Walmart Asset Protection Associate – How To Apply For It?

Walmart is strong in its foundation and it truly values its customers and employees.  They believe in superior customer service and a healthy work environment. Walmart considers community growth as its mission. Multiple points make Walmart a great place to start your career with. Let’s try to learn about the position of Asset Protection Associate and the related aspects associated with it at Walmart.

Walmart Asset Protection Associate

What does Walmart Asset Protection Associate do?

At Walmart, the Asset Protection Associate is responsible for the security of stores, distribution centers, and any other corporate facilities.  They are like the safety net of these spaces and make sure that all the safety regulations are duly followed.  

Responsibilities of Asset Protection Associate are as follows:

  • To follow all the safety guidelines and protocols.
  • All the safety procedures are to be completed diligently like safety sweeps, proper forklift spotting.
  • Following guidelines to handle and dispose-off hazardous materials.
  • Any kind of suspicious activity needs to be monitored and reported to the management.
  • To be observant and report dangerous situations.
  • As an associate, if you find situations at fault try to correct them in your ability or report.
  • To be sincere in maintaining logbooks and records. All the paper works at the facility should be properly documented. 
  • To be aware of the emergency response procedures and trained to execute them at the time of emergency.
  • Lastly, make sure that customers and associates feel equally safe at Walmart.

Qualifications required to be Walmart Asset Protection Associate:

Age: The minimum age of the applicant needs to be 18 years or older. Minors are not allowed.

Education: No minimum education is required unless specified at a particular location.

Additional qualification: No prior experience or any other qualification is required unless asked so.

Work Hours: Depending on the vacancy can be full-time or part-time.

Three main criteria to work as an Asset protection Associate at Walmart:

  1.  No matter how tense or stressful the situation is, an Asset Protection Associate has to follow the rules. All the safety protocols and procedures need to be followed. So the rule is, “go by the book”.
  2. Learn and be aware of the policies and your surroundings, to make better decisions.  Make decisions based on data and facts. The key criteria for an Asset Protection Associate are “sound judgment”.
  3. The safety of everyone relies upon Asset Protection Associate. “Safety first” of customers, colleagues, associates.

What it’s like to work as an associate for Walmart?

Walmart provides its associate education benefits through its “Live Better U” program. You have to pay just $1 per day and the rest is paid by Walmart. This program can be used to get a formal degree such as a high school degree, college degree, professional certificates, or diploma certificates of any skill trade.

Walmart strongly believes in community building and sustainable growth. They do so by creating opportunities.

As an associate, you can continuously engage in training and development programs at Walmart and keep learning. Walmart offers many ways to keep growing in a career.

Benefits of working as an Associate at Walmart:

The benefits offered by Walmart to an employee are extended to their family. The eligibility to avail of the benefits can differ and is dependent upon the position of the employee, working hours and length of employment, and many other factors. Further information can be checked on

Let’s take a look at the list of benefits offered by Walmart to its employees and that can be availed once you join in as an associate.

  • Financial benefits include a 401(k) pension plan, insurance plans, and stock purchase plan, etc.
  • Health care benefits also include vision and dental plans.
  • Paid time off for parental leave, sick leave, vacation, etc.
  • Assistance in case of short-term and long-term disability.
  • Employee discounts on company products and produce.
  • Paid education assistance from day one of joining as an associate.

How to apply for Asset Protection Associate at Walmart?

If you want to join as an Asset Protection Associate at Walmart, simply visit Walmart’s career page and search by typing in the position name. It will provide you with vacancies at different locations. After reading about all the details of the vacancy you can simply apply for that position online.

The applications are mostly invited online, either you need to have a prior account on Walmart’s site or will need to create one.

Once done with the account opening there will be multiple ways to fill in the details. Details can be filled manually, or through an uploaded resume, or you can fill the details by simply logging in through your LinkedIn profile.

After filling in all the details on their career portal, and agreeing to their terms of condition you are done with the application. All the progress in the application can be checked online by logging in through your credentials.

We learned so much about working as an associate at Walmart but, what it is that truly makes the difference.

People are valued here!

Walmart is strongly committed to sustainable growth. At Walmart, they firmly believe they are guided by good.  Few important points that they abide by as a company are 

  • Customer supremacy. Service should not be compromised. 
  • They hail diversity at the workplace and respect every individual. 
  • The work despite all odds should not be substandard. Excellence is the key.
  • Act with integrity. The mission of the company should always be kept in mind.  


An asset protection associate at Walmart ensures the safety of the customers, staff, and the place. There is no minimum eligibility required for the position. An Associate at Walmart can even get a formal degree through their “Live Better You” program. They are also eligible for other employee benefits.

Walmart Asset Protection Associate – How To Apply For It?

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