Is NBC on Hulu?- Pricing For Hulu

Even before Netflix and Amazon Prime became these vast conglomerates, Hulu has been around for more than a decade. It is known as one of the most prolific streaming services in the continental United States. By subscribing to Hulu channels, one can get the beauty and fun of watching TV at a much cheaper rate while being more convenient. NBC has been one of the channels that Hulu streamed, but with the presence of all-new streaming services, we need to know whether Hulu still streams NBC. Let’s know ‘Is NBC on Hulu?’

Is NBC on Hulu?

It is the sad truth – Hulu is not what it was. NBC has their streaming app, known as Peacock, so they had announced that they would not be able to provide live or current TV shows to Hulu. So, it has been found that Hulu has been losing out on its reputed TV shows and stations.

A Loss For Hulu

Since all major TV networks have been getting into the streaming service game, they have their apps, which people need to subscribe to get the benefits of watching their shows. One of the significant appeals Hulu had was that it could stream next-day TV shows shown on TV the previous night.

Therefore, old shows, such as 30 Rock, This Is Us, and Law and Order: SVU will be some of the classics that you can still watch on Hulu, but other shows such as Chicago Fire, SNL, and The Voice, will all be shifted to NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. 

Pricing For Hulu

The pricing options for Hulu have a wide variety of TV shows that can be offered and a wide variety of options, here is a simple breakdown of the different plans that Hulu offers for viewing. You can watch Hulu with ads, for $6.99 a month, and it will almost be doubled to $12.99 a month to watch it without the interruption of pesky TV ads. 

To have an experience that is truer than traditional TV, you can opt for TV services along with the Hulu streaming library at $69.99 a month. However, this version will have ads with it. To have an ad-free experience, you will need to pay $75.99 a month to have live TV along with the Hulu streaming service option. Hulu also offers a lot of extra add ons 

For an extra $9.99 a month, you can have the experience of unlimited screens, wherein the same account login can be used for multiple people, spread across multiple channels and devices. There is also an option of enhanced DVR, where you can fast forward through recordings while also expanding the storage of the DVR from 50 hours to 200 hours. You can get both the above extra add-ons for $14.99 a month. 

Bundle Deals

Do not get disappointed for not getting NBC on Hulu. The latter also offers a way to save money by bundling ESPN + and Disney Plus into your Hulu streaming library subscription (Disney + and ESPN + are already included in the price of your live TV subscription).

To do this, go online to your Hulu account page. You can select Manage Add-ons by scrolling down to the Manage Subscriptions section. Here you can see your current plans and available add-ons. You can do this after signing up for Hulu. Scroll down to see the following options:

  1. Hulu, Disney +, ESPN + for $ 13.99 per month 
  2. Hulu (no ads), Disney +, ESPN + for $ 19.99 per month 
  3. Hulu + Live TV, Disney +, ESPN + for $ 69.99 per month 
  4. Hulu (no ads) + live TV, Disney +, and ESPN + for $75.99 per month 

Hulu Watch Party 

Owing to the pandemic, it has been found out that Hulu has released a new feature known as “watch party.” With the help of this feature, you can easily coordinate viewing TV shows or programs with your friends who are in two separate locations. By having the video in sync, it is possible to watch the same show in two different locations.

It also adds a group chat feature to the humble movie viewing experience. People can join the watch party through their profiles, and there is a cap of 8 people on the watch party. Unfortunately, a kid profile also cannot participate in the view party. Therefore, every participant has to be over 18 for this feature to be used.


Hulu is an international streaming service that is loved by many. Hulu has seen the departure of many TV stations in their repertoire. The pricing options for Hulu can get a little bit confusing. Hulu has ads for both their live streaming and on-demand option as well since they are cheaper as well. However, The watch party feature works on the web browser and not on streaming devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once?

There has been a cap on two people that can watch Hulu at once. 

  1. How Many Devices Can You Connect To Hulu At Once?

Only one device can be connected to Hulu at a single time.

Is NBC on Hulu?- Pricing For Hulu

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