has just that for you. With Spectrum, you can enjoy a huge variety of channels, bundled with high-speed internet. What else do you need?

National Geographic

Launched on 7 January 2001, this American pay television channel is available to 74% of American households and people love watching it. Popularly known as Nat Geo, this channel is the culmination of science, culture, and nature. Well, there are innumerable people in this world and with their innumerable eating habits and cultures. The world is a huge place and National Geographic just shows a tiny part of the huge world. 

Though National Geographic is a mix of science, culture, and some pseudo-science programs, Nat Geo Wild, its sister network, focuses only on wildlife and animals. Just like its counterparts Discovery and History, the channel gives importance to factual content and reality rather than entertainment and movies. Started as a joint venture of National Geographic Television and Film and Fox Cable Networks, this is now a joint venture of Disney and Nat Geo partners.

What channel is National Geographic on Spectrum?

Well, why waste time on the useless drama when you can connect to the world? Shows like these connect you to something bigger and relaxes you in a way no show can. By raising your curiosity. From our world to others, National Geographic got it all covered with their shows. Plus, it’s always good to switch to something good for your brains, and for science lovers it is home. Science can’t live a day without National Geographic. 

So, switch to your favorite channel directly without skimming through all the unwanted ones. You can do that if you know the exact channel number to find it on. Well, it is available on channel number 129 on Spectrum. But it’s always better to go through the Spectrum Channel Lineup page and be double sure or just call 1844-763-0450. 

Shows to watch on National Geographic

National Geographic has a little bit of everything for all of us. From the blunders of science on Science of Stupid to the ever-expanding Cosmos on Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, it has everything for science lovers. Plus, you can catch up on what’s inside the vast oceans and how a tale now forgotten flourished on Drain the Oceans. It features the exploration of the lost city of Atlantis. We all have heard what Atlantis was like in movies but now it’s time you know the real picture with National Geographic. 

Plus, discover what’s beyond our tiny sphere and get lost in the ever-expanding cosmos hosted by none other than Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It’s a privilege to hear about the tale of the cosmos from Astrophysicists like them and you surely don’t wanna miss it. Not only this National Geographic covers what’s inside the concrete jungles too and explores what’s behind the large factories.


Science is a wonderful world. It’s a world within this world and only the one with an eye of precision can see it. And no words can explain the vastness of this world, but there should be a show which explores its depths. Well, there is one and it’s none other than our favorite National Geographic. It’s filled with amazing facts and hilarious failed experiments. But you know one thing about experiments: no experiment is a failed experiment because it always has logic. That’s the thing about science: everything has a backstory and nothing is random. Science is a part of everyday life, we only need to realize it.


Q. What channel is National Geographic available on Spectrum?

Ans. Since the channel numbers vary from place to place on Spectrum, it’s always better to check the Spectrum Channel Lineup Page for the exact channel number in your area or call 1844-763-0450 for more information.

Q. What are some shows to watch on National Geographic?

Ans. There are many shows to watch on Nat Geo. Some of them are Science of Stupid, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Drain the Oceans, Taboo, and Megastructures.   

What channel is National Geographic on Spectrum?

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