Where Does Yellow Meat Watermelon Come From?

The simple and humble watermelon is so ingrained into the ethos of American culture that no family gathering, 4th of July barbeque, and a beach trip will be complete without watermelons. But did you know that not all watermelon is that beautiful shade of redding pink? Some watermelons also come in that subtle shade of chrome yellow that makes them an unmistakable piece of fruit. But do you know Where Does Yellow Meat Watermelon Come From?

Where Does Yellow Meat Watermelon Come From?

Yellow watermelon gets its name from the bright yellow flesh of its interiors. A process of selective cross-breeding of plants in Africa has led to the emergence of watermelon with yellow meat. The outer look and the rinds of both the traditional watermelon and the yellow meat watermelon are the same.

What Makes A Watermelon Yellow? 

Lycopene is the color pigment that gives watermelons, grapefruits, and tomatoes their signature reddish-pink color. On the other hand, yellow watermelon does not have this pigment – in fact, it completely lacks the pigment lycopene, but instead, it has the pigment called beta-carotene which gives the watermelon its iconic yellow color.

Beta carotene also gives cantaloupes, and sweet potatoes their bright yellow color. Yellow watermelons have a lot of health benefits as well, such as being high in vitamins C and A. These vitamins support the immune system and promote healthy skin and eyes. 

Varies Of Yellow Watermelon 

Just like all citrus fruits, which have a lot of variation in them, from oranges to pomelos, to lemons, this innocuous fruit also has a lot of varieties that make it a unique and extremely outstanding fruit in nature.

  1. Yellow Crimson

This fruit variety and type are known for their sweeter fruit when compared to the traditional red watermelon.

  1. Buttercup Yellow Melon

Just like a red watermelon, the sugar content in this melon is very high. Eschewing the pesky seeds, it is one of the seedless watermelons, making it one of the sweetest seedless watermelons out there. 

  1. Yellow Flesh Black Diamond

The series of “Black Diamond” varieties are originating from Arkansas rather than hailing from Africa. It is instantly recognizable since it has a beautiful dark green rind. It is not as sweet as the other yellow watermelons but it is sweeter than the traditional red watermelons. 

  1. Desert King

This watermelon resembles more like a cantaloupe since it has a high concentration of beta carotene pigment and it still tastes like a typically sweet yellow watermelon. 

  1. Yellow Doll/Yellow Baby Doll

This is a small type of watermelon, and its size can resemble a cantaloupe rather than a huge watermelon. Since it is so small, it matures much faster than the traditional varieties of watermelon as well. It only weighs 5 to 6 pounds and so the flesh is dense, crisp, juicy, and sweet. 

How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon?

Yellow and red watermelons are hailing from the same genus of fruits. Since they are so similar, they can be used interchangeably as well. While the yellow watermelon has a higher content of sugars in it, making it sweeter, this sweetness can be cloying as well.

So at the grocery store, if there is a yellow watermelon that is cheaper than the red one, you can surely go for it. It is a must-try in everyone’s lives at least once. Picking the right watermelon can make all the difference in the world. A nice and ripe yellow watermelon has several creamy yellow spots on the rind.

Both yellow and red watermelons will make a hollow sound if you tap them. Watermelons can be found at any time of the year, but they are best eaten in summers. 

Nutritional Value 

As mentioned above, yellow watermelons are abundant in vitamins A and C, which can strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy skin and nails. These fruits contain minerals, such as potassium that can help regulate the fluid levels in the body and they also have magnesium making them perfect to control blood pressure. 


Yellow watermelons vary greatly in size, shape, and taste, but they are a treat for your tastebuds. This sweet fruit is a must-try for everyone from all walks of life. Originally grown 5,000 years before in Africa, the yellow watermelon has now a new fad that can be observed in the United States, and it has found a resurgence while coming to the united states. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What gives the yellow watermelon its color? 

Beta-carotene gives the yellow watermelon its noticeable color. Since it lacks the lycopene that gives red watermelons their hue, the yellow watermelon has an abundance of beta carotene.

  1. What Are The Applications Of Yellow Watermelon?

Yellow watermelons are perfect for fresh use since it is a summer fruit. You can make sumptuous salads and drinks with this fresh fruit. 

  1. In What Type Of Climate Does Yellow Watermelon Grow? 

Originating from Africa, this type of watermelon grows perfectly in hot and arid climates. They can be used as a source of hydration since they are 90% water. 

Where Does Yellow Meat Watermelon Come From?

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