Can you get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday?

We all have been tempted by the presents and free stuff that we can get on our birthday. And no matter how small the gesture is, it brightens up the special day a little more. So, the prospect of getting a free drink at Starbucks is a cherry on top of the birthday cake. 

Can you get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday?

Can you get a free drink?

Yes, you can get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday. But, let’s not pop the confetti just yet. There are many stipulations with this offer. Conditions which you will have to get fulfilled to get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday. The company has some conditions for availing the benefit of a free drink to celebrate your day a bit more.

What is Starbucks?

It is the world’s largest chain of coffeehouses with its stores in more than 80 countries. It provides many hot and cold drinks, coffee, juices, pastries, beverages, snacks, and many other eatables to the customers. Some drinks that are provided by Starbucks are seasonal and are not available round the year for purchase.

How to get your birthday reward?

To get your birthday reward from Starbucks, there are a few things that need to be done before your special day. 

The first thing to be done is to join the Starbucks rewards program. And, it needs to be completed at least seven days prior to your birthday.

Another thing that you need to take care of is to provide your birthday information in your rewards account. Make sure it reflects your birth date and not some other date.

The last thing to take care of is to get the reward is to make a minimum of one star-earning transaction before your special day every year.

Where to redeem your birthday reward?

Before your birthday that you have registered with Starbucks, you will receive an email. They will remind you two days before your birthday to get a free food or beverage item. The only day on which the reward can be redeemed is on your birthday itself. The reward is valid on your birthday only and not on any other date. Make sure the store at which you are planning to go for a free birthday drink is a participating store. You can search about them on the Starbucks locator page. There may be certain stores that do not participate in such offers. So, check on the store locator before you go.

How to redeem your birthday reward?

When you go into a Starbucks outlet on your birthday, just present your Starbucks card that was registered or you can show the registered Starbucks app to the barista. Follow the steps and, you will get your free birthday drink. It is this simple.

What can you order with a birthday reward?

The birthday reward on your birthday is your chance to get almost anything from the menu. Barring a few items which are excluded, you can order almost any one of the items with your birthday reward on your birthday. This is your chance of getting a present of your choice from the available menu.

About the rewards:

The reward system was introduced by Starbucks to bring the customers back to their doorstep and to reward the ones that have been loyal to them. While purchasing items, the customers get certain points or stars as they are called at Starbucks. Not all items give rewards but most of the items do provide rewards. The rewards can be used by the customers at the participating stores. Not all stores participate in the reward program so, you will only be able to get points and redeem points at the participating stores only.


To Conclude, yes, you can get a free drink at Starbucks on your birthday. But, make sure you complete all the prerequisites to get the free drink on your birthday. Do your work of finding a participating store which will give you a free drink on the occasion of your birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have entered the wrong birthday on the account information of Starbucks. Can I correct the information?

Answer: Yes, you can change the information if you have entered it wrong. 

  1. Can I order any drink from the menu for my free birthday drink at Starbucks?

Answer: Apart from a few items that are explicitly mentioned on the Starbucks site which cannot be ordered as a free item on your birthday, you can order any one item of your choice.

  1. How will I get the birthday reward?

Answer: The reward for your birthday will be credited to your Starbucks account automatically. You can check it online on your account. You just have to go, order, and enjoy your free treat.

  1. Can I have multiple Starbucks cards?

Answer: Yes, you can have multiple Starbucks cards with you.

Can you get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday?

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