XM Radio Military and Veteran Discount

XM Radio: Helping Military Members and Veterans to Save Money

Sirius XM is North America’s leading audio entertainment company. SiriusXM offers unique programming and content across audio platforms supported by company subscriptions and digital advertising. Let’s know about XM Radio Military and Veteran Discount.

XM Radio Military and Veteran Discount

The Sirius XM platform reaches more than 150 million listeners, the largest reach of any digital audio provider in North America, in all categories of digital audio, including music, sports, talk, and podcasts. They offer a military rebate which they give back to those who serve.

XM Radio Military and Veteran Discount

SiriusXM Military Discount – 25% OFF 

Discount EligibilityVerification Process
25%Military MemberOnline Form


About SiriusXM

SiriusXM is a streaming music service that is widely known and used all over the world. This service is best known for offering a variety of musical choices through vehicle radios and speakers.

The company was founded in 2008. Today, SiriusXM is the world’s largest audio entertainment company with over 140 music channels and ad-free service for subscribers

In addition to music, subscribers have access to talk shows, news reports, and comedies. Not only is SiriusXM popular for vehicle music, but it can also be accessed from phones, smart TVs, smart speakers, and more.

The company offers various monthly plans so that users can choose what best suits their needs.

Details about SiriusXM Military discount

  • SiriusXM rewards members of the military by giving them a 25% discount on the monthly subscription price. 
  • Discounts are available on any monthly plan, and it’s super easy to take advantage of.
  • To take advantage of this discount, fill in your personal information and payment form.
  • Then just select the plan you want (military rates will already be shown) and complete your order.
  • If you don’t want to enroll online, you can also take advantage of this deal by calling 855-868-5468 and asking a support person to help you sign up for a military discount plan.

Who can claim this discount?

SiriusXM military discounts are extremely generous to the people who benefit from them.

Discounts are available too –

  • All current military personnel including members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
  • Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members
  • Past military personnel, including both veterans and retired military members
  • The discount also applies to military family members, including dependents and spouses.

What are the Restrictions to avail of this discount?

  • SiriusXM makes it clear that all rates and programming options are subject to change when discussing military discounts.
  • Military discounts also cannot be used with other offers.
  • Although you are not required to provide proof of military service immediately when you sign up for the SiriusXM service at a military rate, you may be required to provide documentation if requested to do so in the future.

Other SiriusXM Deals 

If you are new to SiriusXM, you can choose from three plans. All come with a 3-month free SiriusXM trial subscription and referral rates.

Music & Entertainment – If you want SiriusXM on your car satellite radio and also on your phone or PC. $1 for 3 months, and then $17.99 per month after that. This plan is chosen by most customers. To activate this offer, you will need a car radio ID (available on channel 0) and a credit card.

Platinum- In addition to car satellite radio, SiriusXM has premium content on mobile phones and PCs.  Charges are $ 1 for 3 months and $ 22.99 per month after 3 months. Platinum has additional premium content such as Howard Stern Channel and live sports.

Streaming Platinum- SiriusXM on mobile phones or PCs (but not on car radios). Rates are $ 1 for 3 months and after 3 months $ 10.99 per month.

SiriusXM Student Discount- SiriusXM is offering college students a special streaming Platinum deal for $4 per month. This is the SiriusXM streaming app and it does not include car radio services. 

Start with $1 for 3 months and then pay $4/month to get SiriusXM. The normal rate for non-students is $10.99 per month.


SiriusXM is a music streaming service serving subscribers around the world.

All in all, The SiriusXM Military Discount is a great way to save some money by subscribing to great music every month.

If you’re looking for a discount on streaming music, this might be an offer worth considering.


What is the SiriusXM military discount?

Military members and veterans can save 25% on any SiriusXM plan subscription period.  And this offer is open to all active duty and veterans and their families

Can I have multiple logins to listen online?

You can only have one SiriusXM login associated with your subscription. If another member of your family shares your login and both want to hear it often, you may consider adding another subscription.

Can I hear SiriusXM outside the car?

Now that all the most popular SiriusXM satellite packages and vehicle trials include live broadcasts,  you can also listen to SiriusXM online at home or in the SXM app on your mobile device.

XM Radio Military and Veteran Discount

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